E-Gift cards for ‘Back-To-School’ shopping from Allschoolstuff.com

The back to school time is one where parents have to buy everything from bags and books, to shoes and uniforms for their children. And parents are eager to hear about offers and discounts on school materials during this period. If you are looking for the perfect day to shop for your kids’s school stationary for the coming academic year, it is today! Because the ongoing offers at AllSchoolStuff.com, is sure to delight you!

Great brands always understand people’s needs, and a look at the offers and promotions at AllSchoolStuff.com is sure to convince you about the savings. For instance look at the marvelous Holi Dhamaka clearance sale going on at the website. The more you buy, the more you save. I.e on purchases up to Rs. 500, there is a flat discount of 30%; on purchases up to Rs. 1000, there is a flat discount of 40%; and purchases above Rs. 1001, there is a flat discount of 50%. But that’s not all! Sign up for a customer account on AllSchoolStuff.com and you can get Rs. 250 off on your first order. Isn’t that cool? They also have exclusive 9.9 deals, with over 60% on select goods.

Parents all over India love to shop on AllSchoolStuff.com for several reasons. One of them is that they can avail the very best quality school necessities from over 200 top brands, including Reebok, 3M, Bata, Funskool, Kiwi and others. The other reason is that you don’t have to buy items for a certain amount in order to be eligible for free shipping. No matter how many items you buy, shipping is always free on AllSchoolStuff.com, except on a few specific occasions specified on the website. Add to this the fact that they have a really easy Returns Policy, and you’re all set to be a fan for life. The new school year opens in just a couple of months. And there cannot be a better gift to anyone who has kids than a e-gift card from AllSchoolStuff.com!


Qwikcilver @ The World Retail Congress Asia Pacific – 2013

World Retail Congress Asia 2013‘Qwikcilver Solutions’ was selected as the “Gift Card Technology Partner” at the recently concluded World Retail Congress Asia –Pacific 2013. The prestigious event held between March 19 and 21 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore; brought Asian retailers, brands and leading business pioneers under a single platform.  Some of the eminent speakers at the event included Philip Clarke, Chief Executive of Tesco (top left in image above) and Rico Hizon at BBC World News.

Said Kate Gallagher (Event Director at World Retail Congress) – “World Retail Congress Asia Pacific is pleased to welcome Qwikcilver Solutions as the Gift Card Technology Partner. With its robust and versatile technology product suite deployed across diverse retail categories for providing end-to-end Gift Card & Stored-value-card solutions to more than 100 leading retail and corporate customers worldwide, Qwikcilver are a welcome partner to the Congress line-up.”

Said T P Pratap (Co Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Qwikcilver) – “The selection of Qwikcilver onto this global platform is a significant achievement for us. The World Retail Congress is a prestigious event that helps showcase the strong Qwikcilver Technology Product on a global platform. Our team is glad to see the results of Qwikcilver’s sincere efforts as the preferred technology partner & pioneer among India’s leading retailers and brands. This is one more instance of the capabilities of an Indian Technology Product growing its presence on the global markets.”

Said Kumar Sudarsan (Co Founder & Director, Qwikcilver) – “Qwikcilver Solutions has developed and launched its robust and flexible technology platform that facilitates retailers & corporates to launch and manage unique customer centric initiatives, i.e. customised gift card products, prepaid products, loyalty products and change the promotional behaviour of their portfolio. Qwikcilver has successfully pioneered the concept of Closed Loop Gift Cards & Prepaid Cards Category in India & Asia”.

As much as we are honoured with this association, we will strive vigorously to bring our technology to more Asian retailers & corporates. Qwikcilver, through its sister concern Woohoo.in, also offers Gift Card and Stored-value-card solutions to more than 100 leading retail and corporate customers worldwide. This translates to 3 million cards across various retail brands, with 5 million transactions annually; across the entire gamut of product categories from lifestyle goods, fashion, home needs and entertainment to e-commerce.


Gift cards for the ‘Colors for Holi’ Jewellery at D’damas

What is the best way to express your love to your special lady other than a gift of diamonds? A diamond stands for many things; in love, it stands for eternal perfection. A diamond doesn’t spoil; it doesn’t shine less after a while; it doesn’t go black and it doesn’t ever lose its value. Just like your love for your special lady. This Holi, express your love for her with the ‘Colors for Holi’ collection at D’damas. This collection is aptly named, because it’s got all the sparkle of white diamonds, interspersed with the glorious colors of colored diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and other precious gems.

The collection is reminiscent of the colors of the Holi festival. Holi is a special day for all, a day when the people of India celebrate freedom from oppression. India is all about colors, after all. Imagine the colors of Holi – bright reds, blues, greens, yellows and oranges as they’re thrown into the air under the brilliant summer sun. Glittering colors woven with the bright rays of summer sunshine is what you’ll see. That’s what you’ll be gifting your loved one, when you gift them a piece from the ‘Colors of Holi’ jewellery from D’damas.

Give her a gift this Holi she’ll cherish for the rest of her life. While at it, don’t forget your mother, sister and the other women in your life. Each one of them is a brilliant color in your life. Honor them this Holi with gift cards from D’damas, and let them enjoy adorning themselves with exquisite pieces from the D’damas ‘Colors of Holi’ collection. Buying a D’damas gift card takes but a few minutes. The joy you’ll be bringing into her lifel, it’ll last longer than the diamonds!


Gift vouchers for the latest Fashion @ French Connection

Your favourite brand, French Connection has some exciting new arrivals that you and friends must surely check out. And if any of your fashion savvy friend’s birthday is coming up in March or April, think no further, gift French Connection vouchers to positively delight them! These gift vouchers are redeemable at all French Connection outlets across India and are valid for almost a year (360 days), from the date of issue.

French Connection is known for anticipating new trends and bringing you the best seasonal and transitional clothing you can imagine. And the fashion house has gone full length for outfitting gals matching the vibrancy of the season.  French Connection is chock-a-bloc with soft cotton tops and super-fine jersey T-shirts to beat the heat. The digital prints in spring florals are designed for smooth pairing with skirts, trousers and denims. How about a smooth fitted jersey skirt tailor-made to bring out the summer chic fashion? These mid length skirts with graphic prints are perfect for any casual outing.

French Connection also brings the best in menswear,l this season. The Live Cargo Magneto Trousers with its sleek finish and multiple pockets, are perfect for outdoor fun. Then there is the amazing collection of denims with unique smoky washes. French Connection also offers an entire range of wardrobe options, right  jeans, trousers, jackets, accessories, t-shirts, underwear and much more.


Gift vouchers for Lifestyle’s Spring-Summer Collection!

Nothing looks better in spring and summer than a light dress or shirt in a cheery, summery color. How about tangerine and lemon? Spring is all about sunshine and bright days. Summer is when flowers bloom and when there’s a riot of colors everywhere. Celebrate this season with fabulous fashion from Lifestyle’s Spring-Summer Collection. And it is a perfect gifting option too! Read on to find out.

For ladies, the options from this spring-summer collection are spectacular. There are beautiful day fashions and nightwear in hot nautical look. Then again, there are summery frocks in pastels, golds, oranges and lemony hues. The collection also includes a range of accessories to go with the outfits, from bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bags, scarves and brooches.

For guys, Lifestyle brings in comfort wear from the international fashion scene to brighten up wardrobe. This season is all about color. From orange shorts to green t-shirt, or a pair of the latest wash denims with a bright red summer shirt! Let your boyfriend make the choice for himself.

Your kids too will love the candy colors of this season, all put together in a beautiful medley of vibrant charm. Colorful pants and shorts with multiple pockets, ruffled and tiered skirts, polka-dotted frocks, little accessory bags – it’s a party for kids from this fashion collection.

So if you want to share the oncoming spring-summer fashion fever with your friends and loved ones, get them the Lifestyle gift voucher. It’s just so easy. Just log on to Woohoo.in, select the gift amount of the Lifestyle voucher, choose from the basic or special packaging options, along with a heart-melting message to your loved one! The gift voucher will be on its way in no time! You also can choose to join your friend or loved one in the shopping expedition and make the experience even more fun for both of you!


Gift vouchers for fabulous Furniture & Interiors from @home!

At Home Furniture Sale@home is a homemaker’s delight. No trip to a @home outlet can last less than several hours. It’ll take a whole day to browse the extent of goods here! Everything you need for your home, including living, kitchen, bed, bath, even garden items can be found here. @home has 20 large format retail outlets in India. With each store measuring upwards of 15,000 sq.ft., is it any wonder that you’ll need a whole day to satisfactorily browse @home’s offerings?

The Advantage Of gifting @home gift vouchers

@home offers free interior planning service through 3D Imaging Software. It’s a wonderful way to see how the chosen furniture will look like at home before making the decision to purchase! @home delivers items quickly, safely and completely free of any delivery charge obligation. Customers can even track items while they are in transit on their website! @home has also tied up with various top banks, to offer interest free EMI options on credit card purchases. So if your gift recipient plans to spend more than the gift card value, he can even opt for zero-interest EMIs.

Fabulous 50% Offer On Select Items!

And now it’s a great time to gift @home gift vouchers to friends and family. By sending the voucher you will be gifting your loved ones a fabulous furniture shopping experience, free virtual interior planning, free shipping and more. Add to that another mega advantage of shopping for the best furniture in town at a cool 50% discount! If you’ve been planning to revamp your home, delight your wife with a surprise gift voucher from @ home. Or, if your friends are having a house-warming function, grab a @home gift voucher for them immediately! And let them also enjoy the cool furniture shopping experience while the store offers are on!

Image copyright vests with respective copyright holders at @home. Please check the @home website for the latest deals and offers.


Gift Cards for the New Spring Collection at Shoppers Stop!

Shoppers Stop WomenIt is time to leave your inhibitions aside – it is going to be a bright, colorful spring. Put away your blacks and browns, and adopt the lovely, fresh colors of spring. It’s time to drop all your cares behind and celebrate the beginning of spring. This year, Shoppers Stop has come out with great fashion as part of its spring-summer collection.

The ‘Shoppers Stop’ Spring Collection

Check out the mouthwatering colors of spring reflected in the latest offerings.  The loveliest of pastel shades, the brightest of summer prints, cheery icons and graphics. In the Womenswear section, you’ll find a huge array of beautiful designer salwar suits, springy frocks, flirty skirts, tops, t-shirts and pretty summer accessories. Each outfit can be matched with a bag, from the new spring collection from Baggit, Hidesign, Holii, Da Milano and other designers.

The Menswear section, not to be left behind, competes with trendy spring t-shirts in whites and pastels, with cheery graphics, exciting new washes in denim and fabulous new light shoes. If you’re not a graphic or icon kind of person, there are plenty of striped t-shirts to choose from too. Plus, you have a choice of fabulous shirts in spring plaids, and trousers in light, wrinkle-free cotton that come in several spring colors.

And lot of Offers too!

Need more incentive for some shopping than a 51% off offer on men’s apparel? How about 51% off on women’s apparel, including all fashions in the store? If that’s not enough, how about a 64% off on all goods from Mothercare? There’s also 51% off on all bed, bath, kitchen and home décor items as well. Watches from big brands are all available at discount as well. Now this certainly the best time to gift Shoppers Stop gift cards to friends and family.

Image copyright vests with respective copyright holders at Shoppers Stop. Please check the Shoppers Stop website for the latest deals and offers.


Women Of India! Tell the World Your Story!

Titan Womens Day giftsWomen, it’s time to celebrate your day again. This year, the International Women’s Day marks several achievements by women during 2012. Malala Yousafzai, a mere 15 year old young girl opened the world’s eyes to the plight of women in Pakistan. Women are making great strides in business, technology and politics. Female presidents guide many nations big and small; from South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Lithuania, Kosovo and Malawi.

Titan celebrates the International Women’s Day (8 March) with exclusive range of women’s watches, including the Eiffel time piece, from Raga Cities Collection. This wondrous masterpiece has a mother-of-pearl dial and a strap studded with genuine Swarovski crystals. Titan in partnership with Woohoo.in is also holding a unique activity to celebrate Women’s Day. And this involves telling your special story!

So what’s your story? What are your personal achievements?  Share your proudest moment of being a women and get gift vouchers from Titan! Get your story ready, type it up and email it to support@woohoo.in, with the subject line reading, “Story for Titan”. If your story is accepted, you’ll be sent a cool Titan e-gift voucher worth Rs. 200.

Women of India, this is your chance to get your story heard! Who knows, there might be a young and confused girl out there in need of your bolstering words.  Share your story to inspire and motivate! What better way to celebrate Women’s Day! Go on, grab your pen and write your story. Don’t wait any longer. Submit your story today!


Celebrate Women’s Day with Café Coffee Day Gift Cards

Cafe Coffee Day - Cafe Moments -Womens Day OfferYou probably know everything there is to know about Café Coffee Day. CCD is probably your favorite haunt too! Still, there are some things you may not know. Did you know that the font used to spell out Café Coffee Day in the signs, ads and banners is called ‘Slurry’? It’s called that because the font looks as though it is made of congealed liquid – just like the exotic concoctions of rich coffee and hot chocolate brewed at CCD.

After that bit of interesting trivia let’s come to the main news. Women of India! Celebrate the International Women’s Day (8 March) this year with special offers from Café Coffee Day. With purchase of Café Moments Card loaded with Rs. 1000 or more, get a specially packed Golden Moments Assorted Cookies Box worth Rs. 250, absolutely free! A box of sweet cookies, to let you know that you’re considered sweet, you’re important, you’re valued and that this world needs more of you.

If you and your office colleagues are planning to have a little party on Women’s Day, treat yourselves to a relaxing treat at Café Coffee Day. Apart from the fabulous Coffee, there are mouth watering sundaes, chocolate cakes and sandwiches too! For the generous men out there, this is also a great opportunity to invite your special one for a date. Don’t forget to take your gift box of assorted chocolates with you! Coffee and cookies make for the best moments in love. Don’t you think so?

There are more reasons to opt for a Café Moments gift card from Café Coffee Day. As a registered member you will me periodically fantastic freebies and offers from the Coffee Chain, which can be availed at any of the dozens of Café Coffee Day outlets dotting your city. This offer is valid between 5th to 9th March. So what are you waiting for! Treat yourself or surprise your loved one, the choice is yours!


Check Out The New Brands On Woohoo.in!

New Brands on GiftBigHello Consumers!! We’re adding several new brands every month, in an effort to bring you the best gifting options possible. Here are 7 excellent brands we’ve brought you this summer. Enjoy gifting these brands to your friends and loved ones, and they too will be thrilled to shop for the gift of their choice!

Yatra.com: Don’t restrict yourself to clothes, toys or jewelry alone! With Yatra e-gift cards, you can now gift trips and holiday’s to your loved ones, including flight/ train bookings, hotel reservations, car rentals and airport transfers.

Roomstory.com: Roomstory is the ultimate destination for home, bed & bath and décor & furnishings. It’s a homemaker’s delight, a mecca of impeccable and delightful designer home-ware. A Roomstory e-gift card is the perfect gift for a housewarming, a wedding, or just about any occasion!

Vishal Mega Mart:  A mega mart where your loved one can buy all that one could want for their home and lifestyle. Who could say no to that? This is another ideal gift option when you’re wondering what to gift.

Reliance Digital: A smart home needs smart people; and smart people need Reliance Digital! Think of any electrical or electronic device that you might fancy – the latest fridge, TV, smartphone and so on – and you will find it at Reliance Digital.

Park Avenue: Park Avenue symbolizes all that is classy in this world. Sharp, superbly cut suits, iconic ties, spectacularly woven separates – clothes that are designed and tailored for the smart man.

Soch: Soch is the elegant woman’s ultimate shopping destination for the most beautiful ethnic designs. Charm your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife with a Soch gift voucher and you’ll be in their good books for ever!

Vivek’s: One of the best known electronics retailers in South India is now on Woohoo.in. From household appliances to personal gadgets, Vivek’s stocks everything, and at best prices too!

Choose from these and over 75 other brands to delight your loved ones on special occasions. You can also try gifting the Woohoo.in e-Gift Card that brings the whole lot of brands on our site in a handy gift card!