Gift cards to create a fabulous Prestige Kitchen!

If you’ve always associated Prestige with non-stock cookware only, think again! Today, Prestige’s offerings include induction stoves,  barbeques, coffee makers, electric kettles, gas stoves,  hybrid combi cook tops, juicers, kitchen hoods & hobs, oven toaster griller, pop-up toasters and more. For a homemaker, this is heaven-sent news; to know that Prestige makes the entire range of essential kitchen appliances and fittings that her kitchen needs.

Prestige brings its hallmarked quality to all its products. If you’ve used Prestige cookware, you know that Prestige does not compromise on anything – the product quality, longevity, and looks. Each Prestige product looks as good as it performs, something that all homemakers are proud of. Which person wouldn’t love to serve up a great meal in Prestige’s ceramic covered, brass-bottomed cooking-and-serving pans? Prestige’s thoughtful innovations have made life easy for homemakers the world over. It doesn’t stop here – not only does Prestige offer us a widely expanded range of international-quality kitchen appliances, they’re offering them at great rates!

Here are some exciting offers – buy a Prestige induction cook-top and you get an induction starter kit Rs. 2490 absolutely free. Enjoy a smashing 20% off on the entire range of non-stick cookware, and 15% off on Prestige’s famous cookers. There’s also 20% off on small appliances including irons, toasters, microwaves, blenders and so on. It is said that a gift that fills a person’s need is more valued than a gift that a person might just enjoy. So if someone’s housewarming function is coming up on your calendar, don’t wait till the offer is over. Hurry and purchase TTK Prestige gift cards immediately. Delight that friend or family member with your thoughtfulness. They’ll thank you for years and years to come – that’s how long Prestige appliances last!


Gift cards and e-gift cards for Peter England work bags!

What kind of laptop bag does your husband or wife carry for work? Is it in need of a replacement urgently? How about gifting him/ her a specially designed office laptop bag created to the most exacting standards! Yes, stylish, super-comfortable, luxurious bags to suit their wardrobe and work status. We know the perfect solution for this need– Peter England, of course! It makes sense when you think about it – Peter England is India’s favorite destination for work apparel. Who better than Peter England to design the perfect bag for your work, travel and leisure needs?

Peter England offers a range of fabulous bags –office backpacks, laptop bags, special usage bags, one dayer trolley bags and duffel travel bags. That’s literally every possible kind of bag that you’ll need for work or pleasure. Peter England’s work and travel bags are fashionable, comfortable, simple and lightweight. These bags are made of extremely durable material and high-grade soft cushioning to keep your precious items safe. That means your laptop, tablet, sundry electronics and other items will be totally safe, no matter where you are.

There are of course other reasons you can gift a Peter England gift card or e-gift card to your loved ones. Apart from bags, they have also launched new collections of shirts, trousers, suits, blazers, t-shirts and jeans. Peter England has been listed among India’s most trusted apparel brands by Brand Equity (The Economic Times) for 5 years in a row – i.e from 2008 to 2012. The retail reach of the brand is unparalleled with 555 exclusive stores and over 1600 multi-brand outlets in more than 200 towns. So go ahead and gift a Peter England e-gift card to your loved ones and they will be thrilled to purchase the gift of their choice. Be it bags or garments – you can gift them the freedom of choice too!


Take Advantage Of These Fabulous Offers From Yehbi!

Have you shopped at yet? If you haven’t, it’s time you tried it out! Yehbi is a very unique shopping destination – it’s a one-stop-shop where you can buy items from several categories. Everything from Indian and western fashion, shoes, bags, watches, lingerie, eyewear, toys & games, bath and beauty, jewelry, electronics, home and kitchen products and smartphones and tablets are available here. Phew! Is that a huge range indeed?

Imagine finding the most coveted items from the top-most global brands under a broad category range, in one place – that’s Yehbi for you. In Hindi, the word ‘Yehbi’ literally means ‘this too’. Well, that pretty much sums it up. Yehbi offers this too, and that too, and everything in between that your heart may desire. Here’s a partial list of the brands you’ll find at Yehbi – Titan, RayBan, PUMA, Nokia, Samsung, Mesmerize, Woodland, Adidas, Flying Machine, Nike, Satya Paul and so on. Best of all? Yehbi offers you the incredible luxury of sitting at your desk and shop for anything you want.

Right now, you have the marvelous opportunity of gifting your friends a chance to shop at Yehbi at amazing discounts. Yehbi has an ongoing upto 85% offer on several of its participating brands. Lee offers a 40% store-wide discount, Adidas offers 60%, PUMA offers 55% and RayBan offers a whopping 77% off! Should we go on? If so, take just a minute to consider this. When good fortune smiles on you, it’s prudent to share it with your best friends. The e-gift card is a convenient gift idea for anyone whose birthday, anniversary or special event is coming up. Go ahead and gift this great online brand, before the offers are over.


Woohoo in conversation with Businessworld Magazine

Republished here on: 23 February 2013

As appeared in the Businessworld Magazine website on 19 February 2013. By Tanuja Chatterjee


Going Digital with Gifts (BusinessWorld Web Exclusives)

Gift cards that can be operated through your smartphone may be becoming a trend globally, but in India physical digital gift cards still rule and Qwikcilver controls 80 per cent of this market. Five years after launching Qwikcilver Solutions — a Bangalore-based provider of all kinds of stored value cards — BITS Pilani pass-outs Kumar Sudarshan and T P Pratap, forayed into an online multi-brand gifting portal ‘Woohoo’ last year. They also provide digital gift card options for partner brands that can be gifted and delivered through mobile phones and emails. Talking to BW Online’s Tanuja Chatterjee,, Co-founder T P Pratap discusses how the digital gift cards market is growing by leaps and bounds in India.

Why did you start Qwikcilver Solutions? 
With a collective experience of over 50 years in IT, I and my co-founder Kumar Sudarshan founded QwikCilver in 2007-2008.  QwikCilver has pioneered the retailer gift cards segment and leads the gift card processing market with 80 per cent of its share. QwikCilver offers gift card solutions wherein the card holder can purchase products of their choice from any brand, store and portal. Unlike gift vouchers, the gift card amount can be partially spent and recharged as per the preference of the card holder. So far, QwikCilver has partnered with over 75 leading brands like Titan, Trent-Landmark, Peter England, Allen Solly, Flipkart, Shopper’s Stop, PVR Cinemas and Café Coffee Day among others. The QwikCilver technology is deployed across more than 200 cities and towns in over 5,000 premium brand stores across the country.

How big is the gifting economy? What percentage is the voucher/ gift card market of the gifting economy?
The stored-value-cards space is still very new in India. Research studies expect the Indian Prepaid & Gift Card/Voucher market to exponentially grow from Rs 2,000 crore in 2012 to Rs 9,000 crore by 2016. Currently, the overall value of e-commerce gifting is roughly estimated as Rs 20,000 crore annually.

How has ‘Woohoo’ helped you grow?, the e-commerce initiative of QwikCilver, is India’s first fully integrated online gift card mega mall that provides a platform for various gifting choices for consumers, corporates and channel partners across India. This is the place to pick up your gift card online. It also offers gift vouchers for particular retailers or brands. Once you buy it online, it is shipped to you free of cost. The vouchers can be used online. We started it on Diwali last year. Our founding team has experience in technology development, retail, marketing and research. It is funded by  global VCs Funds Helion Venture partners and Accel Partners. The company is headquartered in Bangalore.

Can you describe the way your gift card works? What are the key differentiators of your gift cards, from other companies of same nature?
We understood that our consumers sometimes find it extremely difficult to find appropriate gifts for friends and family.  The existing process for purchase of a gift voucher at the best brand stores in India is tedious and cumbersome. We looked at this need-gap and decided to do something about it with a technology-backed solution. By partnering and integrating Woohoo technology across the Billing POS of the retailers across all the brand outlets and portals, retailer specific gift cards are made available at these areas. The technology enables the consumers to purchase the gift cards from these outlets, that are instantly activated by the store cashier on purchase by the consumer.

These gift cards are usable across all the brand outlets approved by the brand on the QwikCilver Technology, This technology has been developed uniquely for the Indian retail market with its intricacies and complexities like company owned stores, company managed stores, consignment stores, franchisee stores, buy & sell stores, etc.

How is it different from the paper voucher or even conventional gift vouchers? What if a gift card is stolen or misplaced, can it be re-issued?
Our gift cards are easier to carry, convenient to use, can be reloaded or recharged and partially spent. Unlike inconvenient paper gift vouchers, Qwikcilver gift cards have a magnetic strip just like a debit or credit card that provides security against misuse by another party. If the gift card is lost or stolen, the concerned brand provides a customer care number where the customer can get his card blocked. This way, when one uses the reported card, the back-end server at QwikCilver would decline the usage of the card at any outlet across India. Currently, brands do not charge any fees for genuine cases of losses proven by consumers.

How are you marketing the gift cards? Do you have tie ups with stores/ Retail brands?
We are associated with over 75 trusted and leading brands such as Trent-Landmark, Titan, Aditya Birla-Madura Garments,  Shoppers Stop, Westside, Fastrack, PVR, Café Coffee Day, Arvind Brands, Raymond, Mahindra Retail, HUL-Bru Café, Flipkart, Hidesign, Puma, etc. for their gift card programmes and each of these brands promote their gift cards individually.  At, a customer is given a plethora of choice between gift cards as it is an exclusive online mall for gift cards.

Are your gift cards sponsored by a certain bank? How can customers purchase these gift cards?
QwikCilver Technology is a unique Closed Loop Gift Card initiative that does not require any bank relationships for the brands. All the programmes running are with long-term strategic tie-ups with our corporate partners. The gift cards can be purchased by various modes such as cash, debit or credit card at our partner brand’s retail outlets. One can also purchase gift cards from, our exclusive platform for gift card retail in India through cash, COD, credit cards, debit, international credit cards etc.

Are these ‘one time’ use cards or can be recharged again and used or even gifted again?
Depending on the requirements, brands can launch multiple card programmes that can be one-time usage cards or multiple usage cards. Most brands have launched their card programmes that provide the convenience to the consumers to reload the cards for repeated usage and gifting.

Instead of plastic gift cards, the use of digital gift cards that can be stored, tracked and redeemed through consumers’ smartphones is catching on the trend, westwide.  Are you also planning to launch something in the same line? Don’t you fear that e-tailing could make a physical card dated at some time?
QwikCilver and Woohoo provide the convenience to brands and consumers to launch and manage all kinds of programmes – including plastic cards & digital gift cards. We already have digital gift card programmes for our partner brands that can be gifted and delivered easily through mobile phones and emails. These e-gift cards are also another option that is available for consumers who wish to get away from the physical form of the card.

Also, although digital cards are still slowly gaining popularity, it would be incorrect to say that physical cards would be outdated in the near future as they form an essential part of certain kinds of gifting where tangible gifts are the norm.  For example, weddings would probably still see the use of the physical gift card as it may not be very acceptable to turn up a at a wedding ‘empty-handed’, as a digital card would hold a lesser value at such occasions. The Indian market would witness about 15 per cent of the gift card market move to the digital version in 3 years from the launch phase.

Are your services only confined to India or you are also planning to go global?
As of now, we are focused on Indian retail sector and establishing the market with the leading brands and retailers of India. Over the next 24 months, QwikCilver shall establish its presence across other key global markets that have shown interest – such as regions like South-east Asia and EMEA. gives customers a chance to create a gift card on their own. Do you also provide same sort of service to your customers?
Card customisation services are being offered and deployed across more than 150 corporate customers through

Did you deliberately choose to have different outlooks for Qwikcilver and Woohoo in terms of the services offered?
QwikCilver is the name of our company that provides the technology for the gift cards. However, we felt that the name would not be appropriate for a consumer brand as such. We chose Woohoo as it would be easy for the consumer to relate to it as the name signifies its purpose and is also easier to remember.

What are your future projects?
Our recent initiative is Woohoo Friends Club launched after 7 months of efforts by our team. This club will enable the Facebook friend-to-friend engagements that can extend the gifting process on Facebook itself. Without the need for any address of the recipient, this has received a very positive response from across India.This is India’s first social –to-local marketing platform that has been integrated with Facebook.


Gift Glamorous Diamond Jewelry through Tanishq Gift Vouchers

Here’s some truly exciting news for diamond jewelry lovers! Tanishq has come out with several new jewelry collections, such as the Celeste, Aria, Dvaita, Blush, Diamond Weddings, Taj, Glam Gold, Ganga, DivineChants and many more. Celeste is sheer poetry in gold and diamond solitaires, while the Ganga collection mimics the fluidity of the river Ganga. Blush is for the young girl, fashionable and precious, while Divine Chants is a celebration of divinity in gold and diamonds. Every Tanishq collection offers a range of exquisite diamond earrings, pendants and rings made of total 4C diamonds, both small and large.

As everyone knows, with any Tanishq collection, you can expect truly international quality jewelry made of the finest gold and diamonds your heart could desire. It’s the same case with these new collections. Each collection is created with a single aim – to please the contemporary woman, by paying  homage to her traditional instincts and her modern tastes. When you wear a Tanishq diamond, you can walk confidently into a board meeting, a formal do or any event of any status. Tanishq makes its own unique statement, and the wearer of a Tanishq diamond is a true Tanishq Diva.

Every Tanishq purchase is a great investment and a treasure for life. However, till Feb 28th, you can actually get more gold and diamond value for your money! Tanishq has launched a major sale where fabulous gold and diamond jewelry pieces are available at heavy discounts upto 20%. Can you believe that! How about buying your special lady a Tanishq gift voucher? Let her have the best day of her life. It’s your perfect gift for the spring – summer seasons.


Woohoo @ NHRDN 1st National Compensation & Rewards Summit

NHRDN Summit on Compensation and RewardsNational HRD Network (NHRDN) organized its 1st National Compensation & Rewards Summit on 15th & 16th February 2013 at Hotel ITC Windsor, Bangalore. Woohoo was proud to participate in the event as the Gift Cards partner for this inaugural summit.

The theme for this summit was Total Rewards for an Engaged Workforce: Maximising the Returns. Compensation & Rewards strategies are used by companies to attract, retain and motivate the human capital. This inaugural Compensation & Rewards summit by NHRDN discussed the key components of Compensation & Rewards that drive performance and results in an organisation. The event was attended by CEO’s and HR Heads of leading companies from Manufacturing, Information Technology, Logistics, Consulting, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and E-commerce sectors. The team at Woohoo and its parent QwikCilver was delighted to share the benefits of its cutting edge, and technology aided incentive programs to the participants at the summit.

GiftBig at NHRDN SummitQwikCilver’s unique Software-As-A-Service model (SaaS), enables companies to launch incentives programs with minimal upfront investment and lower implementation timelines. Our models are fully customised to each organisations requirement, and provides end-to-end suite of services to create, deploy and manage the program. QwikCilver’s incentives program provides a flexible platform for companies to track and reward their employees consistently and timely, for their contribution to different organization initiatives and goals.

Since QwikCilver’s benefits program is built on a robust technology platform, companies can configure different reward points for different contributions, and provide better visibility to employees on the administration of incentives. Given that QwikCilver is also the pioneer in store based and customer loyalty programs; these benefits program can be integrated to redemptions through corporate stores or other corporate branded catalogue.


Best time for gift shopping for Mommies and Babies!

Know anyone who’ll soon be blessed with a baby? Then it’s our happy task to inform you that now is the best time for gift shopping for new moms and babies at Mothercare and Mom & Me.

Mothercare is all about making life easier for the new mom, so that she can enjoy the time with her baby all the more! Expecting mothers can find top-quality maternity fashion, lingerie and essentials to prepare for their big day here. Mothercare’s scientific range of feeding bottles and breastfeeding devices, InnoSense, is engineered for maximum convenience. Head to Mothercare for hundreds of products such as cribs, bassinets, nappies, bedclothes and baby essentials!

Mom & Me is another great brand for an excellent range of baby products such as bassinets, strollers, baby bags, matching baby clothing sets, baby blankets and much more.  For the expecting mom, there’s an exciting range of designer maternity wear as well – no need to look drab just because you’re expecting! There are tons of exciting goodies for your baby, from newborn essentials to attractive strollers and prams for tiny toddlers.

What more could a new mom ask for? How about fantastic, unbelievable discount offers! Who can say no 40% off at Mom & Me on leading brand strollers and all baby-care products! How about the fantastic 10-50% off on everything from baby clothes to baby car seats! At Mothercare, you can enjoy upto 51% off on baby prams, clothes, feeding accessories and much more. Share this good fortune – go ahead and buy gift cards from Mothercare or Mom & Me for the about-to-be moms or new moms that you know. There’s no better gift than this, we guarantee you!


Gift vouchers to check out the latest offerings at Croma!

Nokia Lumia 920, HCL ME Y2 7″ Tablet, Apple iPad Retina with Wi-Fi + Cellular (32Gb), Apple MD526HN/A iPad Retina With Wi-Fi + Cellular (32Gb) – what’s all this? Are we spewing out names of the latest tech devices to tease you? No – these and many new products await you at Croma, right now. Croma, as you know, is the ultimate tech destination, for all the latest and greatest technological gadgets in India.

Croma stocks an extensive range of electrical and electronic goodies. You’ll find everything here, from state-of-the-art washing machines, to high-tech TVs, headsets, smartphones, tablets, vacuum cleaners, high-res monitors and much more.  Whether you want the latest smartphone, tablet, external hard disk or laptop, Croma is your best bet. Croma also holds regular sales, offering the best of the tech world at fabulous values. Croma sales are unbelievably advantageous, especially to those who cannot resist high-tech and want to stretch their rupee to the fullest extent.

That’s why Croma’s present sale is so noteworthy – can you imagine being able to buy a 1 TB Western Digital My Passport External Hard Disk for Rs. 5499, on an MRP of Rs. 9933? Or a 64GB Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi for Rs. 26, 500, when the MRP is Rs. 36,500? Impossible? Croma makes this possible. If you want to know how, head straight to Croma today! This kind of good news should be shared with those you love. Make it a point to buy a Croma gift voucher for your tech-gizmo crazy friends and loved ones. With the Croma gift voucher, give them the chance to buy great tech gadgets at amazing prices!


Smart Shopping For Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Valentine’s Day is just a day away! Are you all ready with your Valentine Day’s gifts to surprise, wow and totally win over your special one? Are you running out of ideas for special gifts for Valentine’s Day? Don’t just offer Valentine’s Day greeting cards and roses this year. You can make the Valentine’s Day gifts more fun and exotic using gift cards! Try some of the fabulous choices from!

Gifts for your Man

  • Dress Me Elegant & Cool!: A gift card from Arrow, Louis Philippe or Raymond for a great formal wear is a classy man’s dream come true. For the cool guy, a gift card from Club America, US Polo Association, Yepme, Jabong and Flying Machine will be the most perfect gift!
  • Electronics Galore! A Valentine’s Day gift card from E-Zone, Croma, Flipkart or Planet M is guaranteed to delight any technology & gizmo fan.
  • Style Central! A gift card from Titan Watches, Watches & More or Fastrack is the perfect gift for watch-lovers. Fastrack is your best bet if your man is also into the coolest eyewear, wallets and bags.

Gifts for your Lady

  • Fabulous Jewelry! A sweet piece of jewelry says ‘I Love You’ the loudest. Consider gift cards from Gitanjali Asmi, D’dmas or Tanishq for your special girl.
  • Style Alert! A gift card from Central, Lifestyle, Landmark, Hidesign, Holii, Satya Paul, Shoppers’ Stop or Westside; to spend just as she likes, will be the perfect gift for a style diva.
  • Pamper Her! A day at a spa, getting pampered to her very soul – it’s literally every girl’s dream. A gift card from Lakme Salon or YLG would be just the love ticket! Don’t forget to send your Valentine’s Day message to your love along with your gift card. brings you over 80 leading brands of gift cards and gift vouchers, for your gifting convenience. Try for your Valentine’s Day gifting today and avail great offers too!!


Woohoo @ Unmaad -2013 IIM Bangalore

Unmaad 2013 IIM BangaloreDid you happen to attend UNMAAD ’13 – IIM Bangalore’s Cultural Fest? It was held between 8 to 10th February 2013, three days of sparkling excitement with people from all over India taking part in many exciting programs. There were music & dance competitions, quizzes, debates, street plays, dramatics, professional concerts and more.

Woohoo sponsored the prizes at the event, and enjoyed the chance to spread awareness about gift cards, e- gift cards and social gifting. The youthful audience was totally taken with the social gifting option, and Woohoo’s representatives were busy answering all the interesting questions on gift cards, e-gift cards and gifting through Facebook. We were delighted to know that many of the participants at the event had already started using the Woohoo’s Friend Club, a social gifting application wherein users can send gifts via Facebook. Majority of user base are youngsters and professionals in the 20 to 30 age group, and look forward to these events to connect and listen to the demands of youth about their everyday gifting needs.

World-renowned singer KK was one of the highlight of the event and wowed everyone with his fabulous vocals. The very talented French scratch music band – Scratch Bandit – introduced scratch music to many. B-Schools of Rock (BSOR) were another important highlight, where several bands from across the country battled for the adulation of audience! All-in-all we were thrilled to be part of Unmaad 2013. Woohoo intends to reach out to the young hearts through more colleges events. If something exciting is happening in your college, mail us the details at