What Are You Gifting Your Brother This Bhaidooj?


The royal Princess Subadhra welcomed the conquering Krishna after his victory over the demon Narakasura with sweets, gifts and flowers. She placed the holy red tilak on his forehead in blessing. Lord Yama visited his sister, Yami, and was similarly welcomed by her. She too, placed a holy tilak on his forehead. If Lord Krishna and Lord Yama were available for a chat today, they would tell you how much a sister’s love matters.

Celebrate Each Other

Your sister’s love and her blessings will always protect you, no matter where you are, no matter what your battles are. And sisters, your brothers’ love and grace will always guard you wherever you are. This Bhaidooj, let us give thanks to God for giving us brothers and sisters. Let us celebrate with sweets, gifts, flowers and a bright red tilak for protection.

Even if your brother or your sister is far away, don’t let this occasion pass by without sharing your love. It’s all the more important that you reach out to siblings who are far away. Distance can sometimes make you feel alone. Don’t feel that way. No matter what the distance, you know your brother or your sister love you. This Bhaidooj, take advantage of our offers to give your brother or sister the best day they’ve ever had.

Gift With Care

Love and care are irreplaceable. As are gifts given with true feeling. So when you gift your brother or your sister something this Bhaidooj, think for a moment. Consider – what will truly make him or her happy? Happier than they’ve ever been?

Gifts For Your Brother:

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• Amazon.in: Whether your brother loves books, or electronics or jewelry, he’ll find it on Amazon.in.
• Woohoo Dining: Your brother can use this gift card to purchase a gift card from any restaurant brand on our site.
• Fastrack Gift Card: Does your brother love stylish sunglasses, watches, wallets and bags?
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Gifts For Your Sister:

Gift cards, gift vouchers or e-gift cards from the following brands:

• Joyalukkas and Tanishq: You can never go wrong with a fine piece of jewelry when it comes to your sister!
• Lakme Salon and Four Fountains Spa: A full day of relaxation and pampering is just what your sweet sister deserves.
• Elle, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Westside, Fabindia and Woohoo Fashion: Gift her a journey into fashion she’ll never forget.
• Home Stop, @Home, Prestige and Viveks: For all home-improvement needs.