Holi Celebrations with a Cause

Holi celebrations at Qwikcilver this year went beyond the filling of bellies to filling potholes in and around the city of Bangalore.

Besides the music, food and entertainment which were a part of the Holi festivities, Woohoo joined hands with “Pothole Raja” towards raising funds for his initiative in making the city of Bangalore pothole-free.

Prathaap Bhimasena Rao, popularly known as “Pothole Raja”, was a former pilot who shifted to corporate life after a crash and is now pursuing a doctorate while teaching at various city colleges, besides managing the fledgling potholes campaign. The campaign claims to have repaired 200 potholes around the city in a span of one year.

Potholes are a major cause of concern since a lot of traffic related issues and accidents are directly impacted by them. Rao’s personal experience and the experiences of his friends and families led him to take up the initiative of fixing the potholes himself instead of waiting on BBMP to do the same. Should one spot a pothole one could take a picture and ‘WhatsApp’ it to 814POTHOLE (the letters correspond with the numbers 7684653) and Pothole Raja would attempt to fix it in a span of 5 days.

The fundraising activities included a game of lotto for all the QCians and food stalls selling delicious snacks ranging from pani puris, bhel puris, kachoris, samosas, ice creams, gulab jamuns and the like.

A few rounds of Antakshari and dance were also part of the celebrations.

Apart from all the fun and frolic, the event saw QCians coming together to support a noble cause.


Meetings & bean bags at Qwikcilver

“A Day at work in Qwikcilver Solutions implies having to be transcending Frenetic parleys; Bhejas being Fried aka Brainstorming about the birds and the bees; building a zillion options of Gift Cards to woo old ladies & young children; opting for varying hues & colors of flower bouquets and flavours of cakes.
The toughest Act is on the choice of BeanBag for the meetings on WoohooGifting.” – Pratap, CMO @Qwikcilver

Oorja 2017

Oorja, Qwikcilver’s annual sports event, witnessed a brilliant display of talent, dedication and unparalleled enthusiasm.

Though the main event was a day long there were a series of matches held a few days prior, all of it building-up to the finale.

The desire to not just bring home the trophy but to also put in one’s best was so great that practice sessions were held in full vigour pre / post work and on weekends.

The QCians (yes, that’s what the Qwikcilver / QC folks are called) from across functions were divided into four teams – Red Hawks, Blue Panthers, Flaming Tigers and Green Tornadoes.

Each of the teams participated in various sporting events ranging from football, cricket, badminton, throw-ball, volleyball, chess, table tennis, carom to relay and other medley events.

The day drew to a close with the Red Hawks emerging as the winning team.

But even though the QCians were divided by their teams they were united in spirit. As Shankar Balan, President at Qwikcilver, rightly puts it, “The tempo, the buzz, the sportsmanship, the competitive spirit, the celebration and camaraderie in success and the magnanimity in defeat, came through so very clearly indeed.”