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While it’s exciting to move to a new city, it can also be tiresome. Relocating to a different city poses a number of challenges to a couple. For one thing, they have to sort out where they’ll live, how they’ll commute, where to send kids to school, how to arrange for amenities and so on. These challenges will take some time to overcome. Be sure to support and cheer your friends with gifts that they can use in their new home!

Let your gifts help them furnish their new home

While relocating to a new city, it becomes necessary to get rid of several belongings and move with a lighter load. Most people need to buy new furniture for their new home. Your friends might be wondering where and how to buy new furnishings and home goods. If you know a bunch of their friends, you could all pool in and buy the relocating couple a gift card from The Home Stop, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Central or @Home. These are large shopping malls that sell every imaginable item of furnishing and home equipment one can want.

Gift them a well-deserved break!

Relocating to another city could be physically and mentally exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could gift your friends a short and nice trip or an experience to unwind, feel refreshed and good about the new possibilities that are in store for them? How about a gift voucher for a fine dining experience? You can choose a restaurant based on the couple’s favorite cuisine, such as Mainland China for Chinese, Spaghetti Kitchen for Italian, Oh! Calcutta for some Bengali cuisine or a host of other interesting options. Or, send them both to PVR Cinemas for a nice movie together. A nice and short weekend trip is also a great gift idea. You could pick a gift card from or

Gifts that won’t be misplaced

You like the idea of gifting them these gift cards, but fear they might happen to misplace the physical card in the whole process of packing, moving and unpacking? There’s a perfect workaround! You can gift all of this via the Woohoo App. This way your friends will receive your e-gift voucher on their mobiles and will not run the risk of losing it. Not just that. To make the gift even more special, you could personalize it with pictures of fond memories, a voice note or a text message.

You know they’ll thank you for your warm gesture!

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Farewell gift ideas for your friend, gift card, gift cards, gift voucher, gift vouchers, gifts, gift ideas, gifting, e gift cards, e gift voucher, farewell giftsYour friend is going abroad and you are caught in a bitter-sweet moment, bursting with pride on his achievement and, at the same time, feeling a sense of sadness that you would miss him dearly. Get him a farewell gift to celebrate this new phase in his life as he goes on to experience new places, things and adventures. Here are a few farewell gift ideas you might like to explore.

A nice and sturdy suitcase

Going abroad would call for suitcases in sizes that he might not currently possess. But how would you know the exact size and type of suitcase that would be a perfect for him? A good idea would be to get him a Shopper’s Stop or Lifestyle gift card, as that would give him the option of picking up exactly what he needs.

Good books to keep him company

Travelling overseas often demands long hours being spent at airports and on flights. It could get pretty boring if he has nothing to do to while away his time. In such times, books make good company and a perfect way to lose track of time. You could get him a Crossword, Amazon or Flipkart gift card so he could pick some books that have been on his “must-read” list for a while.

Ready-to-eat packets

Once he lands on foreign shores, there are lots of things he would miss and home food will certainly top the list. Yes! Comfort food is what he will need when he misses home. Get him a gift card from Spencer’s or Big Bazaar so that he could stock up on some ready-to-eat Indian food packets to take with him.


A different place would also mean a different climate he would have to brace. This could require him to buy now clothes in-keeping with the demands of the new place and climate. Get your friend a gift card from Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle or Central. He could go pick a nice jacket or shorts and shirts, depending on where he’s heading.

Miscellaneous needs

You know you want to gift him something useful for him but not too sure about exactly what he needs at the moment? No problem! You could just gift him a Woohoo gift card which he could use across a wide range of brands across different categories to get himself exactly what he wants. This way, both he and you would be happy you gifted him a farewell gift that is useful and not something he would have had to leave behind.

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Gift the latest technological devices from Croma, gift card, gift cards, gift voucher, gift vouchers, gifts, gift ideas, gifting, e gift cards, e gift voucher, croma gift card, croma gift voucher

Croma is a techno-lover’s paradise, with a huge range of consumer electronics and durables. India hadn’t seen the likes of Croma before it was launched by Infiniti Retail Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Group. Croma offers an impressive range of over 6000 products across eight categories. The list is growing every day, but currently encompasses everything from smartphones, to high-tech cameras, computers, home appliances and entertainment consoles.

Croma for the discerning techno-lover

If you have a friend with a huge collection of various techno products, you cannot please him or her easily with your selection. Croma with its unbelievable range of products and great ambience makes your job easy. Making things easier is, from where you can quickly and easily buy a Croma gift voucher for any value you choose. Your job is done right there – Woohoo takes care of the rest including special packaging and prompt delivery.

The Croma experience

When your friend receives the gift card, take the opportunity to visit your nearest Croma store along with him or her. You’ll be extremely impressed by the sheer size, range and the wonderful ambience of this store. You will find the latest technology from top brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba and many others here.
Helpful store assistants guide you to the product you want. The entire process of checking out a range of products and making your final selection takes very little time, due to the seamless customer experience at Croma. The store chain has also earned the “Most Admired Retailer” award for four years in a row for its dedication to enabling a hassle-free shopping experience for customers. That’s not an easy feat by anyone’s standards.


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The greatest treasure any child can get

Oprah Winfrey, the world-famous US talk host who gifted a trunkful of her favorite children’s books to Beyonce’s new baby, Blue Ivy. In this trunk are books that Oprah has loved all her life, and has encouraged her own children to read and pass on. She didn’t send the baby a gold necklace; she didn’t send her a set of expensive toys. She sent the baby what she knows is the very best treasure of all: stories!

A treasure beyond compare

Books are gifts that entertain and enlighten. They also guide our children to do the right thing when we’re no longer around to guide them. Most people love books; and those who don’t read books, love to hear stories from the ones who do. Even those people, who never learnt to read, eagerly watch theatrical depictions of their favorite stories. Knowledge finds a way to become known, one way or the other.

Gift your child the pleasure of reading

When your son’s or daughter’s birthday comes around this year, get a gift voucher from, Oxford Book Store, Sapna Book Store or Landmark from Each one of these top stores has a wide collection of books covering a wide range of subjects. It’ll be the best gift for your growing or grown-up child. If your children are small yet, accompany them to the store and help them select the kind of books that will keep them busy for hours. Plus the shopping, will be surely be, a fun day-out for the parent and the child!!


How to Gift a Movie Experience?

As far as gifts go, people tend in terms of tangible items such as books, watches, music and so on. Gifting an experience is a unique gift option which is catching on nowadays. A gift experience can be anything – a meal, a trip, or a movie that’s covered by a gift voucher.

How the Movie-Gift-Experience works?

Your gift recipient will receive a beautifully packaged PVR Cinemas gift card, along with a personal message from you. The message makes the gift ultra special – you can squeeze in all your sentiments into it. The stylish gift package will contain a gift card with a unique barcode and magnetic strip. The value you’ve purchased will have been loaded on the card – all that your recipient has to do is swipe the card at the theater.

The package will also contain information on how the card can be used, along with the card’s validity. Your PVR gift card can be used not just to pay for the movie, but also to make purchases at the movie café. So, make it as generous a gift as possible to enable your recipients to enjoy themselves fully.

A Movie Experience can be a Great Gift!

For example, if your parents’ silver jubilee wedding anniversary is coming up, wouldn’t it be wonderful to gift them a great movie experience? Your parents can visit the theater, select the movie or movies that they want to watch, and enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. They can also enjoy in-theatre luxuries such as being served tidbits from the café, and order for snacks while watching the movie. They will remember their movie experience fondly every time they think of your gift. For you, it’s just a matter of purchasing the gift card online at

A Movie Experience is appropriate for anyone!

This is a great gift option even for corporate organizations, when it comes to gifting specific employees as part of employee reward schemes. Since it’s the gift recipient who chooses which movie to watch, a movie experience is an appropriate gift even for clients. Think of this option also for your customers, friends, and family members.

A Movie Experience is special, even as a generic gift!

A movie experience makes for a memorable gift that people always remember for the emotions it generates. Still, it is a generic gift, because what you’re gifting is the actual experience itself, and there’s nothing personal about that. The special aspect comes from what the experience means to the couple or group of friends who enjoy the movie. People quickly forget who gifted them which book or CD, but they don’t easily forget experiences.


Gifts that Go Beyond Money

When we think of birthday gifts, a framed picture, a vase or something generic comes to our mind. But when famous celebrities gift each other, they sometimes think in terms of huge high end cars costing tens of thousands of dollars.

A Customized Dodge Ram Truck

Jennifer Lopez (42-year-old divorced Hollywood celebrity, pop music sensation and movie star) gifted a customized white Dodge Ram truck to her 25-year-old boyfriend, backup dancer Casper Smart, on his birthday. A regular Dodge Ram truck costs about 30,000 USD, but with customizations and the works, Jennifer Lopez seems to have blown a cool 50,000 USD on her boyfriend’s birthday. It did not end there; the present was followed by an intimate dinner party at a famous Italian restaurant in Hollywood, where she piled more gifts on her man. Jennifer Lopez demonstrates her love in the only way she knows – by heaping gifts and spending time with her loved one!

But Gifting is Not Always about Money Spent

It’s not about the money you spend, but the quality of the brands you gift that makes a difference. can make your loved one’s birthday special with a variety of gifting options that you had not thought of before. When your loved one’s birthday rolls by this year, get her a gift card from Satya Paul for a customized, grand designer outfit that she can wear to any major occasion. To make her day perfect, give her a gift card from Mainland China for a romantic birthday dinner. A giftcard from PVRCinemas for a romantic late night movie will be just the right touch to the best night of her life. The right kind and combinations of gifts, with lots of feeling, can sometimes outshine even the most expensive gifts that money can buy.