A Step-by-step guide for using Group Gifting on Woohoo.in

  • Log on to woohoo.in
  • Click on “Register”
  • Once you’ve registered and logged in to your account, click on “Group Gifting”

  • Click on “Get Started”

  • Enter a few details, select a picture from your gallery or use one of the fun templates. Click on “Start Group Gift”.
  • Add your message and contribution to the kitty.
  • Select a payment option
  • Your contribution to the kitty has been added.


  • Now invite your friends and family to contribute. Share the link via email, social media, WhatsApp or SMS.


  • Once everyone has pooled in their shares, you can click on “Gift now” to send the e-gift card.
  • Enter the recipient’s email ID and mobile number. Click on “Gift now”.


  • The recipient will receive the e-gift card in his email.



A Step-by-step guide for using Group Gifting on the Woohoo app


  • Download the Woohoo app and register

  • Click on “Send Group Gift”

  • Click on “Get Started”

  • Enter a few details

  • Upload a picture from your gallery or select one of the templates. Then click on “Start Group Gift”.

  • Add your contribution to the gift kitty.

  • Invite others via Whatsapp, SMS or social media.

  • The invited individuals can put in their contributions, along with messages in text or voice.

  • The final amount in the kitty can then be sent as an e-gift card to the intended recipient.





Introducing the all-new Group Gifting feature

Gifting in groups is practical and advantageous. It is usually preferred because it enables the gift givers to gift better and higher value gifts to the recipient, without being too heavy on individual pockets. It also saves people the trouble of having to think about individual gifts. Bigger the group, better the collective kitty.

But again, group gifting has never been hassle-free. Bigger the group more complicated is the process of coordinating and collecting the individual amounts to get the gift. It inevitably leads to someone shelling out more money on behalf of another and the awkward situation of having to follow up for the money to be returned (ask anyone who has taken the initiative of organizing one!).

Group gifting Made Easier

Woohoo’s Group Gifting feature aims to save one from such situations. It simplifies the whole process of pooling in and gifting to the intended recipient. With each individual pooing in his / her share directly, the whole situation of “who owes what and to whom” is avoided. This makes group gifting simple and hassle-free, with the recipient receiving the total amount put in by each of the individuals.

How Group Gifting Works

group gifting, gifting in groups

group gifting, gifting in groups

group gifting, gifting in groups

The steps involved are pretty simple. First, you “Create a Group Gift”, enter a few details and choose from the various e-gift card designs available (or even add your own photographs). Then you “Invite Friends & Family” by sharing the link via Whatsapp, email, SMS or social channels. The invited people can click on the link and put in their shares, along with their individual messages. Once everyone’s done contributing you can send the total amount in the kitty as an e-gift to the recipient. For a more detailed guidance, you could refer to the step-by-step guide for using the group gifting feature on Woohoo.in or the Woohoo app.

Benefits of an E-Gift

One of the best things about an e-gift is that the recipient can choose whatever he wants with the amount that he receives. With a Woohoo e-gift card the receiver could choose gift cards from the brands of his choice, such as Amazon, Myntra, Shoppers Stop, Dineout, Lakme and the like. Which means the range of options to choose from is wide – be it apparel, electronics, books, home furnishings, dining or salon services. So why limit them to a gift of your choice. Let them take their pick from a whole lot of things that you can offer with a gift card.



What is a Group Gift?

Group Gift allows you to invite your friends and family and ask them to pool in money for a gift. You can then use the pooled in money and send out a Woohoo gift card to the recipient. Recipient can use Woohoo Gift card to purchase gift cards of his choice in Woohoo.in and App.

Is there a limit to the number of people in a group gift?

No, there is no limit to the number of participants.

Is there a limit to the contribution amount?

Yes, the limit is Rs.2000 per person.

Is there a limit to the Group Gift amount?

Yes, the limit is Rs.20000 per gift.

Which gift card is sent out to the recipient?

Recipient always receives a Woohoo gift card. He can use this Woohoo gift card to purchase a gift card of his choice.

My group gift is in progress. What does this mean?

It means that this group gift is open to receiving contributions. You can still invite your friends and family to contribute to this gift.

How do I know what is the total amount contributed? 

In the group gift page you will see a Gift Kitty which will tell you the total amount that has been collected thus far.

What is the last date to contribute?

Last date can be set by the person who initiate the group gift. Contributions to the group gift will not be accepted beyond this date.

Can I club my gift kitty amount with other payment options?

No, currently you cannot club gift kitty with other payment option.

Is Group Gift available on iOS?

No, group gift functionality is currently available on Android and Web only.

What is the gift now action?

If you are the initiator of the group gift then you can send the gift card to the recipient by clicking on the Gift Now button.

How do I resend the gift card to the recipient?

Resend functionality is available on the app. Just access the group gift which you want to resend via the group gift menu and you will see an option to resend the gift card.



Mother’s Day gift ideas moms will absolutely love!

Mother's Day gift, Mother's day gift card

Come Mother’s Day and we are all wondering what to get our moms this time around. And then you have to trot down the streets and make the purchase too. Why not think different this time and send a fabulous gift to your loving mom, without moving from your chair. Start planning a real special treat for your mom on Mother’s Day and treat her with a wide choice of goodies and experiences, with a Mother’s Day gift card available on Woohoo.in.

Let us look at some wonderful ideas for our wonderful moms!

Fashion and Jewellery:

How about a gift card from Candere, Bluestone and Voylla for exquisite jewellery. Or a Fabindia e-gift card for those elegant kurtis, salwar sets or sarees? Think of Hidesign for beautiful leather bags. Don’t just give her a gift, gift her an indulgence and see her brighten up, like this mom who wrote in saying that she always cherished bags from Hidesign. Their rich leather, exquisite patterns, stylish models, premium colours set them apart. It made her feel special to be carrying one! Each Hidesign product is handcrafted with much care and finesse. Her family gifted her their love in the most awesome way. It must sure feel glam carrying the chicest and gorgeous bag one could ask for! Thanks to Woohoo!

Relaxing salon day as gift:

Let’s accept it, the hardest working soul in our homes is our mom. Give her a luxurious break. How about a day of pampering at a luxury salon such as Lakme? A full-body massage, pedicure, hair treatments and facials to ensure your mother feels pampered! Isn’t that what you want for her, to give her tired mind and body, rest and relaxation? One hardworking mom received a beautiful gift, not from her daughter but from her mom. On Mother’s Day, her doorbell rang and there was a surprise package for her for a day at the salon. There was a one-line message from her mother along with my card that said, ‘Happy Mother’s Day to you too’. With these words, her mother made her feel special about her motherhood! That day, a mom and daughter had a fabulous time soaking in the luxurious manicures, head massages, pedicures, facials and new hairdos together. They spent quality time together and had a great time, all thanks to this beautiful way of gifting with Woohoo.in!

Mother's Day gift card, Mother's Day gift

Movie and Dinner:

Sometimes, the best gift you can give your mom is your time. Take time off and take your mom on a dinner date and a movie after. Surprise her with a Dineout gift card and treat her at her favourite restaurant! Add a PVR Cinemas or Bookmyshow gift card to the basket and wind up the day with a movie of her choice. One mom had the cutest mother’s day experience. Her kids tried hard to make the day as special as possible. Bed coffee, followed by breakfast (whatever their little fingers and minds could cook up) and they presented her the best gift she could have ever asked for. A wonderful Mother’s Day e-gift card, personalised with a family picture from their last vacation. Speechless, she recalled fondly the good times they had and felt blessed to be living that moment with them. Her family made sure she wouldn’t forget the day she was treated like a queen the whole day.

Mother's Day gift card, Mother's Day gift

(Updated on 11 May, 2017)



Mother’s Day with Woohoo!

Mother's Day, mother's day gift, mother's day e-gift

“Mama” – this wonderful word has countless wonderful emotions attached to it. Any language, any age, any gender, this word spells unconditional love. It was not until I became a mother that I realized the amount of patience, love, sacrifice, selflessness that goes into making a mother. Mothers Day! Thanks to the western influence, our country has started to celebrate relationships in newer ways!

It Was A Really Unexpected Surprise

I was caught by surprise this Mother’s Day! My kids tried hard to make the day as special as possible. Bed coffee, followed by breakfast (what ever their little fingers and minds could cook up), questioning glances endeared me and even before I could hug them to my heart’s content, they presented me the best gift I could have ever asked for. A wonderful Mother’s Day gift card, beautifully enveloped with a bouquet of yellow and pink roses, all with the help of their great daddy of course!  I went speechless, what an amazing gesture! Opening the envelope, a beautiful gift card from Hidesign stared at me.  Lunch was ordered and I was treated like a queen the whole day!!

A Mother’s Day To Remember With Woohoo

I have always cherished bags from Hidesign. Their rich leather, exquisite patterns, stylish models, premium colors set them apart. It surely makes you feel special to be carrying one! Each Hidesign product is handcrafted with much care and finesse. The very next day, I went to the nearest Hidesign outlet to pick up my gift. My family gifted me their love in the most awesome way! Thank you Woohoo! It definitely feels glam  carrying the  most  chic and gorgeous bag you could ask for!!! – Annie Jose

Note: The image is from inspirationalstorytellers.com. The copyright vests with respective copyright holders.

(Updated on 8th May, 2017)


Number of digital gift card transactions in retail grow three-fold

As appeared in Business Standard on 2 May 2017 by Vinay Umarji

Issuance of physical and digital gift cards up 150% to over 50 million

Physical and digital gift cards are emerging as a major source of footfalls and sales for retailers across categories. The number of digital or e-gift card transactions has risen three-fold in the last three years, while physical gift card transactions have grown by 41 per cent between 2014-15 and 2016-17.

According to a study by Qwikcilver, an end-to-end service provider in the pre-paid gift card space, issuances of both physical and digital gift cards have risen by 150 per cent in 2016-17 to over 50 million, up from over 20 million in 2015-16.

“The act of ‘gifting’ is at the crossroads of social and commerce, which arguably, are the two biggest key drivers of consumer consumption. The gifting category in India is also undergoing massive transformation. A continuously widening consumer base, combined with a wide array of gifting options ensures that the category will continue to grow. Qwikcilver is the pioneer in the gift card sector, having powered close to US$1.3 billion worth of gift cards across categories through our robust SaaS based platform,” said TP Pratap, Co-Founder & CMO, Qwikcilver.

As per the study, retail consumers are found to be spending anywhere between 50 per cent to 400 per cent over and above the gift card value, with 54 per cent of them redeeming them every 30 days, followed by 26 per cent redeeming them every 60 days. In fact, players like Future Group and Shoppers Stop have altogether launched separate divisions to tackle the growing gifting business. For Future Group, gifting alone is anticipated to touch a revenue of Rs 1000 crore.

“We believe that gifting is one of the biggest social interactions and social events in our society. At Future Group, we believe that gifting will be a very big business for us, which maybe touching Rs 1000 crore very soon. We have launched a separate division and a new organisation to manage this business – called Future Gifting. This will handle all the Gifting related business of the Future Group. In partnership with Qwikcilver, we have launched Gift Cards, e-Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers for all our formats to be sold and managed through Qwikcilver,” Kishore Biyani, Group CEO, Future Group stated recently at the Gift Card Conclave.

According to Qwikcilver, the digital gift card is rapidly gaining growth, contributing almost 65-70 per cent to the overall sales mix in the category, even as the sales mix is expected to stabilise over time, at around 80 per cent digital and 20 per cent physical. From a 61:39 ratio between physical and digital gift cards in 2014-15, the mix has changed to 38:62 in 2016-17.

In terms of average load value, which is the total sales value with respect to the total number of cards sold, the ALV has been observed to be higher for utility as well as premium brands. For instance, in 2016-17, the ALV stood highest for hospitality sector at Rs 9,750, followed by spa/saloon at Rs 3,067, online travel at Rs 2,848, electronics Rs 2,649, accessories at Rs 1,573 and apparel at Rs 1,571, respectively.

What has helped retailers is in form of uplift, which is measured as the increase in bill value over the gift card value. Gift cards have, apparently, led to consumers spending anywhere between 50 per cent and 400 per cent over and above the gift card value, depending on category.

Moreover, increasingly customers are also redeeming their gift cards often, resulting in higher sales for retailers. For the financial year 2016-17, the study found that about 54 per cent of customers redeemed at an average of within 30 days of gift card purchase or re-load. This was followed by 26 per cent redeeming it within 60 days, 13 per cent in 90 days and 8 per cent within 180 days.

Meanwhile, according to Pratap, an integrated omni-channel retail experience across categories of retail, e-commerce, hospitality, travel, gift cards and e-gift cards are fast becoming the preferred gifting choice of the new-age consumer.