New year gift ideas for your loved ones

Gift, gifting, e gift voucher, Woohoo app, gift cards, gift vouchers, e gift cards, new year gifts, new year gift ideasAs we near the end of a year and prepare to welcome the new year – a year full of hope, excitement and all the good things life can bring us – our hearts yearn to express gratitude to those special people who make our lives worth living. With a plethora of options to select from, what do you choose to gift your loved ones to thank them for having stood by you in the year that was and to usher in the new year? Here are a few new year gift ideas that might help you in making your gifts more meaningful.

This year, take the gifting experience a notch higher. With every aspect of our lives moving at lightning speed with the updates in technology, shouldn’t our gifting experiences too? Instead of tiring yourself walking the aisles of department stores, you now have the power of gifting fabulous products and experiences right from the comfort of your home. From apparel to jewellery, books and electronics, fine dining, movie and spa experiences, online gift-cards stores like have the perfect new year gift ideas for all. By sending a gift card, you are also giving your loved ones the power of choice – a choice to select the gift as per his own taste and convenience.

Your loved ones will not just appreciate the fact that they could choose from a wide range of products and experiences across brands like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Amazon, Croma, PVR, Four Fountains Spa, Mainland China and the like, they will also thank you for your thoughtfulness as they take advantage of the numerous year-end sales and offers that are running across various stores.

Besides the range of gifts, endless choice for the recipients and exciting offers, think of the personalization you can bring to your gifts. A gift-wrapped gift card or ornate gift voucher from India’s most favorite brands, with a personalized message, will surely be an instant hit among your loved ones. And if you’d like to make it more personal, you could choose to send an e-gift card via the Woohoo app. Selfies, images from your gallery, voice notes and text messages – all of this beautifully wrapped up in an electronic gift card delivered instantly on their mobiles. The sentiments contained in the gift will always be a click away on their phones, while the monetary aspect can be used by them to treat themselves to a great start to the new year. What better way to light up your loved ones’ lives and show them how much they mean to you this new year? If you liked these ideas, you can start your new year gifting right away!

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Christmas templates by our fans

Two lucky winners from the #WoohooSeasonsClickings have something to celebrate this Christmas! Besides winning gift cards worth Rs.500 each, they also had the images, that were shared by them, featured as templates on our Woohoo website and app.

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This means that the beautiful images, conveying the festive spirit, that were captured and shared by them (Poonam Jadhav and Priyanka Lodha Patwariare) are now available for all our users to share with their loved ones and spread the joy and love of this festive spirit.

So go ahead, check out the beautiful templates and send your Christmas gift cards to your loved ones today.




Christmas gifts for your near and dear ones

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Festivals are integral part of our lives. Each year, they bring happiness and harmony to the lives of people. Those few days or hours we spend together with our family and friends help keep our bonds intact and also help nurture the relations and unity between the people. Giving away Christmas gifts as a token of love and gratitude has been a practice for generations across the world, and each culture has its own unique way of celebration. The basic idea behind all is simple – to show how much you love and care about someone.

Family Get-away

This Christmas season, you can make use of the best opportunity to gift friends and family. Ideally, one is supposed to spend quality time with the near and dear ones during such holiday seasons. If that is a possibility, planning small trips with immediate family members is a good option, so that each and everyone will get enough time to relax and have conversations with each other. You can either go for a resort or more cost-effective options like homestays as you plan a getaway with the family. Travel gift cards would be perfect for the family.

Gifts for Parents

While gifting parents, one has to be careful about the options, or else one will end up spending money on the wrong items. Preferably, it has to be something with high utility value, more than any fancy item. You can either buy smart kitchen appliances like cappuccino maker or roti maker which are ideal for daily use, and also will reduce the time and effort in kitchen.

An LCD TV or home theatre is another good option. If there are budget issues, you can settle for less expensive gadgets like kindle, electronic shaving kit, etc. Gift cards from Croma and Amazon would be ideal if you would like your parents to take their pick with the product.

Gifts for Spouse

Even though you are not supposed to wait for a special occasion to gift your partner, she would be thrilled if you gift her something this Christmas, however clichéd the concept of gifting on festivities is. For your wife, you can either gift jewellery or a experience at  the relaxing spa. Smart kitchen appliances will also do the trick. If she hates the concept of presents in fancy wrappers, buy something for the home which will help ease her labour and effort. You can also give your house a new look by changing the rugs, curtains and furniture covers.

For your husband, it’s comparatively easier to pick a good gift. If he is a game addict, gift him a gaming console. If he is a person who takes a lot of care in his looks and dressing, buy him classy gifts like leather bags, wallets, tie or cuff links. Branded perfumes, smart-phones, iPads or digital diaries will also serve as ideal gifts for your husband. Even a simple bottle of his favourite brand of liquor will be enough to bring a smile on his face.

But a gift card, that says you love them so much as to gift them the choice of selecting whatever they want, would be even better!

Gifts for Kids

When it comes to kids, go for something that is not too expensive, but convenient for them. Buy them clothes of their choice or give them food coupons so that they can enjoy a meal with their friends. Gifting good books is always the best present you can give your children.

But what if you are unable to be physically present with your family during the special occasion? You can always send them personalised cards to show how much you care and how much you think about them even in their absence. If time permits, make them a handmade card. You can also send along customised Christmas e-gift cards with personal messages along with the greeting cards so that your loved ones can buy something that they really want. After all, holidays and special occasions are meant to show our loved ones how much we care about them.

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(Post updated on 20 Dec 2016)