New Year Celebration Gifts for Friends!

New Years’ Day is a cause for major celebration when you’re with friends. It’s a brand new year, and there’s so much to look forward to. So many things to achieve and so many desires to be fulfilled! A good promotion at job, trips to exotic places, another year of togetherness for romantic couples; the list can go on.

The beginning of a new year is also rife with all kinds of suppositions and speculations. Which cricket hero will make waves this New Year? Which movie is going to be an all-round grosser? Which new political leader will emerge to lead India and which new gadgets are going to hit the market? At the very least, there’ll be a lot of new things happening – parties, events and everyone in high spirits! It’s a time like none other in the entire year. It’s like a gift-wrapped package just waiting to be open – of course there needs celebrations too!

Think just a little bit ahead. In the midst of celebrations, why not make arrangements for some cool gifts for friends? How about ordering a PVR Cinemas gift card for a grand movie night with your pals? Or maybe a Madhuloka gift card for the post-movie drinks! How does a gift card help in these scenarios? Well, for one thing, you’ll stay on budget, which is really hard when spirits are high. For another thing, a gift card or gift voucher makes it a very special celebration, and can even be used for group shopping.

Here are some more great ideas! How about a New Year’s Eve dinner with your friends at Dominos or Pizza Corner? Or a fabulous time with coffee & cakes at Café Coffee Day! The range of things you can do with gift cards from is endless. So plan for a grand and joyous welcoming of the New Year!