Introducing the all-new Group Gifting feature

Gifting in groups is practical and advantageous. It is usually preferred because it enables the gift givers to gift better and higher value gifts to the recipient, without being too heavy on individual pockets. It also saves people the trouble of having to think about individual gifts. Bigger the group, better the collective kitty.

But again, group gifting has never been hassle-free. Bigger the group more complicated is the process of coordinating and collecting the individual amounts to get the gift. It inevitably leads to someone shelling out more money on behalf of another and the awkward situation of having to follow up for the money to be returned (ask anyone who has taken the initiative of organizing one!).

Group gifting Made Easier

Woohoo’s Group Gifting feature aims to save one from such situations. It simplifies the whole process of pooling in and gifting to the intended recipient. With each individual pooing in his / her share directly, the whole situation of “who owes what and to whom” is avoided. This makes group gifting simple and hassle-free, with the recipient receiving the total amount put in by each of the individuals.

How Group Gifting Works

group gifting, gifting in groups

group gifting, gifting in groups

group gifting, gifting in groups

The steps involved are pretty simple. First, you “Create a Group Gift”, enter a few details and choose from the various e-gift card designs available (or even add your own photographs). Then you “Invite Friends & Family” by sharing the link via Whatsapp, email, SMS or social channels. The invited people can click on the link and put in their shares, along with their individual messages. Once everyone’s done contributing you can send the total amount in the kitty as an e-gift to the recipient. For a more detailed guidance, you could refer to the step-by-step guide for using the group gifting feature on or the Woohoo app.

Benefits of an E-Gift

One of the best things about an e-gift is that the recipient can choose whatever he wants with the amount that he receives. With a Woohoo e-gift card the receiver could choose gift cards from the brands of his choice, such as Amazon, Myntra, Shoppers Stop, Dineout, Lakme and the like. Which means the range of options to choose from is wide – be it apparel, electronics, books, home furnishings, dining or salon services. So why limit them to a gift of your choice. Let them take their pick from a whole lot of things that you can offer with a gift card.



What is a Group Gift?

Group Gift allows you to invite your friends and family and ask them to pool in money for a gift. You can then use the pooled in money and send out a Woohoo gift card to the recipient. Recipient can use Woohoo Gift card to purchase gift cards of his choice in and App.

Is there a limit to the number of people in a group gift?

No, there is no limit to the number of participants.

Is there a limit to the contribution amount?

Yes, the limit is Rs.2000 per person.

Is there a limit to the Group Gift amount?

Yes, the limit is Rs.20000 per gift.

Which gift card is sent out to the recipient?

Recipient always receives a Woohoo gift card. He can use this Woohoo gift card to purchase a gift card of his choice.

My group gift is in progress. What does this mean?

It means that this group gift is open to receiving contributions. You can still invite your friends and family to contribute to this gift.

How do I know what is the total amount contributed? 

In the group gift page you will see a Gift Kitty which will tell you the total amount that has been collected thus far.

What is the last date to contribute?

Last date can be set by the person who initiate the group gift. Contributions to the group gift will not be accepted beyond this date.

Can I club my gift kitty amount with other payment options?

No, currently you cannot club gift kitty with other payment option.

Is Group Gift available on iOS?

No, group gift functionality is currently available on Android and Web only.

What is the gift now action?

If you are the initiator of the group gift then you can send the gift card to the recipient by clicking on the Gift Now button.

How do I resend the gift card to the recipient?

Resend functionality is available on the app. Just access the group gift which you want to resend via the group gift menu and you will see an option to resend the gift card.