Always Forget an Important Occasion? Not anymore!

Do you find yourself somehow forgetting people’s birthdays, anniversaries etc on D-Day? (I’m guilty of it myself!) Or, perhaps, you’re someone who likes to have things planned well in advance and have gifts delivered as per the plan on those specific dates? Woohoo’s “scheduled gifting” option now allows you to have your wishes and E-Gift Cards delivered to your loved ones exactly when they need to be delivered, be it Valentine’s Day, Diwali or other such occasions.

That’s right! You can now select the specific date on which you want the E-Gift Cards to be delivered. This feature does ease the pressure of having to “remember” to send it on time for the occasion or, worse still, remembering it days after the event has passed.

Never be guilty of forgetting another important occasion again!

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Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone

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With Valentine’s Day just round the corner and the atmosphere abuzz with all things red and pink, you would love to let that special someone know how much he or she means to you. But the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts could be quite a challenge because, surely, your loved one deserves nothing but the “best”.

So what could make the best Valentine’s Day gifts?

Chocolates, roses, soft toys, perfumes, jewellery sets…ah! You’ve done it all! Why not gift something that’s unique and create memories you both will cherish for a lifetime? Well, that’s exactly what you’re looking for, right? Be it gifts for him or her, we’ve got some good valentine gift ideas right here!

A hamper full of surprises

Imagine we tell you that it’s possible to surprise your loved one that morning with the entire day’s plan, that you’ve so lovingly chalked out, literally on the cards? Too good to be true? With Woohoo, this is just as good as it is true!

Here’s what you do:

Hop on to and browse through a range of gift cards across different categories that you would like to select to create the gift cards hamper for your loved one.

If a nice coffee and brunch date is how you plan to start your Valentine’s Day with your loved one, you could choose to pick a Costa Coffee gift card.

Heading for a movie next? Pick a PVR cinemas gift card.

For the lunch date, you could choose gift cards from Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta, Spaghetti Kitchen and the like, depending on your loved one’s choice of cuisine.

If spending some quality time going shopping together is part of your plan, you could select gift cards from Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle, Marks & Spencer, Westside and more. If online shopping is what is preferred, you could choose from Amazon or Myntra gift cards.

And before you wrap up that perfect day with an exquisite dinner experience, you could choose to unwind with your loved one at a spa or salon, with gift cards from the Four Fountains Spa or Lakme salon.

Is there more?

Yes! You could chose to have all of this personalized and delivered to your loved one’s mobile in an instant. With the Woohoo app, you could send your loved one an e-gift card that could be used across all of this without having to carry the physical gift cards. You could also add a photograph of the two of you, record a voice message and put it in text and have all of this delivered in a matter of seconds, directly from your mobile to theirs, via Whatsapp, SMS or email.

Now, that’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts planning that you’ve handled like a pro! Isn’t that impressive?


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Changing the Way the World Gifts

It is that time of the year. Again. To make resolutions. And to ensure that the resolutions taken earlier are close to execution.

We collectively look forward to a New Year with renewed hope and excitement.

There would surely be freshly baked jokes on social media that nothing is going to change – as it is the same Job, the same Boss, the same colleague, the same market, the same challenges, the same complexities..…

But it is still a New Year!

Time does not have a holiday break. Our dreams don’t have an expiry date. Our dreams continue to be cherished and nurtured. Circumstances shall conspire to help in their accomplishment.

Life, as it happens, has no pause button.

This year has had its share of crests and troughs. Having said that, we shall save only the memories that brought a twinkle to our eyes and mind; not those that added wrinkles to our faces!

At times, we get asked as to what we do. We do lots of exciting and pioneering work. All towards one common agenda.

In a nutshell, we do EVERYTHING GIFT CARDS.

We enable large enterprises, transnational brands & startups to launch and manage unique & innovative consumer outreach programs. Via our robust, multi-tenanted Technology Product Suite for Stored Value Prepaid & Gift Cards.

In 2016, we drove Gift Card category innovations across 700+ enterprises in 500+cities in 6 different countries. This translates to 2+ Gift Cards being transacted every second through the Year on our Qwikcilver SaaS Platform.

As we see it, this in only the beginning.

We now take fresh guard at the wicket; padded up to head onto new frontiers. With new initiatives lined up.  

During our long voyage in the market, we have had the joy to have interactions and advice from many of our customers and doyens of Industry. One specific anecdotal tale did resonate soundly and also helped in reminding us and steering our own course : After failing to scale Mount Everest twice, Edmund Hillary amazingly stated : I will come again and conquer you because as a mountain, you cannot grow, but as a human, I can!

And what Edmund Hillary did go on to achieve with this positive attitude is now part of human fortitude and folklore.

In 2016, the Gift Card Industry scaled up across India significantly with strong growth reported across consumption segments. This recent article in the Economic Times did reflect it : Gift Card Industry Growth.

This rapid adoption of Gift Cards has been achieved by the sincere efforts of the brand owners in scaling their Gift Card programs during the key seasons among their customers in innovative modes of merchandising at points of sale.

Increased consumer adoption of Gift Cards is being witnessed – as the smartest way to Gift to friends and family for various festival gifting occasions

In 2016, we scaled up Woohoo – as it got adopted as the Most Powerful Gifting Platform for Corporates, Enterprises, marketplaces and consumers.

Woohoo launched India’s First Secondary Gift Card marketplace – that was also reportedly the World’s First Fully Integrated Secondary Gift Card Marketplace. This helped to drive a new base of consumers onto the growing category of Gift Card users in India.  

The times ahead will certainly not be the same again. For us as a company and also for each of us as individuals in our official and personal lives.

In the distant past of my old childhood, the New Year meant a quiet evening with my close family. When we used to make all that we needed. The food was cooked at home. My Late Mother used to cook our Malayali staple food of Appam, Stew, Fish curry, Ulli Sambar, Theeyal, Unniappam, Payasam among other things. She would even bake a special cake for us on New Years Eve.

And we children would relish it, even if my younger sibling would crib about the boringness of it. In those days in the 80s, we did not have the options to place New Year orders via Homedelivery from the neighbourhood restaurants. I still relish those yummy delights cooked at my home.

And today, as a parent myself, I have no say in the choice of clothes by my two little children. In fact, my children even go on to choose the brand and model of automobile that I am allowed to purchase and drive!

For the New Year, I will even get a piece of chocolate from my 6 year old daughter. If I behave well today. As going to be judged & decided by her.

Best Wishes for a Warm and digitally Gifted Prosperous New Year 2017!

(One resolution of mine was that I would Post atleast once on LinkedIn. So hope this qualifies as one and I tick off my list for the Year !)

Author: Pratap TP (CMO, Qwikcilver Solutions Pvt Ltd)


Gifting in the times of Demonetization

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Demonetization has caused a major upheaval in the Indian economy. Cash is not only very easy to use, it is reliable because it does not require any additional infrastructure, it can be used by those without bank accounts, and it provides privacy and anonymity.  Suddenly, the cash has been taken out of the system. The problem of replacing this cash is one of enormous scale. And so it has been a time of hardship for many as they struggle to get hold of legitimate notes they can use.  In the absence of cash, other alternative payment mechanisms are gaining acceptance. E-wallets, debit and credit cards are showing a sharp increase in usage, while the “cash-on-delivery” mode that was so popular with e-commerce has been curtailed.  The country is being nudged to a digital economy. True, it is still hard to imagine acceptance in rural India, but in the cities and tier-2 cities, the shift is happening.

So, what about gifting? The Indian culture is full of occasions for gifting. And, in most cases, gifting in cash is the norm. So, what happens now that the cash has dried up?

Imagine a few scenarios:

Simran is getting married to Raj. How will friends and family organize the gifts in the absence of cash? There was a picture circulating on WhatsApp where a couple sat with POS machines – presumably to collect their gifts via credit/debit card. Is there a better option?

Rohan has just graduated from his college. His doting Uncle – Balu mama – has been in the habit of rewarding Rohan’s success with some “baksheesh” – money that he hands over to Rohan. How does he give the baksheesh to Rohan now?

Krishnan and Asha are moving into a new home. Normally, friends and family would have gifted selected items or cash to help them settle into their new abode.  What do they do now?

Sundar is now retiring from office. It is the norm in the office to collect money from colleagues and hand over to the person retiring. In the present scenario, people are not keen to part with the cash. Will there be a break in tradition?

The Indian culture abounds with such occasions where gifting is the norm:  Festivals through the year from Makar Sankranti to Diwali to Christmas and New Year, engagement and weddings, naming ceremonies, birthdays and anniversaries, graduation, housewarming, retirement or a send-off to a colleague, awards at competitions, … the list is long.  Hard cash will be saved for occasions where there is truly no option but to use cash. Transferring cash from one bank account to another is a possibility, but it is not always practical in the above scenarios. Therefore, where possible, alternative mechanisms would be welcome.

One extremely viable option brings the notion of cash and gifts together: Gift Cards. Yes, buying a gift card in today’s scenario would still require the adoption of a digital payment mechanism. But, in a cash-strapped economy, it is the practical option. And, after that, in the hands of the receiver, the Gift Card is as good as cash.

A gift card can be personalised; more so in a digital gift card where one can choose audio/video messages or photos to be used. The gift card can thus convey emotions, recognising the special bond between the giver and the receiver, recognizing the occasion and the sentiment, which is the essence of gifting.  Simran’s friend Farida sent her a collage of their school photographs along with the gift card. Balu mama’s gift card included a brief message that conveyed the pride and joy he felt, and his blessings and encouragement to Rohan.

A gift card gives the receiver the power of choice. There is plenty of variety available: Physical Retail Stores, Online e-commerce stores, Travel and Hospitality Industry, Restaurants, Stores selling electronic goods and appliances, Apparel brands, Gold and Jewellery stores, and even those dealing in selling Experiences. There is a further option of using semi-closed or open-loop gift cards which give the user a greater flexibility because they are accepted across multiple merchants.  Simran-Raj, Rohan, Asha-Krishnan, Sundar each has different needs, different priorities, and the gift cards give them the power of choice to spend as they desire!

A gift card can easily be delivered across towns. Indeed, with digital gift cards, it can be instantaneous delivery via email or mobile! It could even be scheduled to be delivered on a specific day. Most cities and towns have outlets of the brands that will honour the gift card. So, the sender is assured that his gift will be useable, with no change in terms or conditions.  Simran’s chachi from Chandigarh can’t make it to the wedding, Asha’s co-sister from Coimbatore is unable to come for the housewarming, but they can easily send their gift card, right on time, with full knowledge that it will make a difference!

There is no doubt that the decision on demonetization has delivered a shock to the Indian economy. While it has posed challenges, it has also catalysed India towards greater adoption of digital payments. In this changed scenario, Gift Cards provide a viable option to gifting cash. In the hands of the receiver, the gift card is akin to cash. It is practical, it is flexible, it is convenient, and it is very likely that the person who receives it will indulge and treat herself – which is exactly the sentiment behind a gift!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, try it now!

Author: Sanjay Tambwekar (CTO, Qwikcilver Solutions Pvt Ltd)


Indian Retail: Heralding the New Cashless India

prpaid cards, indian retail, gift cards

November 8th will be remembered the world over for more reasons that the US Presidential Elections – what with the Indian Prime Minister leading from the front in making the demonetisation announcement towards a more transparent economy.

This move of demonetising the OHD notes of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 has been one of the most impactful moves announced by any country the world over. Given this scale and swiftness of the move, it is only to be expected that in a democracy that we operate in, there would be naysayers and counter arguments to this decision. That in essence, is what makes India the nation that it is.

While there are various objectives to this move, the need to drive a cashless and electronic mode of transactions across our economy, that has always been a cash based transactional economy is also one key aspect.

While there are various operational aspects of this demonetisation drive that has caused hardship across India, it is to be seen in the light of the fact that the Indian consumer has largely come out on the roads (pun intended )  – by queuing up in an organised manner at the Bank Branches.

The Indian Retail ecosystem has been the bulwark of the touchpoint of consumers for their essential needs. This retail segment is arguably the largest employer in Indian services – and does warrant its place in this context in India. The Indian retail ecosystem is clocking 12% CAGR on its current size of USD 600 Billion. The Retail sector with a significant  15% contribution to the GDP ( PWC statistics), does play a significant role in this large demonetisation drive and making the electronic mode of payment transactions effective.

After the focused efforts to increase acceptance of credit cards and debit cards by consumers across organised retail, the next wave of growing focus and acceptance is the Prepaid Cards of Retail Chains. This has also been a strategic drive by organised retail sector to get the consumer base to partake in the Fintech revolution in India.

It is pertinent to observe that Indian retailers have proactively cranked up significantly to take on the need of this hour. Many leading retail chains have taken the initiative to grow the convenience factor for their consumers.

With the crunch of High denomination notes due to this shift from the old notes to the new notes,  some impactful efforts by organised retail sector to enhance the shopping experience of the Indian consumers and alleviate any hardships on cash based transactions.

  1. Wedding Season Gifting

    The top 150 leading brands & retailers have launched & scaled visibility of their Prepaid Gift Cards for providing the choice to consumers to handle their required gifting needs this wedding season. These Prepaid Cards have been made available across more than 500+ towns & cities in Tier1, Tier2, Tier3, Tier4 towns of India. Wedding related gifting this season will see a trending shift to Retailer specific Gift Cards from Cash based Gifting – due to these efforts of the brands & retail chains. In this light, leading brands have enhanced their Gift Card Portfolio to provide options for consumers from Rs 50 onwards to a value of Rs 50,000 or more. These Gift Cards for wedding based gifting are available in wedding occasion based packaging and envelopes. This has seen an offtake by consumers to shift from gifting cash in envelopes to Gift Cards of brands of their choice.  Gifting via Gift Cards of Rs 501, Rs 1001, Rs 2001 or any auspicious amount is speedily made available at the Stores and also at online platforms for instant digital delivery across India.


  1. Grocery Shopping Needs

    Consumers feeling the crunch of cash mode of payment for their grocery needs across markets in these times are being supported via the Prepaid Cards launched by leading supermarket brands across all their stores in India. The Prepaid cards are available for purchase across the counters of the supermarkets – and can also be topped up easily from these counters. Additionally, the Grocery related Prepaid cards are available for purchase online from Prepaid & Gift Card sites like Woohoo. This is available for consumers by national Supermarket and Hypermarket chains like Spencers, Hypercity and Godrej Natures Basket.


  1. Advantages of Retail Gift Cards

    Branded Prepaid cards can be purchased and given onward to friends, family members or colleagues  very easily with relatively minimal KYC norms. These Prepaid Cards are tracked and managed in a safe and secure manner and can be used by the bearer smoothly at the brand stores for their own purchase needs. The Prepaid cards can be purchased from stores across India and handed over to the recipients for their use without fear of misuse.


  1. Enabling the needy to shop & Spend

    In likely Instances over the next few weeks, if old parents or family members are not able to stand in long queues anywhere in India, they can be aided by children purchasing the Prepaid Cards from the stores or even online from specialist providers like Woohoo giving them these Prepaid cards for their essential shopping needs.


  1. Increased Distribution Spread of Gift Cards

    Prepaid Cards of more than 250 popular retailers have been launched and made available for consumers to easily purchase across online shopping destinations like Woohoo, EBay, Amazon, Snapdeal, Indiatimes, Nearbuy, Grofers, Rediff. This width of distribution availability enables the speedy purchase and usage at the brand stores in lieu of cash mode of payments across retailers.


  1. Catch Them Young

    In these times of cash crunch, the retail Prepaid Cards can be availed by parents to get their children to spend at their chosen set of retail stores to enhance the financial freedom of children in their needs for entertainment with Prepaid Cards for Movies, Bowling Alleys, Sports Events, Dining. These Prepaid cards are usable by the children in a safe and secure mode to also instil financial discipline and learnings.   Established players like PVR Cinemas, Just Books, Landmark, Crossword, PVR BluO, Dominos, Pizza Hut, KFC have made their Prepaid Cards available for the needs for parents to get their children to spend smartly.


  1. Healthcare and Hospitals

    The need for cash is felt in healthcare even in top cities and towns for long. This is being addressed by Prepaid Cards available for services by Pharmacies and Hospitals. In this context, consumers across India can avail of the Prepaid cards by national providers like Apollo Pharmacy that enable repeat needs for medicine purchases to be done in an electronic-cashless manner. Fortis Hospitals has launched a Prepaid Card Program that can be used to avail of their services across the Hospital.

The collective efforts of the India Retail sector to reinforce the Prepaid Card revolution that is already clocking 300% annual growth – will see an additional inclusion of 5 million new consumers shifting from cash mode to Prepaid mode of transactions by end of the year.

These proactive measures taken by the organised retail sector to drive the Prepaid Card acceptance does behove well to get the Indian consumer to participate wholeheartedly in this Prepaid Card Fintech Revolution being witnessed across Indian payment ecosystem.

Author: Pratap TP (CMO, Qwikcilver Solutions Pvt Ltd)


Winners of the #DearDiwali contest

The #DearDiwali contest ran on our social media pages, with our Woohoo fans tagging their family and friends to the Diwali gifts they expected to receive from them on Diwali. We’ve shared the winning posts below:

Facebook Winners

Anil Vishwakarma

#DearDiwali Manoj Kumar how about going for a movie this Diwali, and then having dinner at Bawarchi Rtc X Roads with all our classmates together.

And make this Diwali a happiest, memorable and a echo friendly Diwali ?

Woohoo, DearDiwali, gifting, Diwali gifts, gift cards, gift vouchers

Dr Vinay Ishnava

#DearDiwali #GiftCard i want to get one handy i-pad of apple from my wife Hetal Ishnava. As i am doctor, i am working in government health department.

With help of the i-pad i can make my presentation. I love music so in my free time i can enjoy melodious songs. I can also refer to many e-books at any time and store my memorable job related and family photos. This i-pad may be become my e-diary and last but not the least thanks to #woohoogifting for conveying this message to my wife in unique digital way.

Woohoo, DearDiwali, gifting, Diwali gifts, gift cards, gift vouchers

Twitter Winners

kiran ‏@icebucket7

@woohoogifting #DearDiwali @baludks I would love a PVR gift card as a gift for Diwali.

Woohoo, DearDiwali, gifting, Diwali gifts, gift cards, gift vouchers

Anita Sahu ‏@anublue30

@woohoogifting I would love to get a beautiful pair of anklets from my hubby #DearDiwali @nita1407 @priyalpoddar join in guys.

Woohoo, DearDiwali, gifting, Diwali gifts, gift cards, gift vouchers





By Rujuta Jadhav

Teachers are one of the greatest people you come across in your life. They are not only the selfless givers but also the mentors in your life. I would like to thank Arpeeta ma’m for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing and room for making mistakes along the way. I am grateful to have her as my teacher. She has treated her job not like a profession but her passion. She has been a teacher who never showed me the way, instead taught me how to search for it myself. She has been not just a teacher but a parent to me. No amount of thanks will be enough for all that she has done for me. I found guidance, friendship, discipline and love, everything, in one person. Without her, I would have been lost. She has inspired me to do better in life and guided me throughout. Thanks for being a true mentor.
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By Gurjeet Chhabra

There are people who come into our lives and leave a burning sensation that lights up inside each of us. In my life there is a Ravi Lekhwani Sir, who I met twelve years ago. He has had the biggest impact in my life and has kept this feeling of hope inside me.

I am able to look into the mirror and, for one of the first times ever, be proud of the person that I am. You believed in me, and that’s all that I really needed. You took the time to care, and not only that, but you made sure that I knew you cared. That has made the difference.

I remember one incident. I went for an interview and because of low confidence I was not able to complete the task they had given me. I felt disheartened and felt like a loser. In place of going home, I went to my computer teacher at the institute. He ask me to do the same project which tha interviewer had given me and I failed. He tried to boost me and remarked that “being disheartened can’t make you a winner. If you want to be a winner, then keep rolling.” His words had done a motivational magic and pumped a lot of confidence in myself, resulting in me getting my dream job at the leading university as a computer lecturer.

We will probably never forget that person because we owe a little part of our identity, who we truly are, to them. Without them we might never have become the person we are today.

gifting, woohoodiaries, inspiration, thanks, thank you

These stories, shared by our dear Woohoo fans, are part of the #WoohooDiaries series. If these stories inspire you (as much as they inspired us to launch this series) or if they remind you of someone you’d like thank, say hello or just send a note to, we at Woohoo would be more than happy to be the medium for your message. To send personalized little e-gift cards / e-notes to them via an SMS, Whatsapp or email, click here. If you’d prefer to have a physical gift card delivered to them, visit us at


Festive #WoohooCelebration Winners Featured

The #WoohooCelebration contest ran for about a week on Woohoo’s social media channels. It had people from all over the country send in pictures of their festive celebrations. The winners bagged gift  cards worth Rs. 500 each and also got a chance to have their festive pictures featured on the Woohoo website and app as templates for the festive season.

Rameshwari Bansod

festive greeting, gift cards, gift vouchers, woohoo

<3 “My Auspicious and Aesthetic Folk Art” <3
Meaning of my caption :-
An ancient Indian art form, Rangoli is drawn at the entrance to usher in peace and prosperity. These are intricate patterns drawn in the courtyard or just outside the threshold of the entrance door to ward off evil spirits. Rangolis are believed to make the surroundings aesthetic and auspicious.

Apurva Balai

festive greetings, woohoo, gift cards, gift vouchers

This Diwali, don’t worry about what to gift. Go ahead and gift your loved ones the freedom to choose what they want with Diwali e-gift cards, customised with your personal messages and these beautiful festive templates.





By Bandini Pravin

I still remember my teacher always used to say that it doesn’t matter how much marks you get in your exams or whether you have topped in the class or not. The most important thing is how well you can implement your learnings into your life and make it better. She used to always say that all work and no play is not a balanced life. One has to go out and play with others, meet others to learn something more which no school or teacher can ever teach. Every day brings in some new learning for you which can be in any format and the day you are not learning even one new thing then it’s a waste of that day. I really respect her for her thoughts and it has actually made lot of change in my perspective of life…. 🙂

gifting, woohoodiaries, inspiration, thanks, thank you


By Preeti Jaiswal

My teacher, Priyanka Jain, was my favourite teacher in school. She has always been my mentor and my inspiration. When I was in school, I would get nervous and stammer while talking. All my classmates would make fun at me. I would then feel bad and cry for hours. At times I did not even feel like going to school. But my teacher made life in school easier for me. She requested the students to help me rather than tease me when I stammer. She would reward star points for students who did good deeds. Thus, my classmates stopped making fun of me when I stammered. They would help me with my speech. My teacher too put in lots of effort. She mentored me constantly and made me feel positive and happy. Every day after school she would spend an hour teaching me and training me. She would fill me with her positive thoughts. Within few months I regained my self-confidence and I actually stopped stammering. She also taught us Math in school and at that time I actually had the least interest in that subject. She realized that from the very beginning and so she always got me involved in every mathematics activity or project in class. In her own way she would motivate me. She would explain the same problem to me over and over again, till I actually understood it. She was very patient with me. Initially when I would score less, she would not shout at me. In fact, she would motivate me to work hard. Thus, I got influenced by her & I put in all my effort to study. Very soon I began to understand math easily and I soon loved the subject too. I owe all my success to her because she taught me that perseverance is the key to success.

From her I learnt to try and try till I succeed. She helped me build up a base for my self-confidence. My teacher has been my true inspiration.



gifting, woohoodiaries, inspiration, thanks, thank you

These stories, shared by our dear Woohoo fans, are part of the #WoohooDiaries series. If these stories inspire you (as much as they inspired us to launch this series) or if they remind you of someone you’d like thank, say hello or just send a note to, we at Woohoo would be more than happy to be the medium for your message. To send personalized little e-gift cards / e-notes to them via an SMS, Whatsapp or email, click here. If you’d prefer to have a physical gift card delivered to them, visit us at


Birthday gift ideas for your roommate on his birthday

Gift, gifting, e gift voucher, Woohoo app, gift cards, gift vouchers, e gift cards

He’s your Friday night beer-buddy, and he’s the one who does your laundry when you forget it. You burn the rotis and he makes the daal too thin, but he’s the one you cook with. He’s the one who tells your mom on the phone that you’re busy at work when you don’t want to be disturbed. There’s so much you do with your roommate – so how do you plan to make his birthday special for him this year?

Gift him a gift card

You know your roommate best – his little hobbies, his likes, dislikes and the things he collects. So what’s he into? Music? Mobile phones? Stylish and funky watches, sunglasses, and belts? Perhaps less funky, but classic and stylish watches? Sportswear, sports shoes and sports equipment? Evaluate his latest passion and buy him a gift card from the right brand.

For those stylish watches and sunglasses, Fastrack is your best bet. For the latest mobiles and smartphones, you could get him a gift card from Croma, E-zone or The Mobile Store. If he’s more of the elegant, gentlemanly type who likes classic, stylish watches, think in terms of Helios and Titan. If he’s a sports freak, you cannot do better than Puma, or Nike gift cards.

If you want to make his birthday gift more personal, you can gift him instant e-gift vouchers with the Woohoo app – to which you could add your selfies, pictures of the fun times you’ve had together, a voice note and text.

Basically, all you need to know is what he likes. Buying the right card takes only seconds!