New year gift ideas for your loved ones

Gift, gifting, e gift voucher, Woohoo app, gift cards, gift vouchers, e gift cards, new year gifts, new year gift ideasAs we near the end of a year and prepare to welcome the new year – a year full of hope, excitement and all the good things life can bring us – our hearts yearn to express gratitude to those special people who make our lives worth living. With a plethora of options to select from, what do you choose to gift your loved ones to thank them for having stood by you in the year that was and to usher in the new year? Here are a few new year gift ideas that might help you in making your gifts more meaningful.

This year, take the gifting experience a notch higher. With every aspect of our lives moving at lightning speed with the updates in technology, shouldn’t our gifting experiences too? Instead of tiring yourself walking the aisles of department stores, you now have the power of gifting fabulous products and experiences right from the comfort of your home. From apparel to jewellery, books and electronics, fine dining, movie and spa experiences, online gift-cards stores like have the perfect new year gift ideas for all. By sending a gift card, you are also giving your loved ones the power of choice – a choice to select the gift as per his own taste and convenience.

Your loved ones will not just appreciate the fact that they could choose from a wide range of products and experiences across brands like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Amazon, Croma, PVR, Four Fountains Spa, Mainland China and the like, they will also thank you for your thoughtfulness as they take advantage of the numerous year-end sales and offers that are running across various stores.

Besides the range of gifts, endless choice for the recipients and exciting offers, think of the personalization you can bring to your gifts. A gift-wrapped gift card or ornate gift voucher from India’s most favorite brands, with a personalized message, will surely be an instant hit among your loved ones. And if you’d like to make it more personal, you could choose to send an e-gift card via the Woohoo app. Selfies, images from your gallery, voice notes and text messages – all of this beautifully wrapped up in an electronic gift card delivered instantly on their mobiles. The sentiments contained in the gift will always be a click away on their phones, while the monetary aspect can be used by them to treat themselves to a great start to the new year. What better way to light up your loved ones’ lives and show them how much they mean to you this new year? If you liked these ideas, you can start your new year gifting right away!

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New year gifting ideas: A new beginning to your new year!

Gift, gifting, e gift voucher, Woohoo app, gift cards, gift vouchers, e gift cards, new year gifts, new year gift ideasGet ready for possibilities of new beginnings with this New Year! There can’t be a better time than a new year for a fresh new start – forget and forgive all the bad memories and incidents. Let us all welcome New Year 2016 with a new hope and right spirit. To add extra colors to your loved one’s New Year celebration what else could be better than presenting them with some unique gifts.

Buy a New Year gift card from

Gift cards are great last minute choice for gifting opportunity. This season, gift people what they really love: freedom and flexibility. These days’ gift cards are most-purchased gifts and a thoughtful way to show someone that you care about them, especially when they themselves can choose whatever and whenever they want.  Woohoo offers gift cards with various categories and denomination and they are easy on your pocket too! You don’t have to worry about finding the right gift card for your loved ones because we have it all.

Which card to choose?

No doubt at Woohoo the choice for gifts is very vast, so it might be difficult for you to decide on which gift to buy for whom, right? We suggest you consider their tastes and personality while buying gift cards for them. Make all special women in your life feel more special by gifting them an all-in-one gift card from a departmental store like Marks & Spencer, Shopper Stop, Lifestyle; for a gadget freak you can grab a gift card from an electronic store like Croma. For a movie buff it is very easy to get a PVR cinemas gift card. For women who love to pamper themselves, gift cards from a salon or spa like Lakme or Four Fountains would be ideal. To please your in-laws, send them on a trip with a travel gift card. For new home-owners, gift cards related to home décor is the right choice. And of course, for friends the list is endless – restaurant gift cards, book store gift cards, health and fitness gift cards –  you name it, Woohoo has it!

If you want to gift all of these benefits with a more personalised touch, you can check out the Woohoo app which allows you to not just send an e-gift voucher instantly from your mobile to your loved ones’ mobiles but also enables to to spruce it up with selfies, photographs of old and new memories, personal voice notes or text messages.

So go ahead, send your gifts today!

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(Post updated on 29 Dec 2015)


Give A NEW Gift For This NEW Year

728x90It’s a brand new year again and a fresh chance for all of us to make necessary changes in our lives. We all make resolutions that we plan to keep – getting fit and saving money. Speaking of saving money, do you know just how many people give away the gifts they receive, or hide them in their attics? Isn’t that a real waste of the money you spend on buying those gifts? How about gifting something different this year that will never be given away or put away in the attic?

Say Hello To Gift Cards And Gift Vouchers

Make this your New Year’s resolution for 2015 – to include gift cards and gift vouchers into your gifting strategy. Forget about spending hours at shopping malls and other stores looking for gifts. Just decide which brand your recipients will like and buy a gift card or gift voucher from that brand. With a single stroke, you can ensure that your money’s well spent, eliminate gift wastage and give your recipients the joy of shopping for their own gift!

Bring New Joy To Your Friends This New Year

Change your gifting style and adopt gift cards and see what a difference this makes to your friends. This will be the best New Year’s resolution ever. We’ve made the entire process really easy for you. All you do is log on to and purchase a gift card from a brand you like. We’ll deliver it to your recipient on time. Your job is over – all you do now is to wait for that excited phone call or email from your recipient when your gift card arrives!

Gift Cards, E-gift Cards and Gift Vouchers

A gift card works just like a debit card; your gift funds are stored in its memory, and the card is swiped while billing for the items purchased. Your recipients can choose to spend your gift funds in a single shopping trip, or on multiple trips. Some brands even offer membership benefits to gift card holders, and even allow them to recharge their gift cards at the brand’s stores. Both gift cards and gift vouchers come with expiry dates, after which the any unused funds expire along with the card. E-gift cards are delivered to the recipient’s email account within minutes of purchase. So now you get your gift to the recipient on time and your recipient can redeem your gift on time for the occasion! What could be better than that?