My Fabulous Housewarming!

I owe the grand success of the housewarming ceremony of my new house to gift cards from my friends! Here’s how it all happened. My husband and I had borrowed heavily from several banks to build our new house; but alas, we didn’t have the budget to decorate it as per our choice before the grand opening.

What would My Friends Say

All my friends knew how much I loved to decorate my house. I desperately longed to buy all those lovely things that would transform our four walls into a home. I was feeling sad that I couldn’t beautify my house before the housewarming. It was then that my best friend came over and asked if she could help with the function. She saw that I was upset and asked me about it. Of course I couldn’t hide my feelings from her and told her exactly why I was sad. She said nothing, and was soon on her way after tea.

It Was A Really Unexpected Surprise

With three weeks to go before the housewarming, it was a pleasant surprise when I received a beautiful package from It contained several gift cards from brands such as Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Central and Home Stop. I was taken aback, because gifts are traditionally handed over on the day of the function. I suspected that my best friend was behind this and called her.

I was right! She had gotten all our friends together to organize an ‘advance housewarming gift’ for me. The two of us went shopping and picked up the most beautiful handicrafts, carpets, side tables, paintings and vases for my new house. I no longer felt sad as my house was decked up like a bride on the day of the housewarming, just the way I wanted it to be! I am the happiest homemaker in the world, thanks to my friends and gift cards from!

– Lakshmi Iyer, Bangalore


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