How to Gift a Movie Experience?

As far as gifts go, people tend in terms of tangible items such as books, watches, music and so on. Gifting an experience is a unique gift option which is catching on nowadays. A gift experience can be anything – a meal, a trip, or a movie that’s covered by a gift voucher.

How the Movie-Gift-Experience works?

Your gift recipient will receive a beautifully packaged PVR Cinemas gift card, along with a personal message from you. The message makes the gift ultra special – you can squeeze in all your sentiments into it. The stylish gift package will contain a gift card with a unique barcode and magnetic strip. The value you’ve purchased will have been loaded on the card – all that your recipient has to do is swipe the card at the theater.

The package will also contain information on how the card can be used, along with the card’s validity. Your PVR gift card can be used not just to pay for the movie, but also to make purchases at the movie café. So, make it as generous a gift as possible to enable your recipients to enjoy themselves fully.

A Movie Experience can be a Great Gift!

For example, if your parents’ silver jubilee wedding anniversary is coming up, wouldn’t it be wonderful to gift them a great movie experience? Your parents can visit the theater, select the movie or movies that they want to watch, and enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. They can also enjoy in-theatre luxuries such as being served tidbits from the café, and order for snacks while watching the movie. They will remember their movie experience fondly every time they think of your gift. For you, it’s just a matter of purchasing the gift card online at

A Movie Experience is appropriate for anyone!

This is a great gift option even for corporate organizations, when it comes to gifting specific employees as part of employee reward schemes. Since it’s the gift recipient who chooses which movie to watch, a movie experience is an appropriate gift even for clients. Think of this option also for your customers, friends, and family members.

A Movie Experience is special, even as a generic gift!

A movie experience makes for a memorable gift that people always remember for the emotions it generates. Still, it is a generic gift, because what you’re gifting is the actual experience itself, and there’s nothing personal about that. The special aspect comes from what the experience means to the couple or group of friends who enjoy the movie. People quickly forget who gifted them which book or CD, but they don’t easily forget experiences.


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