Ganesh Chaturthi and Onam celebrations with #WoohooClickAPic contest

We ran the #WoohooClickAPic contest on Instagram wherein our fans were encouraged to share pictures of their celebrations with their friends and family on Ganesh Chaturthi and Onam. The winners of the contest bagged gift cards from Woohoo. We were also overwhelmed to receive detailed descriptions of how people celebrated the two festivals – some highlighted the eco-friendly aspects of their celebrations while some shared the good feeling and the festive mood. Sharing a few of them here…


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This year we have welcomed bappa in an eco-friendly way. We got an eco-friendly Ganu Bappa idol made from entire coconut and its outer shell. I have prepared his favourite Modaks, Ladoos and special Naivedyam. We created simple and sober decoration made from leaves and flowers. Its fresh fragrance and natural look added a unique divine charm. The biodegradable items like flowers, leaves, garlands will be used for preparing compost by mixing with the soil which will help to fertilize the garden. We will perform a symbolic immersion by sprinkling water on Ganesh idol and place it in the Puja Ghar instead of immersing it in water bodies and creating harm to the environment. I also plan to use the same idol next year. For me, celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi is not about how big your idol is or how expensive your decoration is. It is not about a display of wealth or showing off. Rather, it is about the religious sentiments, emotions and feelings in your heart. One should celebrate and enjoy the festival without causing damage to the environment. The nature of our future depends on the future of our nature. So let us all respect the nature and pledge to celebrate it in an eco-friendly manner.


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Ganpati Bappa Morya……This is really a special festival for me and I am damn excited for this. I made Ganesha at home from unbaked clay. I put my handmade chotu Ganpati too in my mandir. I used clothes to decorate the pandal. Just like in Holi we are advised to refrain from chemical colors, even for Ganpati one needs to refrain from using ‘unhealthy colors’. Go for organic and natural colours and our Bappa will still look as beautiful. Instead of electric bulbs I used diyas to save some energy. Visarjan is very difficult for any Ganesh devotee and we all want to give him the best farewell, but our cherished deity would love if we spare a serious thought for our marine life and have a small scale immersion in a small pond or a small container, to save as much water as possible! Bappa’s happiness lies in keeping his beings happy and that include even those living in the water! I’m really going to save my environment with these steps. Hope my bappa will like my efforts and always shower his blessings upon me. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all.


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We Celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi at home every year and our celebrations include decorating Lord Ganesha’s idol, Preparing Modak & this year, for a change, I made Kaju Modak and even created Rangoli. I created my eco-friendly Ganesha (which is made of sugar) with a wish that Lord Ganesha brings lots of sweetness in everyone’s lives, removing all obstacles in living a peaceful life. Lord Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and the deva of intellect and wisdom. As the god of beginnings, he is honoured at the start of rituals and ceremonies. For me, I have full trust in my Vighnaharta who will remove not only my obstacles both of material and spiritual order but for everyone who believes in his mighty Powers. Lord Ganesha is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent and I really pray that our planet becomes a Greener Planet and becomes disease free. We humans are facing challenges in our lives of not only severe weather changes but frequent natural calamities like floods, tsunamis, tornado and newer diseases like Zica, Chikunguniya and dengue which are claiming lives of innocent people and I really pray that Lord Ganesha gives us the guidance and wit to not cut trees rampantly for constructing endless buildings that is major reason of ecological imbalance. Also, I pray that Lord Ganesha empowers human beings to develop vaccinations at the earliest for all these deadly diseases so no one loses his life due to unavailability of these. Lastly, I just summarize my prayer as “Dearest Lord Ganesha, Our Vighnaharta, You are Omnipresent, Omniscient & Omnipotent & we all pray to you to remove all obstacles that stop we humans to lead a peaceful life with your supreme powers guide us to shine bright. Guide us to keep our planet green and every innocent human free of fright. Remove all the hatred in this world and empowering us to fight every battle of life.”


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I think pollution is our vighna for our life so I made eco-friendly Chocolate Ganeshji. My Ganpati Celebrations completely Eco-Friendly. I made Chocolate Ganpati for Ganesh celebration. I used Mawa, Coco powder & sugar powder. I made home made Ganesha & his little mouse of Chocolate, Chocolate Modak which is totally eco-friendly. I didn’t use any chemical colour. (y) ?? My Intention to make Chocolate Ganpati is that it has nutritious value as there is cocoa & milk there is no Pollution. I gave 1st preference to home-made materials. I used very few ready made things. Home made things pave me to my creativity. I already planned to make prasad like Modak, Laddo which give me purity. Daily I will draw flower rangoli with made up of mango leaves and flower. Beside that I made Ganpati Rangoli on old record player which is made of Sea Shells. I like to play Ganesh Celebration “ATHARVASHIRSH” and “Ganesh Shuti” on my dvd player and read “ATHARVASHIRSH” every morning and evening and lighting essence stick (dhopp). And also made eco-friendly mango leaves festoon (it’s called toran) for my house, to hang on my front door, decorate the walls with electric lighting.

My wish to Lord Ganesha- <3 “May Ganesha Spread tonnes of happiness, may Bappa expel the monster of epidemic diseases like Dengue, Maleriya. Every girl child get safe atmosphere and children get enough food, education. No Child Labour. Every soul get wings of courage, concept of Eco-friendly should take root so that our mother earth remains safe.” I made Ganesh Pot of Milk and distributed that milk as Prasad to all the children, family & friends. Everyone should think about “GO ECO-FRIENDLY & GO GREEN KEEP GREEN” otherwise we will face destruction of our own mankind. This is the need of the hour, so make a move accordingly. So Bolo “Ganapati Bappa Morya Mangal Murti Morya”. <3 🙂







#WoohooDiaries 1

By Prashant Jain

My favourite teacher is my boarding school in-charge sir, Sunil sir. He is not on Facebook but in my heart and pictures 🙂

I was among few fortunate students to find a golden heart teacher in a boarding school.

I still remember when I was new to boarding school, crying and missing my parents a lot , he came and hugged me and said “Don’t cry child. For your bright future your parents have kept you in a boarding school. Just study with your full heart and make them proud. Here, we are your family!”

He used to take care of boarding as well as teach math.

He is gentleman with a penchant for the well timed joke!!!

I was the only science student in boarding. Others were all day scholars. So I found it difficult to understand physics. Once I had my first physics test. I was tensed and nervous and literally broke down. He sensed my problem. When I told him I was not understanding physics chapters, he gave me special tuitions after school hours and I was amazed to see how knowledgeable he was. Being a math teacher he had very good hold on physics topics too! He made my concepts crystal clear in 2 days and I scored very well in the test. J

His humanity and his choice to share it taught me that a good person who does a good job does not have to be in inaccessible or perfect, that life is both brilliant and disappointing, that it can be successfully navigated and that every day is an opportunity.

His looks match his heart. He was simply exquisite inside out. They say it takes a big heart to grow little minds and this is what inspires me. He taught me from his heart and not from books. He is best because he brought out the best in me. He was like a fatherly figure to me. During our boards exams he used to prepare fruit juice for all the 12th hostel boys. And I can’t forget his Maggie. Though it was not allowed in boarding school he used to still cook it for our gang sometimes J

After my 12th final exam when I was leaving boarding school after 10 long years, he had tears in his eyes 🙁 I still meet him whenever I go to boarding school.

Thank you, Sir

For acting like a father and friend,

Finding time to teach me

Chapters hard to comprehend,

Thank you for your caring nature

Which made me a responsible creature,

Teaching me what is wrong and right

Infused my life with motivation, energy and pure light,

Refined my talent and skill

Gave wings to my dreams to fulfill!!!

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By Sujata Biswas

My story is all about an inspiring teacher and also my mother-in-law. It is an unusual school in an unusual location and is also run by an unusual teacher.

She left her high school job in the city and joined a primary school in a village for the enlistment of the unprivileged girl students. In her school she teaches students from the nearby village and slums. A cheerful, positive and encouraging lady, who donated the entire amount she got during her retirement for establishment of the school’s 1st library and the welfare of her school.

She always says that these children are very talented. They just need support and guidance. If they are given the same opportunities and facilities like mainstream kids, they too can do wonders.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to get her as a teacher in my school but as the best mom-in-law, she has taught me the valuable lessons of Life. I thank her every day for that.

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These stories, shared by our dear Woohoo fans, are part of the #WoohooDiaries series. If these stories inspire you (as much as they inspired us to launch this series) or if they remind you of someone you’d like thank, say hello or just send a note to, we at Woohoo would be more than happy to be the medium for your message. To send personalized little e-gift cards / e-notes to them via an SMS, Whatsapp or email, click here. If you’d prefer to have a physical gift card delivered to them, visit us at






Woohoo! Aaj Sab Ko Happy Karein

The Ethnic Day celebrations at Woohoo not just displayed the excellent team work and great camaraderie, but it was also a showcase of the creative excellence and vibrant spirit possessed by each of us here at Woohoo. This poem by one of our team members, Ratnakar Baggi (Director – Program Management and Solutioning), aptly conveys the Woohoo spirit of yesterday, today and always.

Immersed in the festivities of the day
As a team we indulged in a colourful launch today
Reds, yellows, purples, whites strewn on the floor
Neatly folded into designs and patterns
Along we brought sweets and smiles galore.
Our faces resplendent, souls playful and gay,
Aaj sab ko Happy Karein!

The creation has just started,
While the friendships are cementing,
All of us need our share of love,
Which is the reason we believe in gifting,
Is the giver generous by heart?
Or the recipient greater, for accepting.
Find your hidden gift today!
Aaj sab ko Happy Karein!

There are more goals to achieve
Milestones to cross, targets to surpass,
Let us sharpen our actions to shoot arrows from the quiver,
Stay sure footed and yet so nimble as quick silver,
We have collective dreams to achieve
Stretch beyond the horizon to find our way
Aaj sab ko Happy Karein!



Birthday gift ideas for your roommate on his birthday

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He’s your Friday night beer-buddy, and he’s the one who does your laundry when you forget it. You burn the rotis and he makes the daal too thin, but he’s the one you cook with. He’s the one who tells your mom on the phone that you’re busy at work when you don’t want to be disturbed. There’s so much you do with your roommate – so how do you plan to make his birthday special for him this year?

Gift him a gift card

You know your roommate best – his little hobbies, his likes, dislikes and the things he collects. So what’s he into? Music? Mobile phones? Stylish and funky watches, sunglasses, and belts? Perhaps less funky, but classic and stylish watches? Sportswear, sports shoes and sports equipment? Evaluate his latest passion and buy him a gift card from the right brand.

For those stylish watches and sunglasses, Fastrack is your best bet. For the latest mobiles and smartphones, you could get him a gift card from Croma, E-zone or The Mobile Store. If he’s more of the elegant, gentlemanly type who likes classic, stylish watches, think in terms of Helios and Titan. If he’s a sports freak, you cannot do better than Puma, or Nike gift cards.

If you want to make his birthday gift more personal, you can gift him instant e-gift vouchers with the Woohoo app – to which you could add your selfies, pictures of the fun times you’ve had together, a voice note and text.

Basically, all you need to know is what he likes. Buying the right card takes only seconds!




#MyWoohooTeacher contest winners

The #MyWoohooTeacher contest that ran for about a week on Woohoo’s Facebook page saw heartfelt messages pouring in from across the country. Students (young and old) expressed their gratitude towards their teachers. #MyWoohooTeacher, Teacher's Day,

Here are two of the winning posts from the #MyWoohooTeacher contest.

Simar Chugh:

#MyWoohooTeacher #TeachersDay @WoohooGifting

Teacher is a light that shows us the right path for our bright future. She is a guiding force to make us excel in everything we do. She keeps on motivating and encouraging us throughout our learning period. My English teacher Harvinder Kaur was a real gem. I feel great to be taught by her. She always used newer methods to explain various topics to me. She taught all of her students to work extremely hard to earn the grades that they received. She never hesitates to listen to problems of the students and she is always ready to help anyone at any time. I feel she resembles a candle which consumes itself to light the way for others. She taught me many values and nurtured many virtues which I cherish till date. Thanks for instilling great values during my formative years. I remember you often. Thanks for being there.

Ishani Dhar Dutta:

#MyWoohooTeacher #TeachersDay @WoohooGifting

My favorite teacher, Ira Gayen, is the best teacher in this world. Wherever I go in my life I will always remember that I have excellent leadership as a teacher – you. I found the manual, friendship, discipline and love, all rolled into one. Without you, I would have been lost. THANKS for guiding me, inspiring me and making me what I am today.
I will always be grateful for all the hard work and effort that you put in the field of education for me. You are a friend, philosopher and guide, all formed in one person.
Her lessons were extremely interesting. She was efficient and absolutely fascinating with her lovely personality. She made every student feel like one of her own. She shaped my destiny and gave me confidence. She encourages us to ask questions so that we may be able to understand the subject well. She never loses patience with those students who take long to grasp the subject. She is a great combination of kindness and strictness.

She is courteous to her colleagues and the principal of the school. I have never seen lose her temper. She makes me love going to school. She is an ideal teacher and a good role model. She always used to make the class laugh and she always had everyone’s attention. I don’t ever remember a single time when she had to tell anyone to be quiet. All the students had a natural respect for her.

Aapse hi sikha, aapse hi jaana, Aap hi ko humne guru hai maana, Sikha hai sab kuch aapse humne, Kalam ka matlab aapse hai jaana.

Thank You so much for being with me in every path of my Life like a Supportive backbone…I love you and Miss you for all the difficult MATH Calculations.




Some Fabulous Ideas For Teacher’s Day Gifts!

Teachers strive all year to drill knowledge, ethics and good behaviour into young minds. They’re seldom rewarded for their efforts. Make them feel special on their special day. Whether you’ve got a child in school or if you want to thank an old teacher, do it on Teacher’s Day with a thoughtful gift.

teachers day gifts

How About Some New-Age, Jazzy Electronics?

Is your old lecturer refusing to join the latest electronic craze, preferring to use his old typewriter? Time to introduce him to how things are done in the 22nd century, then. Get him the latest smartphone, tablet or computer in gratitude for his years of service to you. You might need to become the teacher for a while but it will be well worth it. Brands such as Croma, eZone, Amazon or Flipkart offer a wide range of choices.

How About Some Fashion?

Teachers tend to forget about shopping for themselves sometimes, preferring to wear out their class attire. It’ll be a nice change for your teacher to shop for a little fashion. Consider gifting your favourite teacher apparel from brands such as Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop or Marks & Spencer.

How About Some Recreational Stuff?

Teachers love books – after all books are their tools of trade! Consider a gift of great books from Sapna Book House, Crossword, Flipkart, Amazon and other brands. While you’re at it, maybe a few great classic movies will also be great as gifts. Consider some music CDs as well – inspirational music by great sings and instrumentalists would be a good idea.

How About Some Well-Earned Relaxation?

A whole year passes by without much respite for teachers. Treat your favourite teachers to a day of pampering at Lakme Salon or Four Fountains Spa. Let your teachers relax and go through a makeover. They’ll thank you from the bottom of their hearts!

How About Some Heath Stuff?

Stress is not good for anyone and we all know that teachers earn more than their share of stress. Consider gifting goodies from Himalaya to your teachers. Himalaya stocks organically-created vitamins and hair and body care products. Go ahead; let your teachers beat the stress with some organic goodies.

It’s Your Turn To Empower Your Teachers

Your teachers have spent years trying to empower you to be braver, bolder and smarter. Today, you can empower them with gift cards, e-gift cards and gift vouchers from top brands. Let them experience some great shopping picking out the things they like from the brands you choose. Go ahead, empower them. It’s your turn now!

(Post updated on 1st Sept, 2016)