Woohoo Newsletter

Issue 12 – For August, 2012 


This edition of our newsletter is special as we complete one year interacting with you through our monthly newsletters!

This edition of our newsletter is special as we complete one year interacting with you through our monthly newsletters!

We are also happy to share with you that Mr. Gopalkrishnan S D, AVP, Watch Division,Titan Industries agreed to pen down a Guest Feature for this issue. We are glad to have a veteran like him share interesting insights on retail planning with all our readers.

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Hidesign in association with QwikCilver launched its loyalty program to reward its growing and loyal consumer base.

With this program, Hidesign customers will be able to enjoy exclusive rewards and privileges making their shopping experience a memorable one!

Woohoo.in launches its E-Gift Card-the one stop card for all planned (and unplanned) gifting requirements!

Whether its employee R&R programs, Performance Bonuses, Feel Good Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Festive Season Rewards. In effect, Gifts for any Reason and any Season- the solution is simple!

It eliminates logistic headaches and removes the responsibility of having to choose a suitable gift for the many employees and vendors the Corporate has!

QWIK BYTE: Share of Different Categories

GUEST FEATURE: Mr. Gopalkrishnan S D , AVP:Watch Division, TIL

Retail Set-up: How to make it more viable?

Product quality and functionality are essential prerequisites for any retail set-up. Advertisements announce these, create brand desirability and kindle the purchase instinct. The last mile conversion into real purchase is at the final touch point, the retail store. Hence it is important that the art of retail is carefully thought and planned through. Here are a few critical areas to be considered.

Selection of the store: A good research and understanding is required before deciding on the location where the store is to be put up. The profile of the residents in the catchment area of the store should be relevant to the product category being sold. One does not put up a value mart where the nearby population is highly upmarket!

Product display and Visual merchandising: A good and attractive display of the product is very essential to elicit customer interest. Products should be arranged for the ease and convenience of the customers. One might want to highlight new introductions within the store to catch customer attention. Products could be arranged based on price points or product categories or any such classification that makes it easy for the customer to browse through. The products should not be stored in a clutter nor should the counters look empty. Very often the customers may shy away from a product on the presumption of a high price or may not be at ease to enquire the price. It would be a good idea to display the prices and display the ‘value buys’ separately. The store also should not look intimidating, particularly if the products are of widely differing price points catering to different customer profiles. The visual merchandising such as in store posters, danglers etc should also be very relevant, inviting and pleasing. Store in general and product counters in particular should be well lit.

Selection of the franchisee: All stores are not always run by the company themselves. When the stores where the products are sold are franchised, it is very important that the process for selection of franchisees gets equal attention as the products being sold. The reputation, the local standing, the investment capabilities and the retail experience of the franchisee are few factors that deserve attention. These are very essential to ensure that the reputation for the brands that have been built over years and at a considerable cost are not being whittled away by an inadequate franchisee.

Store staff: The staff being polite, well-groomed, well-informed about the product go a long way in converting the walk-in into a sale. A good and presentable uniform, the kind of make-up or perfumes that they can wear, a good training on how to receive or greet a customer, when to assist a customer or when to leave him alone are traits well worth being trained for. Customers today do look for a good retail shopping experience and these are essential to get the customers again back into the store for repeat purchases.

Loyalty Programs: It has now become common practice to grant to customers reward points on purchases made, that can be redeemed during subsequent purchases, to gain customer loyalty and ensure repeat purchases. Collecting customer’s details such as their name, address, birthday or wedding day etc and wishing them is one other way of winning customer loyalty. They should be specially informed when products relevant to them are introduced or provide them a special preview of new products or allow the special privilege of availing discounts when there are schemes run by the company. These would make them feel privileged and stay closer.

Gift Card Programs: Gifting presents a great opportunity to the retailers today. There are any number of occasions- Father’s day, Mother’s day, Children’s day, Valentine’s day, Marriages, Birthdays, marriage anniversaries- just to name a few. Festivals and celebrations of successes and achievements add to the opportunity. Loyalty programmes, as already mentioned, helps in acquiring details of some of these and to use them effectively with customers. Unless one is gifting something to someone intimate, it may be difficult to judge what the giftee would need or appreciate. Very often what size to buy (as in case of apparels) could be an issue. In this fast moving world, one may not have the time to decide and choose an appropriate gift. Gift cards have starting playing a great role in this space. A Gift card which can be redeemed say in a large format store, gives wide options to the giftee. Being electronically managed, Gift Cards are also safe and convenient. Most of them in the form of plastic cards are also elegant and easy to carry around like a credit card. Paper Gift Vouchers with a face value force the customers to buy to the extent of such value or forego balance since refunds are never permitted. Gift Cards permit multiple usage and does away with this limitation. Retailers can create additional sales opportunities in collaborating with such Gift card programs by either offering their products on sales through such gift cards or selling Gift cards themselves as a product category in the stores.

Financial performance: It is needless to mention that any retail operation needs to be profitable. In a single store, profit achieved at the store is an easy measure. It has been proven that establishing many neighbourhood stores increases sales as it makes it easy for the customer to shop and to prompt the customers for considering the products in these stores, particularly when it comes to gifting. While this could lead to a desire for opening up of many stores, it is also equally necessary to keep an eye on each such store. Financial parameters or thresholds should be defined clearly and one should not hesitate to close down stores when they turn out to be not profitable. These could be based on turnover, return from square foot of space (especially when the rent is high) or return on investment made.

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Woohoo On RadioOne with MJ Prithvi!

If you are an avid listener of Radio One in Bangalore, we hope you didn’t miss listening to the fun woohoo youth promotional program on July 26th! The witty radio jockey Prithvi and Woohoo’s Chief Marketing Officer, T. P. Pratap spent a great hour talking about Woohoo, music and life in general. We don’t know who was funnier – Pratap or Prithvi. Read all about the program below!

They Made A Real Fun Team!

As all RadioOne fans know, Prithvi is beyond funny. He’s always ready with a witty comeback, and can make just about anybody laugh. He also really cares to know more about the people he interviews and the things they represent. Pratap introduced Woohoo.in, and explained how one can customize gift cards for any value. As an example, he mentioned how one could order a gift card for Rs. 1233 from Titan Watches for Prithvi. That got Prithvi very excited indeed! Prithvi’s humor is infectious and it was an entertaining programme indeed!

Funny Moments From The Show

Kya Hua Tera Waada: Prithvi played Kya Hua Tera Waada because Pratap said he used to hum this song while growing up. Immediately, Prithvi started pulling Pratap’s leg, wanting to know who he was thinking of while humming it. Pratap was quick with the comeback; he said that he’s thinking of all the people who’ve not signed up on Woohoo.in yet!  Does your friend also love nostalgic music? Go ahead and gift him or her a Woohoo gift card from Landmark, Planet M, or Flipkart.

Cocktail And How Safe Is Saif!! Prithvi asked if Pratap has seen the movie ‘Cocktail’, and Pratap said there’s no way he’s going to miss watching those two ravishing ladies in the movie. Prithvi snickered and said it’s lucky that Saif Ali Khan is in the movie to save those two ladies from Pratap, which made both guys wonder: exactly how SAFE is SAIF for those ladies? Hey by the way, want to gift someone the Cocktail movie? Grab a PVR Cinemas gift card from Woohoo.in. It’s a great way to enjoy the entire PVR experience!

A Spelling Challenge: Towards the end of the program, Pratap challenged Prithvi to correctly spell Woohoo’s parent company’s name, QwikCilver. The prize? A gift card worth Rs. 5000!! Gosh, Prithvi’s brain started working overtime. Though he came up with various combinations, Prithvi still got the spelling wrong. Got a friend who loves mind-challenges? How about buying him or her a Woohoo.in gift card from Flipkart, Landmark or Oxford Book Store?

Woohoo.in Makes Gifting Fun!

Woohoo.in allows the sweeter things of life, i.e. love and nostalgia to be gifted and cherished. While offering everybody a fun and convenient gifting experience; Woohoo.in.com also provides the recipients endless choices to buy their gifts.

Honestly, after this program, we won’t be surprised if Prithvi has ordered a Woohoo.in gift card! It’s quite possible; there are a huge number of brands from which to choose, on Woohoo.in. Truth be told, there’s no better way to send gifts to your loved ones!

Note: Copyright vests with respective copyright holders at Radio One and Woohoo.in.


Salman Gifts Kareena A Handbag!

Salman Khan was so impressed by his co-star Kareena Kapoor’s performance in the film, “Main Aur Mrs. Khanna” that he bought her a designer bag worth Rs.250,000. What kind of a bag costs that much! Well, apparently when Salman and Kareena were shooting in Australia, she fell in love with a Dolce and Gabbana bag and Salman immediately bought it for her. What a lucky girl!

A Designer Bag Makes A Statement Gift

There was a time when handbags were meant just to carry things around. Not anymore. Today the handbag is a fashion piece, something that’s noted, observed and commented on. When it comes to gifting a woman, there’s nothing to beat jewelry, fashion and a beautiful designer bag. A fabulous bag completes a woman’s outfit and adds additional glam to her overall look. Nothing can beat that!

What Do You Do With This Knowledge?

Ok, so now you know that women love handbags, and you know your wife’s or sister’s birthday is coming up. But let’s say you don’t know much about designer bags or what she might like. You wouldn’t want to take any chances with your money, would you? There’s an easy way of doing this. Woohoo.in offers gift cards from several retail brands that stock great designer handbags. Choose Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle or Central  cards for a selection of different designer bags. If you know what your lady gift recipient likes, opt for a gift card from Hidesign or Holii. You can never go wrong with your card, because the final choice of bag is hers!


What’s The Ideal Gift For A Baby Shower?

Apparently, Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra gifted his yet to be born baby son a golden spoon during the traditional “Godh Bharai” baby shower. The golden spoon is made of 24 carat gold, and is meant to be used to feed the baby his first cereals. What do you think would be the ideal gift for your friend’s baby shower?

What Makes For Better Baby Shower Gift Options

A baby shower is the perfect occasion for family and friends to gift practical things for mother and baby. Of course, there’s no stopping anyone from gifting a 24-carat gold spoon! However, think of essential things a new mother will need. Diapers, baby products, toys, bottles, baby blankets, baby kits, baby wipes and baby hygiene products – the list is endless. Imagine being informed of a friend’s baby shower that’s to occur in the next few days. From where will you get all these products? And how will you ensure the quality of what you’re buying?

The Answer Lies With Woohoo.in

Woohoomakes it easy for you to buy gift cards online from brands such as Mothercare, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle and Central, which stock all kinds of mother and baby care products. The best part about Woohoo.in is that you can decide which brand offers you the most choice, and buy that brand’s gift card. Your card will be delivered straight to the new mom-to-be, who can then select what she wants from the brand. Works out much better than Kundra’s golden spoon, we assure you!


Gift Learning To Young Minds!!

Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro Technologies is one of the greatest philanthropists of all time. His gifts to students all over the world have amounted to thousands of crores’.  His recently set up; Azim Premji University which opened its portals to students this July. Azim Premji is media-shy, preferring to show his generosity from the background.

Learning Is The Most Noble Gift Of All

Through this extremely magnanimous example, Azim Premji has demonstrated that learning and knowledge are the most precious gifts we can give to our young people. Yes, we can give them apparel, fashion and trend-forward lifestyle gear and much more, but nothing beats the gift of learning. Young minds can be inspired by the writings of greats. Why not take good advantage of this fact and gift them books of learning?

Nothing Can Replace Books In Our World

We’ve survived the technological revolution. We’ve seen books being swapped for videos and games. Still, bookstores thrive. Take the Oxford Book Store for example, or Landmark. Young people still line up at these famous stores, looking for those inspiring words to give them hope, and bolster their faith.

Do Your Bit For The Young Minds In Your Care

When it’s the birthday of your sons, daughters, young cousins, nieces or nephews, consider books as gift options. Think of how you can help them blossom into mature individuals through great books. Log on to Woohoo.in and purchase gift cards from Flipkart.com, Oxford Book Store or Landmark. Stock these cards and send them to your young friends and relatives on their birthdays. Suggest good titles and help them choose. Follow Premji’s example and promote learning.


Kareena’s Surprise Gift To Saif Ali Khan – A Trip To Switzerland!

The gorgeous Kareena Kapoor and her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan have made extravagant and wonderful gifts to each other over the years. But when Saif’s 40th birthday came rolling around, Kareena was all geared up to surprise him yet again! This time she planned a romantic trip to Switzerland and kept it a secret till the last minute. Wasn’t  that cool?

Why Was This Trip Idea So Special?

Gstaad, in Switzerland, is known as one of the most picturesque corners of the world. Several famous Hollywood celebrities have homes there, such as Julie Andrews, Roger Moore and Elizabeth Taylor. Gstaad is famous for its breathtaking scenery. It’s also famous for its skiing resorts and Saif being a skiing enthusiast, the surprise was right up his alley.

Your Man Will Be Just As Surprised And Excited!

Imagine surprising your husband or boyfriend with a similar trip as a gift! Your man would probably be expecting a watch or a wallet, not a trip. Most people don’t expect a trip as a gift, which is why it’s the best gift idea ever! Do try it!

How To Do It?

Don’t tell anyone in advance about your plan. Just create an account on Woohoo.in and buy a generous gift card either from MakeMyTrip.com or Travel Tours.in. You can choose a romantic place closer to your home or somewhere far away! This gift is sure to be different than the usual ones, for there is no experience like travelling together to a romantic destination.


Gift options for Office Colleagues in India

Working people spend over 60 hours a week at work, not counting overtime. Colleagues become friends and sometimes family extensions. If you are close to your colleague, or if you want to make a good impression, it’s perfectly appropriate to offer a gift on occasion. Don’t second guess and offer a gift that might not be well received. Go with the gift card option from Woohoo.in – you’ll only be paying for the card but your colleague picks out what he or she likes.

Department Store/Mall Cards

When you purchase a gift card that can be used to buy anything at a huge department stores like Lifestyle, Central or Shopper’s Stop, you’re throwing open a door to unlimited gift options. A mall gift card not only provides unlimited shopping options, but also offers an exclusive shopping experience. Many stores have excellent discounts and special offer packages for gift card holders, so that’s a plus. Also, at some stores it’s possible to recharge the gift card value and use it time and again.

Books, Music and Assorted items

Books and music still make ideal gifts; the only thing being that with a gift card, your colleague will be able to choose the books and music they want. Consider a gift card from Landmark, Flipkart or Planet M. Your gift recipient does not have to redeem the card’s value in one trip. He or she can make several trips and enjoy the merchandise. That’s part of the gift card appeal.


A gift card for a movie is a great gift as well. A gift card from PVRCinemas offers the flexibility of date and time, so your colleague can use it anytime within its validity. Consider buying a generous gift card, to allow your colleague to take a partner along. This is a good gift option for a colleague at your peer level.


Watches make an elegant gift. Consider this option for a senior colleague, perhaps your boss. A gift card from Watches & More, Titan or Helios will open up endless options in classy timepieces, just right for the corporate manager. You’ll make a great impression, something that will be remembered. Consider this gift option as a thank you gesture to a senior mentor to whom you owe gratitude.

A nice meal

You could pay for a meal at a restaurant to celebrate your colleague’s birthday, but that doesn’t seem like much of a gift. However, when you hand over a gift card from Woohoo.in for a classy dining experience at a top restaurant such as Mainland China, Madhuloka, Sigree Restaurant, Kyra Restaurant or Oh! Calcutta Restaurant, it’s a special gift. That’s because your card is an opportunity for your colleague to celebrate at a classy restaurant with a loved one. That makes it special.


Gifting a Relaxing Spa Experience!!

Women love spas! That’s just a given, and there are no two ways about it. Women love the attention, the pampering and the sheer luxury that a great spa offers. That’s why a spa experience is one of the best gifts a woman can receive. Spa treatments take away a woman’s stress, and replace it with relaxation and a renewed joy for life. So when you gift your mother, wife or girlfriend a spa experience, you’re actually telling them that you care for their physical and emotional well being.

The Beauty of using a Gift Card to gift a Spa Experience

When you buy an YLG gift card for a spa experience, you’re opening up the door to a lifetime of pampering. You can also recharge your recipient’s gift cards for future use through GiftBig.com. That makes these gift cards work like debit cards, which can be used to purchase spa services and products. YLG presently has stores in Bangalore & Pune. With the GiftBig.com Gift Card, your gift recipient can choose the best venue, the date, the time and the occasion for a great spa experience.

What makes a Spa Experience a must in every woman’s life

All brides love to go to a spa before they get married. They undergo skin exfoliation treatments for that special bridal glow, and hair and nail treatments for extra shine. They undergo massages for relaxing themselves and for toning up their skin and muscles. Modern brides are starting to see the spa experience as a required part of their bridal experience.

It’s not just for brides – a spa experience is something that any stressed out woman needs. Think of the high-flying, jet-setting corporate achiever who’s got one foot on the ground and the other on a plane. Think of your mother, with all her backbreaking duties at home and outside. Think of the hardworking mom of young children who seldom gets a break. All these are women in your life, either family or friends, who needs to be pampered once a while.

A Spa gift experience makes a woman feel special

Sometimes a woman doesn’t need a special occasion at all to spend a day at the spa. Still, it is wonderful to have a gift voucher from someone who cares, and plan for a lovely day of relaxation. That’s what makes it special. A day at the spa, paid for by someone she loves, makes a woman feel well-cared for, loved and appreciated. You cannot achieve the same effect if you were to gift a dress or jewelry, though those gifts are also greatly appreciated. A spa gift experience is a great way to say thanks to your mom for all her hard work and to show your appreciation to the sacrifices she made for you. It’s also a perfect gift to your wife, to show that you genuinely care for her well being.


Gifting garments through Gift Cards in India

Know someone who could use a wardrobe makeover? Of course, it won’t be appropriate to consider a wardrobe makeover for your boss at work, but think of your spouse, children and close loved ones. How would you go about gifting new clothes to your loved ones? Would you take them shopping along with you and wait for hours while they decide? Or would you just pick up the garments of your choice, never mind what they prefer? Actually there’s a third option which will suit both the giver and the receiver.

Consider the Ease and the Benefits

Let’s say it’s your wife’s birthday, and she likes exclusive designer sarees. A gift card from Satya Paul available at GiftBig.com is just the ticket. All you do is purchase the gift card online. It’ll be delivered to your wife. Your wife visits the nearest Satya Paul outlet, and selects her purchase. She then presents the gift card to be swiped at the counter. There’s a unique magnetic strip and barcode at the back of the card, which keeps track of the card’s value. Your wife can opt to increase the value of the card and take advantage of special offers at Satya Paul. Instead of gifting her a single saree, you open the doors for a great experience, and a long term relationship with a top designer brand. That’s the power of a gift card.

Consider the Fashion Quotient and other benefits

Do you have a teenage daughter whose taste in clothing is just beyond your comprehension? How about getting her a gift card from Accessorize, the cool haunt for young and young-at-heart fashionistas? Also, GiftBig.com has gift card options from top fashion brands and stores like Westside, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Central, Allen Solly etc. Plus these gift card options can be tied up with loyalty programs, special offers and lifetime memberships. In a single stroke, you can enhance your daughter’s fashion quotient, and save money in the long run through in-store benefits.

Consider the Long Term Validity and Store Options

Many top brands have more than one store in a particular city. If your gift recipient couldn’t find that perfect white blouse at one store, she can look for it in other stores of the same brand. There’s no urgency when it comes to redeeming the card’s value. Many cards are valid for 6 months and above. That gives your gift recipient a chance to explore all the options and choose their garments wisely.

Consider the Cool factor!

Your kids will be thrilled to have their own ‘debit cards’. That’s how some gift cards work – like debit cards that are swiped to pay for something. More funds can be added, making the card and its usage a longterm, ongoing pleasure.


Gift Cards make the perfect Housewarming Gifts!

Are you attending someone’s housewarming function? What a great opportunity to gift something nice and useful to the new home owners! But what do you gift? Do you know what they’d like, or what they already have? It’s hard to second guess people’s wishes. Most people are too polite to let others know that they didn’t like their gifts. It’s best to err on the safe side and make use of the wonderful option of gift cards from Woohoo.in. Here’s how you can delight your friends with the perfect gift card options for a housewarming function.

Don’t second guess, just open the door to multiple options

You can’t tell if the new home owners want kitchen implements, or furnishings or trendy artifacts. Why not just gift them a card from Home Stop or @Home that has all of these products? These two stores have everything a homemaker desires to make her home perfect. You cannot beat these brands for the most amazing furniture, furnishings, electronic equipments and fancy and trendy items in town. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your friends need new utensils and cutlery? Or they might need the latest in non-stick cookware, frying pans or stoves. A Home Stop or @Home Gift Card from Woohoo.in can open the door to an unbeatable vista of options!

Think in terms of an all-home solution

If you know the house owners intimately, and have some idea about their tastes and what they’re looking for, consider other options. A gift voucher from Home Stop, TTK Prestige, Croma or @Home can make somebody’s idea of a dream home come true. Your friends will be thrilled to get a gift card from these outlets, especially when they’re doing up a brand new home!

Your Gift Cards represent more than just gift options

A gift card from top home brands in the market opens the door to home décor education. The great thing about these malls and brands is that they have sample kitchens, living areas and bedrooms, all furnished and set up. Homemakers can draw a great deal of inspiration from how everything is laid out, what colors work with each other and how to get the right effect. It’s an unbeatable educational experience.

When you consider that your friends can not only check out the sample rooms, but purchase the actual products right there, you’ll realize what your gift card represents.  For your friends, this could be the first shopping visit of many to come, as they decorate the house with the latest in home furnishings and equipments.