Mother’s Day Contest Results are Out!

Every mother is special in her own ways with her unique superpowers. We always fall short of words when it comes to expressing our love and gratitude towards them for whatever they have done for us. Yet, overwhelming love for your mothers was articulated in the most beautiful and commendable ways.mothers day contest

This Woohoo Mother’s Day contest has been a special and memorable one with a spectrum of heartwarming response.  The impact that it created was beyond our expectation and it gives us immense pride to have hosted such a contest where we could celebrate the purest relation on earth successfully. For us, each one of you has emerged as a winner but to abide by the rules we must select the top performers who won our hearts.

Though the choice was very tough, here we are with the winners:

Winners of Facebook:
• Anokhi
• Anu Kukreja
• Nicku Jaiswal
• Richa Agarwal Gupta
• Ramesha Sha

Winners of Twitter:
• Kirti Basal
• Vaibhav Jaiswal
• Rehana Khambaty
• Nisha Verma
• Sunita Katyal

Congratulations to all our winners! Your special gifts are on their way.

A Sneak peek into what our winners had to say about their lovely mothers:

Facebook winners:

All our participants have truly touched our hearts but the ones who evaded our hearts were these above-mentioned winners whose appreciation posts stood out.

Let’s start off with Anokhi who presented superpowers of her mother by listing down her qualities and how her mother’s multi-tasking quality holds her and her family together and is a saviour for her in every adverse situation. Our moms are indeed the shields which always keeps negativity away from us. We just can’t imagine our lives without them.

Nicku Jaiswal expounded how his mother is an all-rounder and angel in disguise in his family through some instances. He went to say that his mother is a lucky charm and key to his family’s happiness. She is selflessly catering to all with no complaints and no demands. Next in line is Anu Kukreja who emphasizes on how our moms are the epitome of strength and how she can convert every shortcoming into an opportunity. She compares her mom to Superman and highlights her achievements to express her respect and gratitude towards her. Whatever we are today, and we are going to become tomorrow is because of our mom’s support and blessing. While others have indicated the qualities of our mothers, Richa Kumar Gupta throws light on how our mother’s touch and aura work wonders for us. Their kiss, hug or pat is enough to make us forget all our problems and remind us that all is well.  Through his story, Ramesha Sha elucidates how our mothers are divine and can change roles according to the situation for her child. She goes beyond her way to protect and support her child in every endeavour. For a mother, her child is the greatest gift in this world and her priority. She is the only person who never judges you and treats you lower than anyone else.

Twitter Winners:

While people on Facebook could express wholeheartedly through unrestricted word limit, Participants on twitter also did an amazing job and didn’t allow this character limit to hinder their expression of love. In fact, participants opted for creative ways of highlighting the superpowers and showcasing their gratitude for their mothers. Pictures, collages, videos, songs, handmade greeting and what not. Clearly twitter users are not affected by any barriers when it comes to their mothers. This is how strong a mother’s love is. Let’s look into what our winners have to say:

Vaibhav Jaiswal celebrates his mother’s qualities by calling her superpower which never fails. He applauds her forgiving and patient nature through his supermomtweet.  Next, we have Kirti Basal who seems to be Lord of Rings fan, indicates a unique foresight and ability to detect something is wrong with her child even if she miles apart. Rehana Khambaty is grateful to God for giving her mother who is always showering unconditional love and is always motivating us to achieve greater heights.  Nisha Verma talks about how our mothers always standing by us through our thick and thin. They are just not our well-wishers but also our best friends with whom we can share everything. Sunita Katyal, on the other hand, portrays moms as the best advisor and a guiding light in whichever path, we take.

As we have mentioned earlier it wasn’t an easy task to choose the best ones from a pool of heartfelt responses and for us, each one of you who participated is a winner. So, don’t be disheartened if you didn’t feature in this winners list and not win the surprise gift. Do not lose hope as we have many more contests coming up. Till then visit to get the most ideal and perfect gifts for your mom.


How to Choose a Super Gift for Your Super Mom

Super Gift for Super Mom

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How to Make Your Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day?

mothers day

Mother: Truest Form of Love

Mom, Mummy, Mama or MAA – Many names but one eternal exceptional bond which can never be surpassed. This relation ranks above every relation in this world for a reason which is undebatable. These angels in disguise are not just our birth givers. They are the ones who support us in all our endeavours and act as our true guiding force. They effortlessly perform multiple roles with no hidden motives and respite. Mothers are our teachers, our doctors and our counselors. They are the ones who save us from our father’s reprimand, the ones who wipe our tears and act as a barrier to all our adversities while everyone else has deserted us. Our mommy’s lap is the most tranquil and safest paradise on earth. It’s the solution to every problem and it dispels the darkness in seconds making them our superhero.

No matter what, you can always rely on them. Whatever we are today, and we hope to be is because of our mother. It is the only relation in the world with no supermomdemand but just supply. Their unconditional love and blessing ensure that nothing goes wrong in our lives irrespective of how granted we take them for. Often, we don’t realize the importance of the gem we possess until it’s gone and fail to express our respect, gratitude and love. All her life she craves for your little time but in our busy lives our mothers don’t make it to our priority list, but not this time.

Let’s celebrate the most sacred bond.

Always remember It’s not her duty, it’s her love which needs to be reciprocated. We have neglected the greatest gift of our lives enough but not anymore. This Mother’s Day, make her feel appreciated, give her time and show her that you will always be there for her. They deserve to be complimented every day. But if you can’t do that daily, Mother’s Day is the one for you. It’s just not your mother but all the mothers around you which includes your wife, grandma, aunt, friends and not to forget the to be moms too. Our moms have always tried to fulfil all our wishes and give us a happy life so this time why don’t we give them a gift which they can cherish all their life. A gift which shows our love and gratefulness.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

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