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#WoohooPrankster, Woohoo, April Fool's Day

With April Fool’s Day round the corner, we’re certain you’ve got some interesting prank ideas up your sleeves. This is one day when pranks are not just taken lightly but also expected and welcomed.

And it’s not only individuals but also companies who make the most of this day. Google’s April Fool’s Day pranks, just like their doodles, are known to be wacky and interesting. Since 2000 the company has played quite a few pranks, one of them being the Google Keyboardless Keyboard. In 2015, Google Japan announced a keyboard shaped like a party horn that had to be blown in order to type.

Whatever be your prank, be sure to have a post-prank make up plan handy. With a Woohoo Gift Card, you know you can turn those frowns into smiles.

Do you have any prank in mind? Share with us! The best one wins a Woohoo Gift Card.

#WoohooPrankster, Woohoo, April Fool's Day


Qwikcilver launches the Oberoi Hotels Gift Card program

Qwikcilver Solutions Pvt Ltd, Oberoi Hotels Gift Card, gift card
“As with the recently launched Taj Group of Hotels Program, this launch of the Oberoi Hotels Program, literally means that Qwikcilver is today the Premier, end-to-end Gift Card Services Partner to both of India’s Premier Hotel Companies.
This marks our foray into the new Segment of Hospitality and Services Businesses, apart from Retail, in which we power 90% of India’s Organized Retail, both Online and Offline. In this way, we will gather speed in serving other business verticals as well, in the service Industry.
Qwikcilver has truly come of Age as the Pioneering, Leading Brand in South Asia, in the World of Prepaid Gift Cards.
It is a matter of GREAT PRIDE! And I ask you all to join in Congratulating this First Class Qwikcilver Team, that makes it all happen, from end-to-end!”
– Shankar Balan (President, Merchant Acquisition & Strategy at Qwikcilver Solutions Pvt Ltd)

Taj Mahal – A Mausoleum of Love

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While speaking of exorbitant gifts through history, let’s not forget the grandest gift of love in all time, the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal has been hailed as the everlasting embodiment of true love over centuries and with reason. This splendid memorial is constructed entirely of white marble and is the universally admired masterpieces of Mughal architecture. It’s a real treat to watch the mausoleum on a full moon day; the marble’s glow seems to be emanating from the undying love of the world’s greatest lovers – Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz.

A Mere Lifetime Of Love Wasn’t Enough

Mumtaz Mahal, a princess of Persian origin, was Emperor Shah Jahan’s first and only true love.  She died while giving birth to their 14th child at the relatively young age of 39. When she died, leaving him to face his cruel son Aurengzeb all alone, his thoughts did not turn towards fighting for his rights as emperor of a large kingdom. Rather, the heartbroken emperor threw himself into building a monument of love for his beloved wife.

Out Of Great Grief Was Born The Taj

The Taj is a mute testament to the depth of the emperor’s love, and the lengths to which he was willing to go to declare his love and devotion. It took 22 long years and the sweat-filled labor of 20,000 workers and craftsmen to finish this monument. The Taj Mahal cost the emperor 32 million Indian Rupees. Today, the Taj is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Close to 4 million visitors every year pay homage to this ever-lasting monument of love, hoping that its presence will bend Cupid’s arrows their way!

Get Her A Gift That Endures

The Taj endures everything from wars to the vagaries of nature. So must your love. Show your love through a Woohoo.in gift card for the most enduring symbols of love – diamonds and gold from Tanishq or Joyalukkas. Elegantly crafted gold and diamond jewellery will be your Taj Mahal to her, completely her own; and something that will endure and will be passed on for generations.


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(Post updated on 28 March 2016)


Creating ripples of happiness

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“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ― Marcel Proust

20th March has been marked as the International Day of Happiness by the United Nations. This day commemorates the adoption of the UN resolution, in 2011, which saw happiness as a “fundamental human goal”.

The International Day of Happiness was conceptualized by Jayme Illien with the belief that happiness is a basic human right for all human beings and that the “happiness movement” (supported and promoted by the likes of Pharrell Williams among others) is the key to achieving individual and global happiness.

The feeling of happiness and contentment comes from being aware and acknowledging the immense blessings and love that fill our lives. And how do we multiply this sense of happiness? We share it with others around us and see the ripples it creates.

This International Day of Happiness, make it a point to start your own happiness movement in your everyday life. Be it your family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances – reach out, connect and thank them for the little joys they bring into your life.

The Woohoo app makes it easy for you to do that by combining various features. It helps you convey your message with personalized electronic gift vouchers that are delivered instantly to your loved ones, anywhere in the country. Share memories with photographs from your gallery, add a voice note or a text message or simply use one of the many templates the app offers to best communicate your thoughts.

And while you’re at it, we’ll be happy knowing that we’ve helped create those little ripples of happiness.

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ICC World T20 Gift Card – the ideal gift for all cricket lovers

ICC T20 gift card, woohoo.in, gift card, gift cards, gift voucher, gift vouchers, gifts, gift ideas, gifting, e gift cards, e gift voucherCricket is his passion. He could eat, sleep, talk and walk cricket. For someone who’s always been such a big fan of cricket, you know any merchandize of his favorite team will be a prized possession. With the T20 cricket frenzy all around, how about gifting him a gift card that allows him to pick merchandize of his choice?

India’s leading gift cards superstore, Woohoo.in, now presents an exclusive opportunity for all cricket fans to get the ICC World T20 Gift Card. This gift card can be used to redeem any merchandize of your choice from the the ICC Cricket Store.

The T20 World Cup merchandise list includes T-shirts, jerseys, caps, key rings, lapel pins and memorabilia, any of which can be the gift your loved one will always cherish and remember you for.

20% Cashback Offer

Take advantage of the 20% cash back offer via Woohoo, between March 16th 6 PM and March 18th 11:59PM. The offer is valid on the ICC Cricket Store E-Gift Cards available at Woohoo.in. You can also enjoy the 20% cashback when you shop on the ICC Cricket Store and pay via the Woohoo app.



Gift ideas for a friend on his new job

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A new job is an exciting juncture in everybody’s life. It is a validation of one’s self worth and credentials, and a result of hard work and commitment. Whether it is a first job or a switch to something new; this is definitely a moment for celebration. Show your friend how proud you are of his achievements by getting him a gift card. Here are a few gifting suggestions.

Formal attire: A new job will mean beefing up your wardrobe with formal attire. A gift card from Allen Solly, Peter England or Van Heusen may just be what your friend needs for some great choices in formal wear. Has he been thinking of buying a suit? Get him a P. N. Rao gift card for great suit options.

Electronics: Gadgets are always great gifts for guys. Get your friend an E-gift card from Amazon.in, Flipkart.com or a gift card from Croma or E-zone to delight him in his next gizmo purchase.

Leather Accessories: Leather products like belts, wallets, laptop bags, cell phone cases always make a style statement in a person’s outfit. Get your friend a gift card from Hidesign for a fine choice in leather accessories.

Watches: Elegant watches are essential for completing any wardrobe. Moreover as your friend progresses in his career, he will find himself constantly juggling many responsibilities. An elegant watch would be an ideal gift. The stylish watches in town can be gifted through Titan or Helios gift cards from Woohoo.in.


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(Post updated on 16 March 2016)




Gift ideas for a friend on her new job

woohoo.in, gift card, gift cards, gift voucher, gift vouchers, gifts, gift ideas, gifting, e gift cards, e gift voucher, Gifts for a friend on her new job

A new job is definitely a moment for pride and celebration. It is also a period of testing the waters and proving your abilities. Whether it is your friend’s first new job or whether it is a switch into a new role, she must be excited about the new opportunity. Get her a gift to mark the occasion and show her how proud you are of her. We have a few ideas for you to choose from.

Apparel: A new job could definitely do with a wardrobe update! Depending on the culture of the new organization, she would want to buy stylish apparel for work. So get her a gift card from Myntra, Allen Solly or Van Heusen as they have a good collection of formal and business or casual wear.

Accessories: Accessories like purses, jewellery, footwear and the like can make a huge difference to her entire outfit. If you think she has an adequate wardrobe but would prefer to update her accessories this season, then get her a card form Hidesign, Lifestyle or Shopper’s Stop and send her on a shopping spree.

Spa day: A day at the spa to pamper and rejuvenate oneself so that the body and mind are fully re-charged for the new job would be a great gift your friend would appreciate. Get her a gift card from Four Fountains Spa or YLG Salon & Spa for a day of rest and relaxation that she would love you for!

Fine Dining: Your friend has been working hard to land this job. Gift her an evening of relaxed dining with gift vouchers from her favourite restaurants like Copper Chimney, Spaghetti Kitchen, Sigree, Oh! Calcutta or Mainland China.

A choice of many: If you would like to gift her the option to select from any of the above, then the Woohoo gift card is your best bet. With the Woohoo gift card she would be able to select the product or service from the brand of her choice.


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(Post updated on 14 March 2016)


Woohoo launches its new gifting campaign

As appeared on exchange4media.com on 11 March 2016.


Woohoo, the go-to platform for gifting by Qwikcilver solutions, recently engaged with consumers to ask them: ‘What would really make them happy?’ in the context of gifting. This was done through a recently launched video: https://youtu.be/-C5Oszqz2fA

The campaign talks about how ‘We think we know everything about our loved ones. But do we really?’

A selection of different people that included siblings, mother-daughter and married couples were put through a small test. As part of the test, they were asked a simple question on what they would gift their loved ones to make them truly happy. An interesting observation that was noted at the end of the video was that the majority of people did not know what their loved ones actually wanted as a gift.

Woohoo presented the solution to this problem in the form of a small gift box in front of the participants, which comprised a mobile phone with the Woohoo app downloaded and a Woohoo gift card. This is the simplest and the most powerful way to gift someone we love, the freedom of choice from a world of brands, services and experiences.