How Shahrukh Khan gifts his colleagues?

The Bollywood hero and icon, Shah Rukh Khan, is well known for his generosity towards his family, friends and co-stars. Knowing him definitely has its perks. After the release of Ra.One, he is reported to have gifted BMW car worth over 1 crore to his colleague Arjun Rampal. He was also reported gifting expensive watches to all the KKR teams members, after the team won the IPL 5 championship.

How do you show your appreciation to colleagues & business associates?

If you owe your business colleague much of your success till now, it’s time to show your appreciation. A goodie bag is a great idea; you can fill it up with all the things he’ll love. However, how do you know he’s going to love what you choose? The best way to show your appreciation to someone whose work and dedication you appreciate would be through a gift card, because it also gives the recipient the freedom of choice.

A gift card can be used to make different purchases

Let’s say you want to gift your colleague, your business partner, your client or even your best service provider a nice thank-you gift. Instead of choosing the gift yourself, just think of a brand store where your recipient can pick up his or her favorite items from top brands. Think Landmark, Fastrack, Central or Shoppers Stop available at A gift card from any of these brands will throw open the door to myriad choices for your recipient. Now, that’s a clever way to gift a goodie-bag of appreciation!


Gifting an exotic diamond necklace to your lady!

Joshua Jackson, well-known movie and television actor (Fringe TV series) apparently bid for (and won!) a diamond necklace worth $45,000. Joshua bid for the necklace in a private auction held at the recent “Nights in Monaco” benefit dinner in Monte Carlo for his girlfriend, the beautiful Diane Kruger. Joshua then had the auctioneers ship the necklace to his lady love, who was abroad at that time. We’re sure that the necklace was insured, but even then, to ship something so valuable seems extremely risky.

Don’t bother to bid, insure or courier – just gift!

When it comes to diamond necklaces, unless you can throw lots of money like Joshua Jackson, you don’t need to bid at all. When you bid for a piece of jewelry, you’re paying for the piece’s provenance (previous history of ownership which lends to its antique value). The extra money that’s paid out doesn’t exactly increase the beauty of the necklace, though it does help appreciate its value over time. When it comes to your lady, treat her to a one-in-a-million uniquely designed diamond necklace from Asmi, Gili or D’dmas available at

Don’t bother to ship, be safe and wise!

With a gift card from, all you’ll be doing is investing in a gift card that cannot be misused. Your lady will receive the card safely, even if she is in another state within India. With this card, she can visit several outlets of the store you’ve chosen, and take her time to select the necklace of her choice. It’s completely safe, 100% value for money, no outrageous bids and definitely no worry about loss during shipment.


How to show your appreciation through a ‘fan’ gift?

We are all fans of someone or the other. Some of us are fans of movie stars, while some of us worship political icons. Some of us are fans of our parents, or other people in our family who have been influential in our lives. How do you let the object of your worship know how you feel? How do you adequately express your sense of gratitude for their kindnesses and favors towards you?

Check out celebrity fan gifts

Famous celebrities constantly receive gifts. Rupert Grint, the Harry Potter movie actor who played the character Ron, keeps getting pajamas from girls. Back home, Deepika Padukone, after her dance number in Dum Maro Dum received about nine skirts in various sizes from her admirers.

What can we learn from this?

Of course, sensible people who have jobs and families won’t be running around buying skirts for their celebs.  Still, the very fact that these fans reach out and express their admiration is something from which we can learn.

Reach out to the object of your admiration

Express your admiration and gratitude to your mom, dad, family doctor, favorite lecturer, kind aunt and others with gift cards from It’s fairly easy – you don’t have to spend extravagantly to make a gesture. Find out what they like beforehand – it might be books, trinkets or cool casuals. Buy a gift card from a suitable brand and send it to them with a message of admiration. Your gift is sure to make a lasting impression.


How to gift a whole new wardrobe to one’s daughter?

One can really learn how to make grand gift gestures from celebrities! Of course, they can afford to throw lots of money on anything they want. Still, the very fact that they are capable of making grandiose gifting gestures to their loved ones does teach something. It teaches that such a grand gesture of gifting can only come from a big heart and true spirit of generosity, which is worth emulating.

A whole new wardrobe for her daughter

Angelina Jolie, famous Hollywood actress, has recently gifted her adopted daughter from Africa, Zahara a whole new wardrobe. Angelina focused on bright colors and an ethnic look in keeping with her 7 year daughters mixed African heritage & American upbringing. It was reported that Angelina bought little peasant tops, sweaters and tights for Zahara before chaos from fans forced her to cut short the shopping trip. .

Thinking of gifts for your daughter on her birthday? Here’s what you can do!

Instead of shopping at different shops to buy garments, gift her gift card from a top clothing and accessories mall. You can consider Central, Shoppers Stop, and Debenhams among others. The advantage here is that your daughter can shop for everything she wants under one roof, and create a quality, coordinated wardrobe. All these brands stock the latest branded and designer clothes in western wear, Indian wear and Indo-Western fusion wear. Plus, they stock the perfect accessories in terms of shoes, bags, hair accessories, jewelry and everything to attain that stylish look.


The greatest treasure any child can get

Oprah Winfrey, the world-famous US talk host who gifted a trunkful of her favorite children’s books to Beyonce’s new baby, Blue Ivy. In this trunk are books that Oprah has loved all her life, and has encouraged her own children to read and pass on. She didn’t send the baby a gold necklace; she didn’t send her a set of expensive toys. She sent the baby what she knows is the very best treasure of all: stories!

A treasure beyond compare

Books are gifts that entertain and enlighten. They also guide our children to do the right thing when we’re no longer around to guide them. Most people love books; and those who don’t read books, love to hear stories from the ones who do. Even those people, who never learnt to read, eagerly watch theatrical depictions of their favorite stories. Knowledge finds a way to become known, one way or the other.

Gift your child the pleasure of reading

When your son’s or daughter’s birthday comes around this year, get a gift voucher from, Oxford Book Store, Sapna Book Store or Landmark from Each one of these top stores has a wide collection of books covering a wide range of subjects. It’ll be the best gift for your growing or grown-up child. If your children are small yet, accompany them to the store and help them select the kind of books that will keep them busy for hours. Plus the shopping, will be surely be, a fun day-out for the parent and the child!!


Gifting Dining Experience in India

A fabulous dinner at a top restaurant that boasts great food, ambience and presentation; won’t that make a fine gift for someone? People are thinking in terms of gifting experiences to their loved ones, friends and business contacts these days. Gone are the days when a gift meant something for which you actually went to a store and shopped. Today it’s all about gift cards and the fabulous things you can gift through them. A fine dining experience is one of these unbeatable gifting options that people can really enjoy.

Why a Dining Experience makes for a unique Gift?

Are you someone who’s always busy at work and never have time to spend with your spouse? Consider buying a gift card from for a fine dining restaurant that serves your spouse’s favorite cuisine. Attach your special message to it and have it delivered. You’ll be solving two issues with one move – making your spouse extraordinarily happy and creating the opportunity for a future fine dining experience!

Your gift card is valid for several months, which means you’ll have plenty of time to plan a special evening with your spouse. What’s more, some restaurants even offer regular patron privileges to gift card holders. Use the fine dining gift experience to explore multiple cuisines on special occasions and extend your foodie appreciation.

A Dining experience is nice & appropriate Gift

As with all experiences, a dining experience makes for a generic and therefore very appropriate gift for anyone. If you are a corporate manager, you can buy several gift cards in bulk, and offer them to your employees as part of your employee reward scheme. You can even gift them to your clients at the end of a successful transaction, as a token of your appreciation. You can buy dining experience gift cards for your family, friends – just about anyone. Your gift recipient chooses the actual venue, the date, time and the occasion. All you do is pay for the gift card. That makes it perfect, right?

You can choose from a wide range of Restaurants and Cuisines

If you know what kind of cuisine your gift recipient likes, go ahead and pick up a gift card or voucher from a restaurant that offers it. Think of Mainland China for fabulous Chinese and Indo-Chinese cuisine or BJN Group for authentic Indian cuisine. There’s a plethora of choices when it comes to fine dining options, something to suit everyone’s taste buds. Again, all that you have to do is just buy the gift card and have it delivered! The rest is done by the gift card company, while you smile with satisfaction.


How to Gift a Movie Experience?

As far as gifts go, people tend in terms of tangible items such as books, watches, music and so on. Gifting an experience is a unique gift option which is catching on nowadays. A gift experience can be anything – a meal, a trip, or a movie that’s covered by a gift voucher.

How the Movie-Gift-Experience works?

Your gift recipient will receive a beautifully packaged PVR Cinemas gift card, along with a personal message from you. The message makes the gift ultra special – you can squeeze in all your sentiments into it. The stylish gift package will contain a gift card with a unique barcode and magnetic strip. The value you’ve purchased will have been loaded on the card – all that your recipient has to do is swipe the card at the theater.

The package will also contain information on how the card can be used, along with the card’s validity. Your PVR gift card can be used not just to pay for the movie, but also to make purchases at the movie café. So, make it as generous a gift as possible to enable your recipients to enjoy themselves fully.

A Movie Experience can be a Great Gift!

For example, if your parents’ silver jubilee wedding anniversary is coming up, wouldn’t it be wonderful to gift them a great movie experience? Your parents can visit the theater, select the movie or movies that they want to watch, and enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. They can also enjoy in-theatre luxuries such as being served tidbits from the café, and order for snacks while watching the movie. They will remember their movie experience fondly every time they think of your gift. For you, it’s just a matter of purchasing the gift card online at

A Movie Experience is appropriate for anyone!

This is a great gift option even for corporate organizations, when it comes to gifting specific employees as part of employee reward schemes. Since it’s the gift recipient who chooses which movie to watch, a movie experience is an appropriate gift even for clients. Think of this option also for your customers, friends, and family members.

A Movie Experience is special, even as a generic gift!

A movie experience makes for a memorable gift that people always remember for the emotions it generates. Still, it is a generic gift, because what you’re gifting is the actual experience itself, and there’s nothing personal about that. The special aspect comes from what the experience means to the couple or group of friends who enjoy the movie. People quickly forget who gifted them which book or CD, but they don’t easily forget experiences.


Gift a Wonderful Trip through Gift Cards

Can you imagine getting a gift card through courier one fine day for an actual trip? People plan their vacation breaks for ages and save up for trips they want to take with their families. The very idea of getting a trip experience as a gift that still allows you to choose and configure trip details is a luxury beyond comparison.

Why a Trip Experience is so Special?

Everyone dreams of taking a trip with someone they love. We all want a bit of escape from our daily routines. A trip signifies something new, something exciting, and something apart from the usual and therefore special and much anticipated. Take advantage of this feeling and use a trip experience to reward your employees and surprise your spouse, parents or children.

Ideal situations for a Trip Gift Experience

  1. Assume your parents are retiring from their jobs and wondering what to do with their time. Isn’t that the perfect opportunity to gift them a trip, so that they can enjoy their newly found freedom from the daily dirge of work? You could buy them a new music system but it won’t have the same significance.
  2. Then, consider a newly married couple as potential gift recipients. A newly married couple is always looking for opportunities to be alone to celebrate their togetherness. Let a trip experience be your gift to them.
  3. A trip experience is a great idea for customers and clients too. It’s a generic enough gift and a nice gesture, when you consider that even your customers and clients need their vacation breaks. A trip experience certainly beats product discounts or a leather planner set as gifts!

How a Trip Experience works?

As the giver, all you have to do is purchase a Make My Trip gift card from Your recipient gets your gift card along with the terms of validity and your special message. Your gift recipient can book the entire trip through the travel site, including accommodation, tour packages, hotel to airport transfers, car rentals and so on. Your gift voucher covers the entire gamut of the travel experience, so there’s no need to separately arrange for any details.

Why a Trip Experience gift will be remembered ever after?

The beauty of this gift card is that your recipients can use it anytime within the validity period. There’s no rush. In the case of the wedded couple, they can complete their marriage formalities, get settled in and then cash in your trip experience gift card when they’re ready for honeymoon trip.  Isn’t that fabulous? Your gift recipients will remember your gift long after they have forgotten who gave them the crystal vase or the steel container set.


Best Occasions for a Gift Card!!

What’s the best occasion for a gift card? Will any occasion do or does it have to be something special? We’ve explored a few common and special occasions here to give you an idea.


A birthday is always special, to the birthday boy or girl and to their friends and family. A beautifully packaged gift card with all the power of choice and the flexibility it brings is the ideal gift choice for a birthday.


An anniversary, especially a wedding anniversary is an occasion for two people to celebrate their oneness and happiness. A gift card gives both people the opportunity to jointly shop for the product that they both like. Plus, a gift card liberates the giver’s need to personally select a common gift for both or two separate gifts for the couple.


Whether it’s one of the great festivals of India or a fun festival like Valentine’s Day, a gift card is the ideal option. Again, it’s about the recipient’s freedom of choice. It’s also about the opportunity to gift something expensive like jewelry for a festival. With a gift card, security is not a concern.

Life Achievements

Everyone has several special occasions, days on which specific achievements take place. Think of a job promotion, a graduation, a son or daughter’s first job and so on. Each occasion is perfect for a gift card, to let the recipient know how proud you are of their achievement.

Gift Cards as Business Gifts

Buying something for a business partner, client or loyal customer is always dicey. You want the gift to be impersonal, tasteful and yet professional. With a Woohoo gift card, you no longer have to worry about the appropriateness of your selection. You don’t have to worry about client satisfaction either! Your gift card gives them the freedom of choice, freeing you from all worries.


How does a Gift Card work?

We’ve all heard about using gift cards in lieu of gifts, but how do they work? What does one do to buy them and how are they redeemed? How smooth is the entire process?

The Sender buys the Gift Card

The gift sender logs on to the brand company’s site or the gift card site to purchase the card. He or she chooses a card denomination, provides the recipient’s address, a personal gift message and chooses whether to gift wrap the card or not.

The Gift Card company does most of the work

The gift card company issues a plastic gift card with a barcode at the back. The company loads the card with the denomination value paid for by the sender. The company then personalizes the gift package as specified by the sender, such as including a greeting card, a personal message, gift packing and so on. When all this is done, the gift card company couriers the gift card to the recipient’s address.

The Recipient receives the Gift Card

The recipient receives the card via courier, within 7 days of the date of purchase. All gift cards have specific terms of validity, which will be printed on the card. The recipient can redeem the card’s value on products, either from the brand’s online store or from the physical store.

There’s no limitation on the number of purchases the recipient can make on the card, as long as the purchases are within the card’s value. Some brands allow gift card recipients to recharge their cards with additional value and use them to buy more items and enjoy discounts and special offers. provides the most convenient online platform to send gift cards, vouchers and gift certificates across India.