Gifting Exclusive Perfumes

David Beckham, the celebrity football star, and his wife Victoria Beckham have a long tradition of buying each other expensive gifts. This time, it was wife Victoria’s turn to break the record and gift husband David Beckham the world’s most exclusive cologne. Clive Christian No: 1 is considered the world’s most expensive perfume costing over 2,000 USD for an ounce. But that was not exclusive enough for Victoria. She specially commissioned a one-of-a-kind bottle of Clive Christian for her husband made in crystal and diamond. It took 6 months to produce this fragrance, and it is estimated that the cost of this exquisite gift was well over  50, 000 USD.


If exquisite fragrances are what you are planning to gift your spouse, parents, brother, sister or friends; then probably a gift card is your best bet to make a good impression. offers gift cards from a host of high end malls like Central, Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle, who stock the most sought after fragrances from all over the world. With top of the range brands like Boss, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Davidoff, Escada, Ferrari, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Lacoste, Mont Blanc, Nina Ricci, Playboy, Prada, Ralph Lauren or Versace, anybody will be spoilt for choice in the perfumes section of these malls. The gift cards offer the added advantage where your loved one can visit the store, whiff a range of perfumes and select the one most suitable to his/her sense of style and comfort.



Gifts that Stand the Test of Time

Have you heard of any gift of love that has passed on for generations, been coveted by many, sold at many auctions and is now in the hands of renowned collectors the world over? One great example of such a magnificently crafted heirloom piece is the famed Faberge Egg.

No Ordinary Easter Egg For The Queen

Tsar Alexander III, the Emperor of Imperial Russia, was very much in love with his beloved queen, the Empress Maria Fedorovna. It was his habit to gift her a decorated Easter egg every year. However, in 1885, to commemorate their 20th wedding anniversary, he commissioned the first golden Faberge Egg. The egg was crafted from gold, with an opaque enameled white shell that opened to reveal a golden yolk. The yolk opens again to reveal a colorful gold hen, which reveals a miniature replica of the Imperial Crown.
Even after Tsar Alexander III’s death, his son continued to gift the queen a golden Faberge Egg every year. Over 50 eggs were made, most of which are in private possession, still just as beautiful, standing the test of time.

Gifts in gold and diamond are truly everlasting

When it comes to a family heirloom, nothing can beat a fabulously crafted creation of gold and diamonds. Think of fine gold, diamond and multi-gem jewelry from D’damas, Gitanjali, Asmi and Tanishq. Pamper your wife every year with a new creation that she would love to possess – a diamond necklace this year, matching earrings next year, a fabulous bracelet the year after. Create your own gifting tradition with gift cards from these high-end unique brands.  Gift cards will also give her the freedom of choice to select items that will last the test of time. Let your gifting tradition also bring much joy for generations to come.



Jazz Up your Kitchen with Woohoo!, I am writing this letter to tell you how you’ve changed my life for the better. I am a homemaker, and a very diligent one at that. I am very particular about the brand, looks and durability of my kitchen utensils. I wish I could spend a lot of money on my kitchen, but my husband always steers me away from such shopping.

Then My Birthday Rolled Around

My husband asked me if I’d like jewelry, or maybe a new dress or a silk saree for my birthday. My mind was still hung up on my kitchen; so I told him that I would love to refresh our kitchen with new things of high utility value. I saw him frown at my response and decided not to pursue the topic. After all, it takes a good amount of money to buy several things for the kitchen and replace outdated items. It’s not as simple as buying a silk saree.

Kitchen Stuff Galore!

On the day of my birthday, my husband surprised me with a beautiful package from Guess what? It contained two gift cards, both for generous amounts, from TTK Prestige and Home Stop. I pestered my husband till he told me the whole story. Apparently, my husband, my in-laws, my parents and my siblings had decided to pool in to buy me a ‘joint’ birthday gift. So instead of sarees this birthday, I had a fabulous amount to spend on all the pots, pans and kitchen stuff that I needed!

I bought the latest cookers, pans, pots, non-stick cookware, ladles and fabulous kitchen appliances and designer cookware from TTK Prestige & Home Stop.  My kitchen looks great now, just the way I wanted it to be. I couldn’t be happier!

– Seema Pradhan, New Delhi


Gift Cards are the Way to Go!

I am the black sheep in my family. Many events and momentous occasions come and go, but I never have a suitable gift with me.  Some people are so good at planning what gifts to buy for a particular occasion and what gifts would suit a particular personality. I lack the talent and time to think and browse for suitable gift options for the special people in my life.

The Only One Without A Gift

I got so caught up at work all of last week that I completely forgot that it was my sister’s birthday yesterday. I went to wish her and felt like an absolute loser as she stared at my empty hands. That was when I decided it was time to do something about my lack of gifting ideas.

Why did I Never Think Of Gift Cards Before?

A friend sent me the link for and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s the simplest and the grandest solution to my ‘gift handicap’!  Now I buy gift cards in advance from over 100 top-of-the-line brands on I can get the cards delivered at my home and present them proudly with personalized messages (no more empty hands, hurrah!).

For my sister who loves diamond jewelry, it’s a Tanishq gift card. For my mother, it’s an YLG Salon & Spa card for a day of pampering and a Fastrack card for my brother who loves cool and funky accessories. For my father, who’s a dedicated bookworm, a gift card from Flipkart does the trick. You should see the smiles on their faces! Suddenly, I am the most popular one in the family! Thank you for making gifting so easy, Woohoo!

– Surabhi Singh, Bangalore


A Unique Way to Say Thank You!

I was caught in a painful quandary. I’d just been informed that I had to leave for the US in just one week on a critical, long-term assignment. I had to pay bills, run last minute errands, pack and get my travel documents ready. One week was just not enough to wind up things at one place and start afresh somewhere else.

Time Was The Essence

I had no time to connect with my friends and family and thank them for everything they had done for me. There was no time to buy any gifts. So many people to thank, my neighbor, who had kindly offered to take care of my dog Ranger; my mom and dad and sister – the list was endless.

A Few Minutes Online Was All It Took

A helpful colleague suggested buying gifts from . I really couldn’t see how an online gift certificate store was going to help, but I gave it a try anyway. It turned out to be a wonderful experience! There were so many brands to choose from, besides free special packaging and delivery.

The Best Was Yet To Come

A gift card, even from a great brand, is still an impersonal gift. How do I make it personal? As I started ordering, I realized that one could actually add a personal message with the cards! Problem solved! I gleefully typed messages of love and thank you to everyone – words of gratitude that came from my heart.  It took all of 20 minutes to complete the order. lightened the load on my heart! Thank you, for this amazing site!

– Samata Reddy – Hyderabad


Happy Mother’s Day with Woohoo!

It’s tough to find the right gift for my mother. She has such excellent taste and already owns so many beautiful things that I am never sure what to gift her. For Mother’s Day this year, I wanted to get her something that would make a difference; something that she would treasure and always remember with a smile.

Why Not Gift An Experience?

The other day, I overheard my mother talking to our neighbor, telling her how absolutely stressed she was. When I overheard this, I thought why not gift her the stress buster she desperately needs? After much deliberation, I bought her a generous gift card from YLG Salon & Spa from, for a full day of luxurious spa treatment.

No time to Visit

I usually courier my mother’s gifts; and this time, I again opted for direct delivery from Work is always my excuse for not visiting. My mother never complains about me not visiting and I thought she understood my work constraints. I didn’t bother to find out.


On Mother’s Day, my doorbell rang and there was a surprise package for me from W for a day at YLG Salon & Spa. There was a one-line message from my mother along with my card that said, ‘Happy Mother’s Day to you too’. With these words, my mother made me feel really good about my motherhood! That day, my mother and I had a fabulous time soaking in the luxurious manicures, head massages, pedicures, facials and new hairdos together at the YLG Salon & Spa. We spent quality time together and had a great time, all thanks to this cute way of gifting from!

– Ashley Mathew, Pune


Gifts that Go Beyond Money

When we think of birthday gifts, a framed picture, a vase or something generic comes to our mind. But when famous celebrities gift each other, they sometimes think in terms of huge high end cars costing tens of thousands of dollars.

A Customized Dodge Ram Truck

Jennifer Lopez (42-year-old divorced Hollywood celebrity, pop music sensation and movie star) gifted a customized white Dodge Ram truck to her 25-year-old boyfriend, backup dancer Casper Smart, on his birthday. A regular Dodge Ram truck costs about 30,000 USD, but with customizations and the works, Jennifer Lopez seems to have blown a cool 50,000 USD on her boyfriend’s birthday. It did not end there; the present was followed by an intimate dinner party at a famous Italian restaurant in Hollywood, where she piled more gifts on her man. Jennifer Lopez demonstrates her love in the only way she knows – by heaping gifts and spending time with her loved one!

But Gifting is Not Always about Money Spent

It’s not about the money you spend, but the quality of the brands you gift that makes a difference. can make your loved one’s birthday special with a variety of gifting options that you had not thought of before. When your loved one’s birthday rolls by this year, get her a gift card from Satya Paul for a customized, grand designer outfit that she can wear to any major occasion. To make her day perfect, give her a gift card from Mainland China for a romantic birthday dinner. A giftcard from PVRCinemas for a romantic late night movie will be just the right touch to the best night of her life. The right kind and combinations of gifts, with lots of feeling, can sometimes outshine even the most expensive gifts that money can buy.



My Fabulous Housewarming!

I owe the grand success of the housewarming ceremony of my new house to gift cards from my friends! Here’s how it all happened. My husband and I had borrowed heavily from several banks to build our new house; but alas, we didn’t have the budget to decorate it as per our choice before the grand opening.

What would My Friends Say

All my friends knew how much I loved to decorate my house. I desperately longed to buy all those lovely things that would transform our four walls into a home. I was feeling sad that I couldn’t beautify my house before the housewarming. It was then that my best friend came over and asked if she could help with the function. She saw that I was upset and asked me about it. Of course I couldn’t hide my feelings from her and told her exactly why I was sad. She said nothing, and was soon on her way after tea.

It Was A Really Unexpected Surprise

With three weeks to go before the housewarming, it was a pleasant surprise when I received a beautiful package from It contained several gift cards from brands such as Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Central and Home Stop. I was taken aback, because gifts are traditionally handed over on the day of the function. I suspected that my best friend was behind this and called her.

I was right! She had gotten all our friends together to organize an ‘advance housewarming gift’ for me. The two of us went shopping and picked up the most beautiful handicrafts, carpets, side tables, paintings and vases for my new house. I no longer felt sad as my house was decked up like a bride on the day of the housewarming, just the way I wanted it to be! I am the happiest homemaker in the world, thanks to my friends and gift cards from!

– Lakshmi Iyer, Bangalore


A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Do you ever wonder if gifts are just gifts, or if you can use gifts to obtain an interview or a favor? Take the example of the great Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who sent the gift of a one-of-a-kind, precious, priceless silk Turkish carpet to the Roman emperor Julius Cesar.

What Did She Want To Achieve?

All Cleopatra wanted was an audience with Julius Caesar, a chance to explain her need for his help to save Egypt.  However, she wasn’t allowed to enter Cesar’s chambers or talk to him. So she got her servants to roll her into a priceless, multi-colored silk carpet and had it delivered to Julius Cesar. Cesar, who loved beautiful things and beauty above all else, was so impressed with the carpet that he accepted the gift without question.

He asked his servants to roll out the carpet, and as they did so, out popped the lovely Cleopatra in all her fairness and glory. Of course, Cesar was doubly delighted – he got two beauties at one go. He gladly declared his support in her battle for the Egyptian throne. They eventually had a son, but it was the carpet that was the prelude to this love story.

You Are The Gift, The Carpet Is Incidental

To your wife, you are the unquestionable gift. However, you can get her a carpet to equal the beauty of Cleopatra’s Turkish carpet. Buy your wife a Lifestyle or Home Stop gift card from to enable her to buy the carpet of her choice. While she’s at it, she can also buy anything her heart desires to beautify her home.



Gifting Your Loved Ones The Gift of Time

What do Elvis Presley and President Obama have in common? A love for grand clocks! Be it the current President of the United States, or the deceased King of Rock Music, both have a great liking for Chelsea clocks as gifts.

Clocks And Watches Are The Ultimate Gifts

A Chelsea clock is the finest clock that’s made in America by elite master clock makers since 1897. They are famous worldwide for their relentless precision and classic beauty. Elvis Presley, the undying King of Rock, once bought 100 Chelsea clocks as Christmas presents. President Obama has also purchased Chelsea clocks as gifts for foreign dignitaries.

Time Is The Greatest Gift That We All Have

Why do our leaders gift clocks and watches? To remind themselves and others that time is the greatest gift. We waste a lot of this precious commodity, and when time has flown by, we often repent for not having used it constructively. Time stands by us, patiently clicking away, watching all our mistakes with true forbearance. Time can make great difference in the lives of you and your loved ones, and a symbol of time always makes for a nice gift.

You Can Never Go Wrong With The Gift Of Time

When your son is ready to enter the world as a man, when your daughter is ready to take her elegant steps into the career of her choice, when your father or mother retires; all these occasions can be made special with a one-of-a-kind gift that spells the significance of time. Buy Helios, Watches & More, Titan or Fastrack gift cards from Gift your loved ones beautifully crafted classic watches that stand the test of time and that serve as stylish accessories that every young boy or girl will cherish.