Gifting Ideas For Your Wife This New Year!

Another New Year is here and you’re faced with the same old dilemma. What to get the wife this year? Be it jewelry or apparel, it is always very difficult to please a woman. Even if you know her likes and dislikes, the best idea is to leave the choice to her, by gifting her gift cards from famous brands like Gitanjali, Tanishq or Satya Paul!

And this year, you can also break the mold by gifting something very different. How about gifting her fabulous experiences? Get her a gift card from YLG Spa & Saloon, for a day of therapeutic pampering with aromatic oils and massages. Help get rid of an entire year’s stress from her shoulders. Or gift her classy dining experience at Mainland China or any of the BJN Group restaurants. Or maybe you can gift a MakeMyTrip gift card for a romantic trip to any of the exotic locale of her choice.

Most women have varied interests and desires, so it’s sometimes best to get her a gift that encompasses her wide range of wishes. Opt for a department store gift card – think Central, Lifestyle, Shoppers’ Stop or Westside. Let the shopping be your gift to her as well! And you don’t have to restrict yourself to one gift card. After getting her a gift card from a department store, you can also think of a gift card from TTK Prestige or Home Stop for her kitchen equipments or home furnishing needs. Roll one surprise after other and make this New Year the best New Year of her life!.


New Year Celebration Gifts for Friends!

New Years’ Day is a cause for major celebration when you’re with friends. It’s a brand new year, and there’s so much to look forward to. So many things to achieve and so many desires to be fulfilled! A good promotion at job, trips to exotic places, another year of togetherness for romantic couples; the list can go on.

The beginning of a new year is also rife with all kinds of suppositions and speculations. Which cricket hero will make waves this New Year? Which movie is going to be an all-round grosser? Which new political leader will emerge to lead India and which new gadgets are going to hit the market? At the very least, there’ll be a lot of new things happening – parties, events and everyone in high spirits! It’s a time like none other in the entire year. It’s like a gift-wrapped package just waiting to be open – of course there needs celebrations too!

Think just a little bit ahead. In the midst of celebrations, why not make arrangements for some cool gifts for friends? How about ordering a PVR Cinemas gift card for a grand movie night with your pals? Or maybe a Madhuloka gift card for the post-movie drinks! How does a gift card help in these scenarios? Well, for one thing, you’ll stay on budget, which is really hard when spirits are high. For another thing, a gift card or gift voucher makes it a very special celebration, and can even be used for group shopping.

Here are some more great ideas! How about a New Year’s Eve dinner with your friends at Dominos or Pizza Corner? Or a fabulous time with coffee & cakes at Café Coffee Day! The range of things you can do with gift cards from is endless. So plan for a grand and joyous welcoming of the New Year!


New ideas for Christmas & New Year Gifts for Men!

Christmas and New Year 2013 is coming and you should definitely be thinking about the gifts for your boyfriend, husband, dad and brother! With the huge range of products available in the market, choosing that right gift is a tough task. And once the purchase is made, the worry remains whether they will like it or not? But now has made gifting a very simple and relaxing affair.

What does your husband like – masculine perfumes, stylish eyewear, classy watches, a great suit or perhaps sporty shoes? Buy Lifestyle, Central or Shoppers Stop gift cards so he can shop for all of these things, under one roof. Or, if your man is very specific about Fastrack eyewear, get him a Fastrack gift card! Passionate about designer watches? How about a gift card from Titan World, Watches & More or Helios?

Is it your dad you’re buying for? How about a fabulous collector’s item Parker pen from William Penn? Let him choose the pen he wants to add to his collection – all you need to do is to get him the gift card and he can make the choice himself!

For the tech-savvy brother in your life, you cannot do better than a gift card from Croma, e-Zone or Planet M Retail. He will have an awesome time choosing the gadget of his choice. In case you are not sure what he really likes, there’s another option. You could opt for a Woohoo gift card, which he can use to buy a gift card, gift voucher or e-gift card from any of our 80+ brands available on Now buying gifts for the men in your life is the simplest thing in the world!


Why Prestige gift cards are a great gifting idea this Christmas & New Year?

Prestige gift card Top Up offerTTK Prestige is the final word when it comes to high-grade, quality kitchen equipments, utensils and so on. No home can function properly without good-quality kitchen products; that’s why kitchen equipments make such wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Whether it is annual events like Christmas & New Year, or housewarming or weddings; a gift card from TTK Prestige makes for an absolutely perfect gift.

TTK Prestige prides itself on constant innovation. That’s why you’ll find the lightest, strongest Teflon-coated grills and pans at TTK Prestige. This company also creates modern kitchen utensils, incorporating streamlined designs using highly heat-conducive materials. TTK Prestige saves you time and money by doubling functionality; these utensils are perfect both for cooking and serving. No homemaker could say no to a fabulous set of TTK Prestige pans, with their trademark brass bottoms, solid black heat-resistant PVC handles and bright stainless steel fittings. To own the complete range of TTK Prestige cookware is literally a matter of prestige for most homemakers.

If you buy a gift card from TTK Prestige as your Christmas 2012 present, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise too. TTK Prestige will top up your purchase value by 10%. Assume you’re buying your beloved wife or sister a gift card for Rs. 10,000 from TTK Prestige. TTK Prestige will add Rs. 1000 to your gift card’s value, which means your wife or sister will be able to spend Rs. 11,000 on her kitchen! Isn’t that fantastic? Don’t wait – every home can use new cookware and kitchen equipment. Go ahead and take advantage of this fabulous offer and make someone’s dreams come true this Christmas. Offer’s valid from 20th December to 16th January, on purchases of Rs. 1000 or more.


Gift a chill-out experience with CCD Cafe Moments gift card

Cafe Coffee Day Cafe Moments gift cardHow often do you visit your local Café Coffee Day outlet? Once a day? Twice a week? How often do you join your friends at Café Coffee Day for a lovely frothy cappuccino and a chocolate cake? We won’t be surprised if you’re a regular Café Coffee Day patron! Café Coffee Day outlets are colorful, chilled out and offer the right ambience for a cup of coffee with friends. Whether you head there at the end of a long, stressful day, or whether it’s your weekend haunt – your local Café Coffee Day is definitely your place to chill out.

Café Coffee Day recently launched a Café Moments gift card, to help you share some wonderful café moments with your friends. With Christmas and a brand New Year around the corner, we cannot think of a better or more chilled out gift to your friends than a Café Moments gift card. With this gift card, you’ll be telling your friends or loved ones that special moments last forever. You’ll also be telling them to take a break, relax and enjoy the sweeter parts of life, over a lovely cup of frothy coffee.

Café Coffee Day has also just made your message to your friends sweeter. Gift your loved one a Café Moments gift card for the New Year, and he or she will get a nice large slab of Café Coffee Day Dark Magic chocolate along with your gift card. How perfect is that? A brand new year, coffee, chocolate, all your love and a date at Café Coffee Day! Could there be a more perfect gift during this holiday season?


Planet Fashion gift cards – Christmas & New Year Offer!

Planet Fashion gift card Top Up OfferHave you shopped at Planet Fashion recently? The wonderful thing about this brand is that it offers the latest fashion from literally every other brand you know. Planet Fashion stocks a huge collection of fabulous branded attire from Louis Philippe, Allen Solly, Peter England, Van Heusen and many more brands. A Planet Fashion gift card is the best gift you can give to your fashion-savvy friend. It’ll take your friend an entire day to browse all the top brands that Planet Fashion stocks. In fact, the grand shopping trip at Planet Fashion, exploring a multitude of brands will be your special gift to your fashion-lover friend too!

Here’s more reason to check out Planet Fashion gift cards when your next gifting occasion comes up. For every Planet Fashion gift card you buy, you get to enjoy a 10% free top-up from Planet Fashion! Now let’s do the math; let’s say you buy a Planet Fashion gift card for Rs. 1000. Planet Fashion adds 10% of your gift card’s value (Rs.100) to your purchase immediately. That’s a cool offer! Think of a Planet Fashion gift card when you’re wondering what to gift your son for the new year. If your father’s wardrobe needs a good and thorough revamping, take advantage of the 10% top-up offer from Planet Fashion. Go ahead and gift him a brand new wardrobe of the neatest, newest fashions so he can sparkle through 2013.

Planet Fashion has several outlets throughout India. So it doesn’t matter which city your gift recipient lives in, there’ll be a Planet Fashion outlet nearby. So go ahead and make use of the wonderful 10% top-up offer to brighten the coming new year for your loved ones.


PVR gift cards for new releases – Dabangg 2 & Rise of the Guardians

Once again we’re at that special time of the year, when Christmas and New Year infect us with a celebratory mood. And what better to do in this festive time than enjoy great movies releasing in the year end. There is a special movie for everybody and a PVR gift card can help you gift a great movie experience for children and adults around you. Let’s also look at the two top movies releasing in the coming weekends.

Dabangg 2 – Going by the big bang that Dabangg created, we expect Dabangg 2 to create a bigger bang! This most anticipated movie of the year will bring everyone’s favorite hunk Salman Khan to the screen again. And with him will be the beautiful Sonakshi Sinha. Salman turned Chulbul Pandey into an iconic character and we can’t wait to see this masala thriller on the screen!

Rise of the Guardians – Fans of superhero movies, watch out! A group of heroes battle an evil spirit called Pitch who’s planning to take over the world. Kids everywhere will be waiting with bated breath, to see the Immortal Guardians coming together to save the world again. And being a 3D movie, watching it with children during the Christmas holidays will be even more fun.

What are you waiting for? Grab a PVR Cinemas gift cards for your loved ones, as your gift to catch any of these exciting movies. Let them watch their favorite movie and enjoy swiping your gift card at the snacks counter. This is sure to be a delightful gift this year end!


Season’s Greetings gift card offers from Titan

Titan gift cardIts season’s greetings time of the year for many people Titan is their favorite gifting brand. Everyone knows that Titan makes India’s finest watches; indeed, the World of Titan is India’s pride and joy, a true innovator when it comes to fine watches, classy designs and jewelry time pieces. For the ongoing festive season, Titan has launched a special Season’s Greetings offer to its fans worldwide. Purchase any Titan gift card for Rs. 1500 or more from and you get to take home an exciting gift hamper.

A fine watch from the World of Titan is in itself a wonderful gift, something to be cherished for a lifetime. When you get an additional season’s greeting hamper, your gift sometimes gets doubled. All you have to do is buy your gift recipient a World of Titan titan gift card or e-gift card for Rs. 1500 or more. You can keep the gift hamper for yourself, or better as we said earlier, you can gift that too your loved one. This is called extra joy and extra fun.

Your gift card will be delivered to your recipient in celebratory seasonal gift packaging. It will arrive just in time for the Christmas and New Year, if you buy it now. For all design conscious men and women, it’s always a dream to own a stylish Titan watch. Why not take advantage of this season’s greetings offer to help make that dream come true? After all, it’s not every day that you get to gift a cherished World of Titan creation to your near and dear.


Sending gifts to India from Abroad

Earlier sending gifts to India was difficult because it sometimes required lot of follow-up. Many a time, the gift would be undelivered, or delivered to the wrong address. Because of this often, instead of gifts, people would contend themselves with just a phone call to wish during special occasions like Christmas & New Year.

But today it’s possible to send any gifts to India, for any occasion. NRIs only need to log on to their favorite gifting website, log in, select their gifts, provide the address, make payment and checkout! The gifts are delivered within days of the order, with no worries or tension on either side.

Send Emotions Too: Most of these online gift shopping portals (including are operated from India, which is how all of this is made possible. Now you can send your caring gift along with an equally caring message. Most online shopping portals gift wrap your gift, and attach your personal message in the form of a card. So go ahead, let your family and friends know how much you miss them from abroad. Send your caring thoughts to them via a personalized gift message.

Don’t Miss A Single Occasion: Whether it’s a loved one’s birthday, wedding anniversary or a festive occasion, you can be right there on time through the perfect gift. Your loved ones will enjoy your presence in their lives much more now, owing to this ease of convenience. All you’ll have to do is remember everyone’s special occasion. So go ahead and celebrate every celebration and festive occasion you can think of – Christmas, New Year, Raksha Bandhan, Eid, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so on.

Wide Variety Of Gifts: Look at what all you can send to your loved ones in India! Cakes, flowers, chocolates, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, cameras, fashion apparel, fashion accessories, toys, home décor, and perfumes – the list is endless! Even home appliances such as Plasma TVs, LCDs, DVD players, refrigerators, music players and washing machines can be added to this list! And if you thinking of entertainments as gifts, a plethora of music, movies, books, games etc can also send to your loved ones.

Gift Smarter: Here’s another great option to send gifts through gift cards, probably the best so far. Now if you want to gift your dad back home a large LCD television, you don’t have to decide for him. Nor do you have to spend hours on the phone with him, trying to get his specifications exactly right. Let him go select his own television – all you have to do is send him a gift card or gift voucher from the brand he likes! These are simple to order, easy to deliver to any address in India, and you can get them gift wrapped and attach your own special message! With these, the gift will still be yours – your dad’s new LCD TV will still be ‘your’ gift, but he’ll choose it! This way, you can offer total freedom of choice to your gift recipient, even while claiming credit for the gift.

Gifting the power of Choice: Most often when you purchase a gift, there is a nagging worry of not getting it perfect for the recipient. With gift cards and gift vouchers that worry need not be there anymore. This is because, now you will be giving the recipient the power of choice. You can choose to gift a brand of your choice or a gift card that enables the recipient to buy multiple brands of gift cards. So if it’s a jewelry gift card, the recipient can choose to buy a ring or bangle. And in case of an apparent gift card, she can choose to buy a skirt or t-shirt; all as per her desires.

Send High Value Gifts Confidently: Many NRI’s often want to send valuable gifts to their loved ones during special occasions. Like jewelry, expensive watches and so on. But by sitting in USA or UK or Australia, how do you send a great looking necklace or bracelet to India. The higher the price, the more worried you will be of sending it through a third party courier. This is where gift cards and e-gift cards come in handy. You can purchase a high value gift card from the recipient’s favorite brand, and the same will be delivered to your sister, wife or mother in a matter of days.

Other Advantages Too: When you opt for a gift card or gift voucher, there’s another advantage you’ll be gaining. You won’t have to suffer the embarrassment of buying something ‘too cheap’ or enjoy the dubious distinction of being the person who, ‘spends indiscriminately on gifts’. You decide on your gift card’s value. If your gift recipient wants to buy something that’s a little more expensive, he or she can pay extra on top of your gift card’s value.



Bonus Points for Standard Chartered customers on Woohoo!

Standard Chartered is celebrating the ‘The Bonus Points Shopping Festival’ for its customers. Woohoo is one of the exclusive partners for the Standard Chartered Bank in this promotion.  Using your Standard Chartered credit and debit cards for shopping on can earn you bonus points.

So go ahead and surprise your friends, relatives and loved ones with a gift card from premium brands across India. being the mega online gifting site; gives you unparalleled choice to buy gift cards, vouchers and e-gift cards from over 80 most liked brands across multiple product categories.

‘The Bonus Points Shopping Festival’ from Standard Chartered Bank,  started on 15 October 2012 and extends till 31 March 2013. This offer is valid on a range of Standard Chartered Debit & Credit cards including the following variants.

Credit Cards: Platinum Elite, Manhattan Platinum, Preferred Word, Visa Infinite, Platinum Rewards, Super Value Titanium, Bajaj Finserv Platinum, Bajaj Finserv World, Gold Rewards, Emirates Platinum, Times  and Yatra Card.

Debit Cards: Platinum, Employee Banking Platinum, Priority Banking Platinum, Preferred Platinum, Private Banking Infinite, Connect N Save Platinum and Howzzaat Platinum.

For more details on bonus points accrued on each purchase at, visit the special offer section at