3 Best Occasions to Gift a Travel Gift Card

travel gift card

A gift is something that you give to someone you care about, right? There are no rules as to what that gift can comprise. Your gift could be a watch, some jewellery, clothing, and gadgets – anything from an array of gifting options. What about an experience? A travel experience is certainly one of the most memorable gifts and it’s easy to gift a fabulous travel experience through a travel gift card.

So, why not check out the possible occasions that can be captured into tiny special moments in the form of gifts. Below are a few of them:

Anniversary (Parents)

Our parents are more than a hug giver, advice offerer, finest cooks, best of the best friends, in short an “Angel in disguise”. It is a fact that time or reasons are not required to express our love and respect for them. But, when we have an opportunity like Anniversary when we can really give them something, they would relish the most, why not plan something absolutely delightful.

Now that we have decided on gifting something, the difficult part begins as to choose what to give as there’s nothing in the world that can match our parents love yet, something not so close is some quality time for each other. Why not a holiday? Just the two, near or far where ever, but Just the two! Quite awesome, isn’t it?

Retirement Gift

People run in their hectic work schedules and save holidays to plan their long vacation yet, somehow self-ditch their own plans as work would be their first priority. That’s right, and time flies and yet their dreams are still dreams. There are very less chances that they would plan post retirement as they would already have plans for their grandchildren.

Why not differentiate ourselves from the lot and plan some awesome holiday?

“New Entry” in your family

All tend to get really excited whenever there is a new beginning in our life. Either we get into a new relation or a new relation gets into our family. Both gives immense joy and happiness. What do you think could be a best form of expressing this feeling?

Really tough to put it across, right? Yea, true because the gift should give them ever lasting memories. Something like a holiday with the “New Entry” of the family who can be your sister, brother, sister-in-law, cousin, brother in law and so on. Whoever it is, the beauty of any relation can be expressed by giving quality time with them by planning a Holiday just for them with them.

Now that we have listed out few of the multiple possible reasons to celebrate in discount on cleartrip gift cardlife, it’s time to think on how could we make it a perfect personalized gift. Travel is one thing people think twice because they don’t want to mess up with bookings and planning. So, gift a best holiday gift to your dear ones with a Cleartrip by availing 15% discount on Cleartrip e-gift card. You can get this awesome offer using the promo code CL15 in the checkout page.




Surprise Your Loved Ones with the Best Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts

Ganesh Chaturthi gifts

Lord Ganesha is revered as the lord of wisdom, knowledge and prosperity and his blessings are known to remove obstacles from one’s life. Also known as Vinayak Chaturthi, this day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the dear son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.  It’s a festival that’s equally dear to the young and the old. Everyone wants to deck up in their best and give and receive gifts!

Know what you want to buy for your loved ones? Opt for gift cards this year. Gift cards are extremely practical and convenient. They take away the stress of choosing an actual gift, while giving a plethora of choices to your loved ones. Gifting must make both the giver and the recipient feel happy; that’s what gifting a gift card does. Here are some great ideas for you to pick the perfect Ganesh Chaturthi gift cards.

1. Books

Too many kids are moving away from the real world these days, preferring to find their escape in video games. A selection of wonderful, motivational books will be perfect for the young ones in your circle and you can gift their favourite book now with a Crossword gift card.

When it comes to the elders in your circle, consider gifting them inspirational or devotional music. Nothing soothes the older generation than beautiful, melodious devotional music. Gift a Saavn e-gift card.

2. Apparel

Know anyone who doesn’t like to deck up on a festival day? Probably not. So go ahead and splurge on top fashion apparel brands. There are so many to choose from! Check these out – Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Marks & Spencer, Allen Solly, Westside – the list is endless!

3. Jewellery and Watches

How about gifting some precious gold and diamond jewellery and top branded watches to your loved ones? Consider brands such as Bluestone or Candere. When it comes to watches, consider Helios and World of Titan for fine watches and Fastrack for fashionable, youthful watches.

4. A great shared experience!

Ganesh chaturthi is a day for families and friends to get together and celebrate. What better way to do that than to enjoy a fabulous meal together? Consider gifting your loved ones a great meal at Spaghetti Kitchen, Noodle Bar and other restaurants. You can see everyone smiling in anticipation already, can’t you?

Here’s How To Make Gifting Easier This Year

Whether you’re residing at home or in another city, you can still send them the gifts of their choice. Do it simply and easily via gift cards. It’s easy – buy a gift card, gift voucher or e-gift card from the brand your loved one favors. Let them choose their own gifts from the store outlets. E-gift cards are delivered within minutes, so they’re perfect for last minute gifts. To make it more personalized you could try sending E-gift cards using the Woohoo app which allows you to add pictures, voice-notes and text and can be instantly delivered via Whatsapp, SMS or email. So just go ahead and celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi this year, knowing that gifting will never be a problem again.






Top Ideas For Raksha Bandhan Gifts

rakshabandhan gifts


Raksha Bandhan is a festival that symbolizes the precious bond between brothers and sisters. It’s the day when brothers reward their sisters with gifts and promises of everlasting protection and love. It’s the day when old grievances are forgiven and forgotten and when gifts are exchanged. Each year, people look for the coolest gifts and gizmos to gift their brothers and sisters. This year, we thought we’d add some magic to the mix and bring you some top ideas for Raksha Bandhan gifts.

Nothing Says Everlasting Love Like Jewelry!

Brothers, how about sealing your promise of love and protection with a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry? Diamonds last forever – ask any woman and she’ll tell you that’s true! Seal your promise of brotherly love in a simple creation by Bluestone. You’ll be the best brother in the world and this year’s Raksha Bandhan will be the best ever as far as your sister is concerned.

How About Some Home and Kitchen Care?

If your sister has a home and kitchen to care for, here’s a great gift idea for this Raksha Bandhan. Buy her all the kitchen and home care items her heart desires from fabulous brands such as Prestige, @Home, HomeShop, Spencer’s, or Viveks. Help her shine up her home with the latest utilities and furnishings this year and you’ll be the best brother ever!

How About Some Exciting Fashion?

Who can say no to a brand new wardrobe, filled with beautiful clothes from fantastic brands? Brands such as Allen Solly, Levi’s, Planet Fashion, Elle, Myntra, Westside and others? Which sister would say no to the latest fashion from these brands? Definitely not yours and you know it.

Gift Quickly, And With Ease

So here you go – a plethora of exciting gift options and brands for you to choose from. Feeling confused and overwhelmed? Don’t – we are here to help you. All you have to do is to select a gift card or e-gift card from the brand you like. Let your sister pick and choose the items she wants from the outlet stores. Not sure if you have enough time before Raksha Bandhan? Just pick up an e-gift card from a top brand and your sister will get your gift within the hour. Can it get better than this?

(Updated on August 6, 2017)


Friendship Day – Celebration, Fun and Gifts!

Friendship Day Gifts

We all know the quote – “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” How many of you agree with this quote? Wouldn’t you count on your pals to stand by you through the roller-coaster of life? True friends are your treasured companions who heal hurts, and sooth bad memories. This Friendship Day, shouldn’t you try to make them feel wanted and important in your life this?

Cherishing Friendships

Life is a long journey and you need true friends whoHappy friensdship light it up. Sending thoughtful and personalized gift to your friends spreads a lot of good cheer and fun.  They will always remember you as someone who stands by them through thick and thin.

However, buying a gift for a friend is not easy. Your friends are important to you, and you will want to impress them with something that they’ll truly appreciate. Yet, with the plenty of choices that always surround you, how to decide what your best friends would like best?  Woohoo.in gives you the opportunity to celebrate the Friendship Day in a grand and fun filled manner. There are a variety of gift cards and vouchers to suit the tastes and preferences of your friends. If you have not found the time to shop for a Friendship Day gift, Woohoo.in lets you dispatch gift cards in a jiffy. It is super convenient, and you can send personalized e-gift cards to them in an instant. These cards are sure to be well received. Create a stir and strike the right chord by choosing gift cards from Woohoo.in.

Friendship Day Gifting Pointers

An invaluable tip – tailor your gift to suit your precious friend’s unique persona and stage of life. How about a deluxe and ritzy Titan watch gift card for the busy bee? A package tour with Cleartrip gift card would make the day for the adventurous and outdoor kind.  A movie buff will be more than happy to get a BookMyShow gift voucher. If your pal is a foodie, spring a surprise on him with a Dineout gift card. Clinch your friendship with a memorable gift card and keep those friendship going forever.

Check out Exciting Friendship Day Offers on Gift Cards.


​Animate your E-gift cards With Our Jazzy Templates!

animated templates for e gift card

E-gift cards or E-gift vouchers are fast becoming the preferred gifting choice of the new-age gift givers. All one needs to do is pick an e-gift card and send it out to the recipient via email or WhatsApp. The very next instant, the recipient can spend and buy what they truly want with your e-gift. No more waiting. And, no more worrying about your loved ones liking your gift.

That’s not just it! We know that you want your e-gift conveys the warmth and love behind your gesture of gifting as well. This is why Woohoo.in has a selection of colourful e-gift card themes and templates based on the gifting occasion. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, wedding or festive gifting occasions, you will find a beautiful theme or template to add your love and feeling to the e gift card.

And, now there is more! You can add Jazzy animations into your e-gift cards!

Check out these animated templates Woohoo.in has got for you to jazz-up your e-gift vouchers.

Rakshabandhan is coming up.  This Rakhi gift is sure to delight your sister.
Rakshabandhan wishes

Birthdays are specials. So is your e-gift!.
Birthday Wishes

Gift for a wedding anniversary? Let your e-gift card do the talking.
anniversary wishes

Wish in style for all occasions!
best wishes

So, go ahead, add some animation-glitz to your e-gift cards and make your gifts stand out the best among the lot.


Gift the Joy of Entertainment – 20% Discount on BookMyShow Gift Cards

Discount on bookmyshow gift cardAs far as gifts go, people think in terms of tangible items such as books, watches, electronics, clothing and so on. What about gifting an experience? A movie, dance or stand-up comedy show experience as a gift? Opt for a BookMyShow gift card. Whatever the occasions be, a BookMyshow e gift card is sure to delight the recipient. And, there is more. Bookmyshow gift cards are now available at 20% DISCOUNT on Woohoo.in & Woohoo App.

A Perfect Rakshabandhan Gift

Rakshabandhan is around the corner! Don’t bother browsing through boring, dusty stalls in inane gift shops for something that your brother or sister might rakshbandhan e gift cardlike. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to gift them a great movie experience when there are a bunch of not-to miss movies running near their favourite cinemas? Buy a Bookmyshow e-gift card at 20% discount and send instantly to your siblings with the Rakhi special E-Gift Card templates. They’ll love your lovely Rakhi gifts all the more.


Gift a Fabulous Travel Experience with Thomas Cook Gift Cards

thomas cookKnow someone in your friends and family circle who is a workaholic? Someone who has not taken a vacation break in a long time? Or Someone who thinks that a vacation means going far away, travelling a lot and getting more exhausted? Then, what could be a more perfect gift for him or her, than a travel gift card from Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook India is one of the leading online travel management companies helping travellers to book international and Indian holiday packages, hotels and flight tickets online.

As the giver, all you need to do is send a Thomas Cook e-giftthomas cook gift card card from Woohoo.in. Your recipient gets your e-gift card instantly along with the terms of validity and your special message. Your gift recipient can easily redeem this e gift card for domestic or international holidays. It will also allow the recipient to book hotels and flights. Your Thomas Cook e gift card covers the entire gamut of the travel experience.

Offers on Thomas Cook Gift Cards

Now, get 10% discount on Thomas Cook gift cards and e-gift cards. Use the code TCPROMO in the checkout page to avail this discounts in a matter of time.


7 Housewarming Gifts That Only Add Clutter To A New Home!

housewarming gift

It’s true that 9 out of 10 well-meant housewarming gifts will only add clutter to homes. Check out this list of 7 gifts that fall into that category. Have you bought one of these gifts at some point for a loved one for their housewarming?

1. That Unavoidable Dinner Set!
Honestly, doesn’t every home already have a dinner set? Some families have more than one, with a special dinner set tucked away for occasions. Can you imagine what it’s be like when 4 or 5 guests gift dinner sets as housewarming gifts? How many dinner sets can a family use in a lifetime?

2. Kitchen Crockery
Most families already own a reasonable set of kitchen crockery. Even if they don’t, they would probably prefer to select the pieces they want. Your well-meant gift of crockery items will be appreciated, but will most likely be relegated to the attic or gifted to someone else.

3. The Picture Frame That No One Wants
Many people get picture frames as housewarming gifts – these are sometimes hung on walls no one notices, or put away. Seldom are these picture frames actually placed in an area of prominence. Why waste money on a gift that will not be appreciated the way you intended it to be?

4. Storage Boxes
Many new home owners carefully select their storage boxes according to their home décor theme. So unless you are in tune with the planned décor and buy the exact boxes the homemaker wants, your gift will only add to the home’s clutter.

5. Linen
Homemakers choose linen according to their home décor theme. Gift them linen that clashes with their chosen theme and it’s usually tucked away where it’s not visible. Surely you want a better fate for your expensive housewarming gift?

6. Art Décor Items
That statuette of the dancing girl might seem exotic to you but your recipient might find it tacky, even embarrassing. You probably spent hours in a fancy shop looking for a pretty art décor piece. Did you ever imagine that your gift will never see the light of the day?

7. Flower Arrangements
Nothing adds clutter to a home as too many flower arrangements. Why spend a great deal of money on something that’ll fade in a few days and will not add value to your friend’s home? Surely you can do better than that?

Move away from the traditional housewarming gift

housewarming gift card
So, what is that perfect housewarming gift? Opt for gift cards or e-gift cards and leave the gift choice to your friends and spare them the expensive clutter. These days, you can buy gift cards from top brands including huge department store brands. Go ahead, give them the power of the choice and sit back, knowing your gift will be used, appreciated and loved!

Check out the top brand gift cards here.




4 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Workaholic

gifts for workaholics

If we asked you to pick a gift for a workaholic buddy, what comes to mind? No, no! Not a whip or anything weird like that! Yup, you want to give your distracted buddy a jolly good jolt, but do it in such a way that the message gets across. Workaholics Day is coming up, on 5th July. So, get those creative juices flowing. We’ve a bunch of gift ideas for your workaholic pal that you’re just going to love!

1. Stress Buster Candle Lights

Your workaholic pal won’t take time to light real candles, so get the battery-operated ones that never go out. They’re delightfully scented too – we recommend eucalyptus or spearmint fragrance for stress busting. Not sure if he’ll like the fragrance you pick? Just gift him a Flipkart e-gift card and let him choose one!

2. Box Of Gourmet Cookies

Here’s the thing – even workaholics need to eat. But they often forget this very important task. It’s the darn chair – it simply doesn’t want to let them go. Point out gently that a large box of gourmet cookies will be just the thing to keep those hunger pangs at bay, and present a Big Bazaar e-gift card. Listen to the grateful crunch, crunch of cookies being demolished one by one. How about that for live appreciation, huh?

3. Grouchy Bear Mug

Gift your office-dwelling mate a personalized mug with a grouchy bear’s image on it. Every time your buddy drinks coffee, they’ll see the bear and know who it refers to. Knows he’s been neglecting you. Not able to find a grouchy bear mug? Never mind – just send your pal a Café Coffee Day e-gift card and let him or her choose a cool mug for coffee!

4. Potted Plants

Ooh, we see you’re looking strangely at us. What! Deliver lovely potted plants to a workaholic who’ll never water them? No! A succulent, such as a cactus, does not need to be watered. A cute little cactus will bring some greenery in your boring busy buddy’s life – maybe it’ll even cheer him or her up a bit and you can reap the rewards. Not sure which succulent will be nice on his desk? Just send him an Amazon e-gift card with a personal note saying you’d like him to pick a lovely succulent for his desk. Job done!

The Best Gift for the Workacholic

It’s really nice that we’re having a special day for workaholics. Let’s make it extra special for them this year. If you are not sure what your workaholic colleague is going to like, just buy a Woohoo e-gift card; he or she can just go crazy buying a gift card from the 100+ brands on Woohoo.in. It’ll get delivered to your buddy’s email inbox in a second. It’s like an instant gift! No hassle, no worries and no stressing over which gift to buy. Could you ask for more?


A Step-by-step guide for using Group Gifting on Woohoo.in

  • Log on to woohoo.in
  • Click on “Register”
  • Once you’ve registered and logged in to your account, click on “Group Gifting”

  • Click on “Get Started”

  • Enter a few details, select a picture from your gallery or use one of the fun templates. Click on “Start Group Gift”.
  • Add your message and contribution to the kitty.
  • Select a payment option
  • Your contribution to the kitty has been added.


  • Now invite your friends and family to contribute. Share the link via email, social media, WhatsApp or SMS.


  • Once everyone has pooled in their shares, you can click on “Gift now” to send the e-gift card.
  • Enter the recipient’s email ID and mobile number. Click on “Gift now”.


  • The recipient will receive the e-gift card in his email.