Beckham Gifts Diamond-Studded Bag To Wife

We’ve heard of besotted husbands, fathers and boyfriends gifting diamond jewelry to their girls. We’ve seen the huge Taylor-Burton diamond that nestled like a piece of living fire on Elizabeth Taylor. Heard about a diamond-studded handbag? Well, David Beckham scored a goal over Richard Burton by gifting his wife one – after all, love and football know no boundaries.

So Heavy, She Can’t Carry It

Football star David Beckham decided that leather bags were passé for his darling wife. So he played Secret Santa and ordered a custom-made, one-of-a-kind, diamond-studded handbag for Christmas. Victoria Beckham found this large, incredibly beautiful and sparkling metal handbag stuffed in her woolen Christmas stocking. The bag was so heavy and studded all over with diamonds that Posh Spice found it difficult to lug around.

The Bag That Cost A Ransom

Apparently, David paid a whopping £80,000 for the bejeweled bag. Only three such bags were created over the last six years, making the bag distinctly a priceless piece. Needless to say, it takes about two years to put together a single bag. Think of it, normal folks could buy a luxury home in many places in the world for £80,000!

Speaking of the unique bag, it features a three-carat diamond on the lock. So if someone wants to get rich instantly, they needn’t even break the lock of the bag. All they’ve got to do is cut the lock and scoot! That is, if the very expensive bag is ever taken out of the high-security Swiss vault that it resides in.

How You Can Do A Beckham

It’s the thought, the gesture, the taste, the design, and the style of the bag that counts. Victoria Beckham probably never gets her diamond bag out of the bag vault. However, your loved one can safely flaunt your stylish gift proudly everywhere. Buy her a Hidesign or Holii gift card from today. This is sure going to be an enjoyable shopping experience!



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That’s when I decided that my kids should try do their own shopping. But I hit a roadblock when I was unable to decide how to let the kids shop on their own and stick to a limited budget. I could not take the risk of handing over my credit card to my kids nor hand over cash to them. These were the thoughts running in my head when I chanced upon W while browsing through the internet.

I went online to and bought sizeable gift cards for both my kids and for my wife. For my son, I decided on a Landmark card – he could buy toys, books or games and puzzles of his choice. For my kitchen-obsessed wife, I picked up a TTK Prestige card. I placated my hard-to-please daughter with two gift cards – one from Shopper’s Stop and one from Lifestyle. The recipient can redeem the card at the outlet physically or shop online and get the gift couriered. Doing all this while sitting in the comfort of your home, it was indeed a hassle-free experience for me! – Deepak Kumar, Mumbai


If You Love Me, Give Me A Monster Diamond

The flashier the ring, the greater the mystique surrounding a pair of lovers about to commit themselves to holy matrimony. It is ever so true in the present day Hollywood. There are diamonds and more diamonds – each flashier, bigger and with a better cut than the other. Whether the couple stuck to their vows or not fades into the background – what matters is only about how many carats the bauble contained.

Beyonce Knowles And Her 18-Carat Flawless Diamond

A fabulous 18-carat white diamond set in platinum flashes on Beyonce’s comely ring finger. This is her engagement-cum-wedding ring, placed on her finger by her husband, rapper Jay-Z. The ring cost Jay-Z a princely USD 5 million.

Too Risky To Wear In Public

Beyonce is nervous about wearing this ring in public, for security reasons apparently, so she’s got a duplicate made for a mere USD 5,000. To preserve the gift of love forever, the priceless ring was insured for USD 5 million. Wonder how much the annual premium for the ring is!

The ring was designed by renowned jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, who has created similar masterpieces for the other darlings of the red carpet. Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson also wear rings designed by her. The carat weight varies but the competition never does. Svelte beauties vie with each other to wear the biggest, flashiest and most expensive stone on her ring finger in a bid to grab eyeballs and front covers of magazines. How’s that for the truth, huh?

A Diamond Is For Ever

It’s not the size, but the clarity, color, cut and more importantly, the purity of the stone that matters mostly. When it comes to these aspects, you can never go wrong with Tanishq or Asmi diamond jewelry. Put your own stamp on your beloved’s ring finger today with a brilliant cut solitaire; or, grace her neck with a lovely diamond necklace. Your way is paved by’s gift cards from these store brands, where she can choose the product of her liking; for this gift is sure going to be timeless and eternal!



You’re Worth Hundreds Of Millions, Says Abramovich!

When we talk about the richest people in the world, one name stands out – Roman Abramovich. He’s not just one of the richest, but also one of the most generous lovers. We’re not sure if his generosity has found its way to the masses yet, but there’s plenty of proof that his long-standing girlfriend has vastly benefited by it.

Where To Begin?

Let’s start with the $14 million he blew on a bronze sculpture by Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti. This creation, called “Femme de Venise”, is a thing of beauty to look at and a definite joy to own. Though of course, most people would be content to look upon this fabulous piece of art in a museum or a black-tie exhibition.

Not so for Roman Abramovich. He had to buy it. If that weren’t enough, he simply had to gift it to his girlfriend, who, we hope, is a connoisseur of fine art.

Not to Forget $60 Million Worth Of Art

This flamboyant billionaire is also known to have spent a mind-boggling $60 million buying extremely expensive pieces of art for his girlfriend.  The truly unbelievable (but very true) part of this story is that he spent the entire $60 million on various art auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in just one month! Now, we wonder, was it her birthday month when the big bucks were spent?

He Didn’t Stop There

He went on, our indefatigable billionaire lover, to buy her a fabulous villa in Colorado, and graced it with two paintings by Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon. Want to know how much the house and the paintings cost? An eye-popping $120 million!

Are You An Art Lover Too?

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Barrack Obama, King Abdullah and Gold

>Who said kings and princes don’t gift each other elaborate chests of gold anymore? All that is a myth, if what we hear is to be believed, and if anyone tells you that heads of state don’t accept elaborate gifts from anyone, don’t believe that either. All that is on paper alone – in reality it is still so very different.

300,000 USD Worth Of Gifts

US President Barrack Obama took his charming wife, Michelle Obama, and his two delightful daughters for a friendly visit to Saudi Arabia during the first year of his term as President. Once he got there, all rules about the appropriateness of accepting gifts were thrown out of the window.

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, as per the time-honored hospitality traditions of his nation, bestowed USD 300,000 worth of gifts on Obama and his family. The elaborate gifts comprised jewelry, rare books, and precious artifacts for the White House and much more. President Obama must have protested internally, but couldn’t have voiced them in all probability. After all, we’re talking about age old traditions here.

To Accept Or Not To Accept

It’s not clear whether such a move was anticipated or not, but there wasn’t much Obama could do lest he offends his gracious host. This princely gift from King Abdullah exceeds all normal bounds of courtesy. This gift is considered the most expensive gift given by one head of state to another in recent times. On the flip side, how much tax do you think Obama paid on the gifts when he got back to the US? None! As all presents are handed over to National Archives, as laws in US bars government officials from receiving gifts on duty.

If Variety Is In, Go For It!

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Vishu Shopping Simplified!!

I always leave my Vishu shopping till the very last moment. It’s not that I don’t like shopping – I do. But the thought of shopping for the right gift for family and friends always stresses me out. Every Vishu, I wonder which is the best gifting option that is easy on my pocket and can get me accolades without me trying too hard.

I was browsing through the internet for some non-essential stuff, putting off the horror of gift-shopping for yet another day, when I chanced upon online advertisement. Online malls have been proliferating as shoppers feel there is more variety in terms of categories, products and prices online. However, came as a huge surprise to me. Guess why? The entire site was about various optimized gift cards for the best brands that stock the very best consumer goods! The gift cards have a validity period of 3 to 12 months, giving recipients the liberty to buy their gift of choice whenever they find free time. And here’s the very best part – I can now do my entire Vishu shopping without moving from my chair!

For my sporty cousin Uday who loves watches and sunglasses, I got a gift card from Fastrack. My aunt Geeta, the usual critic, couldn’t find a single negative thing to say about the Gitanjali gift card that I bought for her. Oh, and my nephew and niece were overjoyed with the Landmark gift card. Hoping to be back soon for one more round of shopping. – Sujata Nair, Bangalore


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I sometimes detest all the gift-giving and gift-receiving customs of our society. Gifting is sometimes stressful because of the expectations, obligations and disappointments. Giving the right kind of gift to the person you like, that too within your means, is indeed a rare art!

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I have an awful memory and cannot remember birthdays and anniversaries. So I collected all the information and programmed it into my Outlook Calendar. I then took some pains to find out the likes and dislikes of my family and friends.

My mom has a fondness for art and bric-a-brac. For her, I choose a Landmark, Lifestyle and Home Stop gift cards. For my dad – you can never go wrong with sports goods. So it’s a gift card from Puma or Nike for him. My sister, who is crazy about handbags, would love to receive Holii gift cards. For my best friend Rupal, who is fond of sunglasses, a gift card from Fastrack is the answer. There’s something for everyone at All this is an unprecedented convenience from a consumer’s point of view! – Mani Mittal, Bangalore


Gift in Style with!!

It’s really annoying how people inspect a gift to check its value, authenticity and most often, the price. Gifts often speak a lot about the giver and their taste.  This has indeed put me in a sticky spot many a times with my mother and sister.

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FacebooktwitterlinkedinFacebooktwitterlinkedin helped me make the right choice!!

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We are making a difference!!

It’s not often that your customers take the time to write to you. But we are receiving  emails, and we are thrilled that we have been able to simplify the gifting experience for our customers!! Here is an email reproduced with permission.


First of all thanks for assisting me with the purchase of gift cards last week. As an Indian born, but now a US citizen im pretty impressed with your service levels.

We come to india every year and its not easy to carry gifts to all relatives. It’s not that we don’t like gifting and receiving gifts, but in the planning before the travel and the two weeks we get in India, you get very little time to buy gifts suiting the tastes of everybody. It also never becomes feasible to carry gifts for each of your niece and nephew in the luggage and sometimes when they don’t like the gift it’s disheartening to see their frowns.

But thanks to you people this year gifting was no hassles at all. Thanks for assisting me with the suggestions regarding brands. The kids absolutely loved the PVR and Landmark gift cards, and i could see the twinkle in the eyes of my sisters-in-laws on seeing the neatly packaged Gitanjali gift cards. For the men your suggestion of Madhuloka was perfect. I didn’t know it was such a popular outlet in bangalore. Great to see such gifting concepts becoming popular here.

Sunita Krishnan, Bangalore