Qwikcilver Gift Card Conclave 2017

Qwikcilver gift card conclave 2017

As pioneers of the gift card movement in India and the Asian sub-continent, we feel the need to usher in the future with open arms as we create it. And on 19th April 2017, we are doing just that.

We are proud to present the Qwikcilver Gift Card Conclave, 2017.

This path-breaking confluence features thought leaders and brand custodians from some of the world’s leading retail and consumer brands, corporates & HR leaders from a gamut of industries.

The Future of Gifting is here! Don’t miss out!


Woohoo, a Proud Gifting Partner for the Amoeba Bowling Championship

Woohoo is proud to be associated as a Gifting Partner for the Amoeba Bowling Championship.

The event is currently being held between 17th March and 16th April for the Manyata Tech Park employees at various Amoeba branches in the city of Bangalore.

Manyata Tech Park

Amoeba Garuda

Amoeba Mantri


Amoeba Church Street

We’re coming soon to the other tech parks in the city. So stay tuned!


3 Tips for Leaders to Build a High Energy Workforce

1. Build positivity with appreciation

Do you believe in your people? When I look back over the last 16 years of worklife, I realise I  go the extra-mile each time someone expects me to. One of my managers would say,  “let’s build this project really something world-class”. While neither of us had a clue on what world-class should look like, but yes he trusted me to build something great and I gave it nothing less than
my best shot.

As a leader if you try to discover the strengths of an individual, it automatically becomes easy to assign complementary responsibilities and showcase the great work. Then appreciation tends to act as a great energy booster.

Everyday find a reason to appreciate someone in your team. Remember to tell people that they did a great job, not only in completing the project on time but also the initiative displayed in organising the office party or completing a marathon.

2. Let’s team-up

We organise a lot of events to get people together at Qwikcilver – from Sports day to Qwikcilver’s Got talent show to bake sale, we try to cover various aspects outside of work – all organised by our people teams. One of my best memories at Qwikcilver is building a huge rangoli with people from different teams.  It’s easy to sit back and not participate. But as a leader you gain so much when you get involved truly.

Birthdays may seem like yet another day but it’s a good excuse to have lunch with your team where you duck questions about age. In our team, we celebrate everything from Pluto’s (my dog) birthday to work anniversaries. It’s important to work hard and as a leader never miss an opportunity to party!

3. Solve and not complain – Nip the negativity in the bud and never ignore it!

While there is good and evil in each one of us, we automatically correct behaviours based on responses from leaders. So if it’s OK to pass the buck, such a blame game can become a never ending circle in the entire organisation. It’s true that many times when you ignore a problem it goes away on its own. But with people, the negativity can also become contagious.

Whenever you see any finger pointing, it works to simply ask the person, “What can YOU do to “solve” the problem?”

Sometimes it may even require a one to one discussion with the problem creator to understand what’s causing the negativity.

In all cases, option to do nothing is not applicable for a leader.

So “build”, “team-up” and “solve”. These are 3 names that we have finalised for meeting rooms in our new office.

Here’s hoping that the new office space gives our leaders the energy to energise!

Anu Mathew, Head-Human Resources


Holi Celebrations with a Cause

Holi celebrations at Qwikcilver this year went beyond the filling of bellies to filling potholes in and around the city of Bangalore.

Besides the music, food and entertainment which were a part of the Holi festivities, Woohoo joined hands with “Pothole Raja” towards raising funds for his initiative in making the city of Bangalore pothole-free.

Prathaap Bhimasena Rao, popularly known as “Pothole Raja”, was a former pilot who shifted to corporate life after a crash and is now pursuing a doctorate while teaching at various city colleges, besides managing the fledgling potholes campaign. The campaign claims to have repaired 200 potholes around the city in a span of one year.

Potholes are a major cause of concern since a lot of traffic related issues and accidents are directly impacted by them. Rao’s personal experience and the experiences of his friends and families led him to take up the initiative of fixing the potholes himself instead of waiting on BBMP to do the same. Should one spot a pothole one could take a picture and ‘WhatsApp’ it to 814POTHOLE (the letters correspond with the numbers 7684653) and Pothole Raja would attempt to fix it in a span of 5 days.

The fundraising activities included a game of lotto for all the QCians and food stalls selling delicious snacks ranging from pani puris, bhel puris, kachoris, samosas, ice creams, gulab jamuns and the like.

A few rounds of Antakshari and dance were also part of the celebrations.

Apart from all the fun and frolic, the event saw QCians coming together to support a noble cause.


Gifts for the Woohoo woman in your life, on International Women’s Day

Women's Day, Woohoo, gift cards

International Women’s Day is celebrated world-wide to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Besides the socio-economic and political significance of this day, many also take this day as an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the women in the lives.

Like all of us, you certainly are aware of the importance of these women in your life – be it your mother, wife, sister or friend. But how often have we made it a point to acknowledge it? This International Women’s Day, show your love for these special women in your life – let them know how they make your life worth living.

We’ve got some gift ideas listed here for you:


For that woman who has made every moment of your life so much more meaningful, a good watch would be symbolic of your appreciation for those moments captured in time. Let her have her pick from the collection that suits her taste, with gift cards from Titan, Helios or Fastrack.

A sumptuous meal:

Surprise her by gifting her a meal at a fine dining restaurant. Gift cards from Mainland China, Sigree, Oh! Calcutta and more, available at Woohoo.in, will let her enjoy a memorable lunch or dinner with her friends.

Coffee and conversation:

Gifting is not all about splurging – it’s often the surprise factor and the experience that counts. A Costa Coffee gift card will be ideal for her to have endless conversations over coffee with her friends.

Movie / events time:

If she’s a movie buff or likes to attend various exciting events in the city, a PVR Cinemas gift card or BookMyShow e-gift card will be a perfect gift. Show could use this whenever she feels like catching a new flick at the theatres or attending other events in the city.

Pampering session:

Let her pamper herself with a relaxing day at a spa or salon. Be it a Four Fountains Spa or Lakme Salon gift cards – they’re all great gifting options, available at Woohoo.in.

Gifting is not just about giving or receiving something. It’s also the thought behind the “something” that counts. And if that something truly makes the receiver happy, the sense of contentment the giver experiences is multiplied. Woohoo.in offers convenient and flexible gift vouchers and cards, giving the recipient great freedom to enjoy the gift of her choice from across many brands and retail outlets in India. Go ahead and experience this sense of contentment by gifting a gift card today.




Winning posts from our #WoohooWomen contest

What makes #WoohooWomen? We asked our fans and the responses we received have been awe-inspiring. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Vani AK

I really want to salute these 8 women scientists who helped India reach Mars in the very first attempt.

Rajiv Anand

Just saying “Happy Women’s day” is not enough. I am actually very happy and grateful for having the 3 most important women in my life. I am a better human being after having them in my life. First of all I am thankful to my mother for bringing me into this world. She always taught me to be strong, honest and to respect everyone. Then I am lucky to have my wife who helped me in my bad times and stood as my support throughout my life. She understands me the most. Lastly my daughter. I am proud of her and she is the best. I am thankful to these three women and I love them the most.

Vineet Sonkar

My mother is my #WoohooWomen 🙂 She inspired me a lot. She motivated me to gain knowledge, attitude and to be a positive thinker. She taught me the art of living and tackling even the most difficult problems in my life and made me smile every moment. She has always supported me in all my decisions and always encouraged me to learn new things. She taught me the right path to do any work. She is the light of my life as she is my guideline and whenever I need her help she is always ready to help me. I love her so much 🙂

Kalpana Dwivedi

My #WoohooWomen is my next door Kamlesh aunty. She lost her husband when she was 40 yrs with 4 daughters and a son. Her financial condition was very bad. She worked hard and helped all her children get settled. She then lost her son when he was 30 years old. Her two daughters became widows at the age oy 45 and 30. She still stood tall and supported them. She is now 90 and still cooks, cleans the house and goes out to pay electricity and phone bills herself.

Anand Suratekar

The most inspiring woman for me is my mom, Riddhi Rao. She has dedicated her life to the cause of the girl child and works for women empowerment. She worked hard to build a school for girl children in our village and also built many toilets with the support of the local authorities for women in the area. She overcame social odds in our family and worked towards the upliftment of women. She was the only child in a family which was dominated by men. She overcame the resentments from her family and completed her education, challenging all odds. She has been a inspiration to me and others for tackling many issues. I hope we have many women like her who fight for women’s rights.

Here’s a shout-out from us to all the #WoohooWomen out there who make our lives amazing!


Meetings & bean bags at Qwikcilver

“A Day at work in Qwikcilver Solutions implies having to be transcending Frenetic parleys; Bhejas being Fried aka Brainstorming about the birds and the bees; building a zillion options of Gift Cards to woo old ladies & young children; opting for varying hues & colors of flower bouquets and flavours of cakes.
The toughest Act is on the choice of BeanBag for the meetings on WoohooGifting.” – Pratap, CMO @Qwikcilver