Gift a Fabulous Travel Experience with Thomas Cook Gift Cards

thomas cookKnow someone in your friends and family circle who is a workaholic? Someone who has not taken a vacation break in a long time? Or Someone who thinks that a vacation means going far away, travelling a lot and getting more exhausted? Then, what could be a more perfect gift for him or her, than a travel gift card from Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook India is one of the leading online travel management companies helping travellers to book international and Indian holiday packages, hotels and flight tickets online.

As the giver, all you need to do is send a Thomas Cook e-giftthomas cook gift card card from Your recipient gets your e-gift card instantly along with the terms of validity and your special message. Your gift recipient can easily redeem this e gift card for domestic or international holidays. It will also allow the recipient to book hotels and flights. Your Thomas Cook e gift card covers the entire gamut of the travel experience.

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7 Housewarming Gifts That Only Add Clutter To A New Home!

housewarming gift

It’s true that 9 out of 10 well-meant housewarming gifts will only add clutter to homes. Check out this list of 7 gifts that fall into that category. Have you bought one of these gifts at some point for a loved one for their housewarming?

1. That Unavoidable Dinner Set!
Honestly, doesn’t every home already have a dinner set? Some families have more than one, with a special dinner set tucked away for occasions. Can you imagine what it’s be like when 4 or 5 guests gift dinner sets as housewarming gifts? How many dinner sets can a family use in a lifetime?

2. Kitchen Crockery
Most families already own a reasonable set of kitchen crockery. Even if they don’t, they would probably prefer to select the pieces they want. Your well-meant gift of crockery items will be appreciated, but will most likely be relegated to the attic or gifted to someone else.

3. The Picture Frame That No One Wants
Many people get picture frames as housewarming gifts – these are sometimes hung on walls no one notices, or put away. Seldom are these picture frames actually placed in an area of prominence. Why waste money on a gift that will not be appreciated the way you intended it to be?

4. Storage Boxes
Many new home owners carefully select their storage boxes according to their home décor theme. So unless you are in tune with the planned décor and buy the exact boxes the homemaker wants, your gift will only add to the home’s clutter.

5. Linen
Homemakers choose linen according to their home décor theme. Gift them linen that clashes with their chosen theme and it’s usually tucked away where it’s not visible. Surely you want a better fate for your expensive housewarming gift?

6. Art Décor Items
That statuette of the dancing girl might seem exotic to you but your recipient might find it tacky, even embarrassing. You probably spent hours in a fancy shop looking for a pretty art décor piece. Did you ever imagine that your gift will never see the light of the day?

7. Flower Arrangements
Nothing adds clutter to a home as too many flower arrangements. Why spend a great deal of money on something that’ll fade in a few days and will not add value to your friend’s home? Surely you can do better than that?

Move away from the traditional housewarming gift

housewarming gift card
So, what is that perfect housewarming gift? Opt for gift cards or e-gift cards and leave the gift choice to your friends and spare them the expensive clutter. These days, you can buy gift cards from top brands including huge department store brands. Go ahead, give them the power of the choice and sit back, knowing your gift will be used, appreciated and loved!

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4 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Workaholic

gifts for workaholics

If we asked you to pick a gift for a workaholic buddy, what comes to mind? No, no! Not a whip or anything weird like that! Yup, you want to give your distracted buddy a jolly good jolt, but do it in such a way that the message gets across. Workaholics Day is coming up, on 5th July. So, get those creative juices flowing. We’ve a bunch of gift ideas for your workaholic pal that you’re just going to love!

1. Stress Buster Candle Lights

Your workaholic pal won’t take time to light real candles, so get the battery-operated ones that never go out. They’re delightfully scented too – we recommend eucalyptus or spearmint fragrance for stress busting. Not sure if he’ll like the fragrance you pick? Just gift him a Flipkart e-gift card and let him choose one!

2. Box Of Gourmet Cookies

Here’s the thing – even workaholics need to eat. But they often forget this very important task. It’s the darn chair – it simply doesn’t want to let them go. Point out gently that a large box of gourmet cookies will be just the thing to keep those hunger pangs at bay, and present a Big Bazaar e-gift card. Listen to the grateful crunch, crunch of cookies being demolished one by one. How about that for live appreciation, huh?

3. Grouchy Bear Mug

Gift your office-dwelling mate a personalized mug with a grouchy bear’s image on it. Every time your buddy drinks coffee, they’ll see the bear and know who it refers to. Knows he’s been neglecting you. Not able to find a grouchy bear mug? Never mind – just send your pal a Café Coffee Day e-gift card and let him or her choose a cool mug for coffee!

4. Potted Plants

Ooh, we see you’re looking strangely at us. What! Deliver lovely potted plants to a workaholic who’ll never water them? No! A succulent, such as a cactus, does not need to be watered. A cute little cactus will bring some greenery in your boring busy buddy’s life – maybe it’ll even cheer him or her up a bit and you can reap the rewards. Not sure which succulent will be nice on his desk? Just send him an Amazon e-gift card with a personal note saying you’d like him to pick a lovely succulent for his desk. Job done!

The Best Gift for the Workacholic

It’s really nice that we’re having a special day for workaholics. Let’s make it extra special for them this year. If you are not sure what your workaholic colleague is going to like, just buy a Woohoo e-gift card; he or she can just go crazy buying a gift card from the 100+ brands on It’ll get delivered to your buddy’s email inbox in a second. It’s like an instant gift! No hassle, no worries and no stressing over which gift to buy. Could you ask for more?