The Great Indian Wedding Gift Survey: Results Out Now!

Weddings in India are huge and full of fun. But when it comes to gifts, sometimes it’s the same old story – too many casseroles & showpieces and not enough surprises. So, we asked ourselves a vital question: Is there a way to make wedding gifts as memorable as the weddings themselves?

With this curiosity, Woohoo conducted The Great Indian Wedding Gift Survey at a pan-India level through December 2023. Commissioned amongst a diverse group of participants, including gift card users & non-users, we sought authentic voices to understand individuals’ wedding gift preferences, qualms and excitements. Our aim was straightforward: we wanted to understand what truly brings joy to the hearts of newlyweds, beyond the conventional cascade of casseroles and frying pans.

The participants certainly spoke up, sharing their honest thoughts, their enjoyment, and their frustrations about the repetitiveness of wedding gifts in India’s big wedding celebrations.

Now, the big news – the results are in! We are beyond thrilled with the overwhelming and insightful responses we have received.

The findings? They’re more than just interesting — They are an eye-opener for anyone who seeks to transform their gifting game. The revelations endorse our belief that everybody deserves a gift that’s as special and unique as their relationship. It’s no longer about how many casseroles or frying pans one can amass, but about gifting with thoughtfulness and personal touch.

And now, the moment awaits where you can dive into these revelations yourself. The full wedding gift survey results are live here for you to explore. Peek into the minds and hearts of others just like you and see what a future of inspired gifting could look like.

Find out what we discovered by visiting our survey results. This isn’t just about data; it’s about taking a step closer to transforming wedding gifting into an art form that reflects how unique every couple, every celebration, and every love story is.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Here’s to changing the landscape of wedding gifts, one insight at a time!


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Skip the Guesswork: Top 10 Gifts for a Happy Valentine’s Day

Year after year, we rush to the stores or order online the usual Valentine’s Day staples: teddy bears, chocolates, and flower bouquets. While these are traditional gifts that symbolize love and affection, they can often feel predictable and lack personalization. This year, why not offer your loved ones a gift that’s thoughtfully different and full of possibility?

A digital gift card can be your game-changer. It’s more than just a present. It’s a versatile token of love that provides your significant other the freedom to choose what they truly want. No more guessing games, no more wondering if they’ll like what you picked out for them. With a gift card, they get to select a gift that matches their preferences and tastes, making your present more meaningful and personal.

A digital gift card can be your game-changer. It’s more than just a present. It’s a versatile token of love that provides your significant other the freedom to choose what they truly want. No more guessing games, no more wondering if they’ll like what you picked out for them. With a gift card, they get to select a gift that matches their preferences and tastes, making your present more meaningful and personal.

Here’s a curated list of the top 10 digital gift card brands to surprise your Valentine with a present that resonates with their personal tastes and desires.

  1. Myntra Gift Card

Give the gift of fashion with a Myntra gift card! Ideal for the style-savvy Valentine, it offers a vast collection of clothing, accessories, and beauty products from top brands to elevate their wardrobe.

2. Nykaa E-Gift Card

Indulge your beloved in a world of beauty with a Nykaa gift card. From skincare essentials to the latest makeup trends, it’s a beauty enthusiast’s dream for a pampered Valentine’s Day.

3. Amazon Shopping Voucher

An Amazon Shopping Voucher opens a universe of endless possibilities. Books, gadgets, household items—let your Valentine be spoiled for choice with this all-encompassing gift card.

4. MyGlamm Gift Card

Pamper your partner with a MyGlamm gift card, the gateway to luxurious beauty products. This card provides access to high-quality makeup that’s as radiant as their smile.

5. The Man Company

Gift the modern gentleman with a digital token from The Man Company. This gift card is a gateway to premium grooming essentials, perfect for a man who values looking and feeling his best.

6. Westside Gift Card

With a Westside gift card, you’re offering a fashionable adventure across contemporary clothing and chic home decor. It’s a versatile gift for a Valentine who loves to keep their style and space looking fresh.

7. Shoppers Stop Gift Card

Shoppers Stop gift card is a passport to premium shopping, offering a suite of brands across fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. It’s a personal stylist in a card for your fashion-forward Valentine.

8. Decathlon Gift Card

Is your Valentine an active soul? A Decathlon gift card is their ticket to sporting goods, outdoor gear, and fitness attire. Help fuel their next adventure or workout in style.

9. Pantaloons Gift Card

A Pantaloons gift card brings the latest in high-street fashion at their fingertips. Your valentine can select from an array of apparel and accessories to step out in style.

10. Luxe Gift Card

The Luxe gift card is synonymous with sophistication and choice, offering the luxury of variety over 40 esteemed brands. It’s an elegant gift for the discerning shopper in your life.

So, move away from the age-old, generic gifts this Valentine’s Day. Choose digital gift cards, and let your sweetheart know how unique they are to you. After all, isn’t your love story extraordinary? Your Valentine’s Day gift should be too!


A Week of Surprises: Celebrate Every Day of Valentine Week with Woohoo!

Valentine’s Day is not just a day; it’s a vibrant celebration of love stretched over a blissful week. From the first rose to the sweetest kiss, each day holds a special place. But how about we add a twist to this tradition?

Wave goodbye to cliché and step into the digital age of gifting with Woohoo. This Valentine’s Week, we’re brushing aside the old playbook and embracing the future of expressions of love — one e-gift card at a time.

Day 1 – Rose Day: Out with the Old

Gone are the days when a rose would suffice. This year, let the vibrancy of a digital gift card convey a garden of possibilities that won’t wilt away.

Check out Rose Day Gifts

Day 2 – Propose Day: Ditch the Expected

Proposing a lifetime of happiness doesn’t have to be with a predictable gift. Up your game with an innovative digital gift card from Woohoo that suggests a lasting commitment to joy and convenience.

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Day 3 – Chocolate Day: Sweeten the Deal, Sans the Calories

Chocolates are sweet, but they can be oh-so-expected. Instead, send a top brand e-gift card and let them indulge in a treat of their choosing, minus the cliché and the sugar rush.

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Day 4 – Teddy Day: No More un-bear-able gifts

Trade that teddy bear for something less dusty and more engaging. With a digital gift card, they can cuddle up to a myriad of options that go well beyond the shelf.

Check out Teddy Day Gifts

Day 5 – Promise Day: Promises Beyond Items

Skip gifting a tangible reminder and instead, make a digital promise that offers them the gift of choice. An e-gift card from their favourite brand is a promise that keeps on giving, any time, any place.

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Day 6 – Hug Day: Embrace the Digital Warmth

This Hug Day, let a digital gift card be a virtual embrace, enveloping them in the warmth of your affection. It’s a digital hug that uniquely spreads love.

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Day 7 – Kiss Day: Kiss the Traditional Goodbye

A peck on the cheek is fleeting; go for the memorable with an awesome gift card that plants a lasting imprint of your love on their heart.

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Finally, on Valentine’s Day, culminate this digital escapade with a grand Valentine gift that encompasses all of the week’s emotions, allowing them to shop to their heart’s content.

Woohoo is here to renew the week of love with a fresh, digital touch. Every day is an opportunity to break free from the passé and embrace the innovative. So, this Valentine’s Week, do away with the conventional. Give love, give choice, give digital with Woohoo.