A gift of space travel

News has it that Katy Perry, well known American singer, actress and songwriter has unique and unheard-of-before birthday gift ideas. For her husband British comedian Russell Brand’s 35th birthday, Katy Perry eschewed all the usual gift ideas for men, and gifted him a space trip worth $200,000 instead.

It’s Outer Space Or Nothing Else!

For her, it’s all about making a magnificent gesture, something that her husband will remember for a lifetime, even after all his cologne bottles are over. Apparently Russell Brand will have to undergo a few days of intense training to be fit to get into a space shuttle. Then he’s off on his Virgin Galactic mission, straight up to a height of 365,000ft into the pitchy black of outer space.

Russell Brand To Defy Gravity And Float In Space

John F Kennedy remarked that stepping on the moon was a “Small step for man but a great step for mankind”. We wonder what he would have said for this magnificent gift of a space trip if he were still alive! Russell Brand will be one of the lucky ones to view the earth from a distance of 800 miles via the 17-inch diameter windows, What’s more, Mr. Brand will also be allowed to float weightlessly and defy gravity for all of 5 minutes up there.

Gift Someone You Love The Chance To Fly Free

How can you beat this gift of space travel? Why, by gifting your own version of it, of course! Go to Woohoo.in and buy a gift card from MakeMyTrip.com for someone who loves to travel. Help him or her to achieve their dream of flying free, traveling to distant locations and staying in places they’ve only seen in pictures before!


Want a new way to express your love? Bag it!

So rapper Jay Z bought wife and pop music superstar Beyonce a whole lot of designer bags to express his love. News has it that he spent a goodly sum of $350,000 over these bags and purses. True love, indeed! Jay Z, millionaire several times over, didn’t invest on just any old bag for his lady love. He bought a set of the world-famous, exclusive collector item Birkin bags from Hermes, which cost about $150,000 each.

Why So Much Generosity?

Well, it’s kind of understandable – apparently, Beyonce spent about $2 million on a gift for Jay Z on his 41st birthday. Her choice for him was the fastest road car in the world, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. So the $350,000 that Jay Z blew on Birkin bags was definitely due, considering that he has been the recipient of such generosity. Totally understandable, one could say.

How Would You Go About It?

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Splurge all you want on your gift card, enough for her to buy several Hidesign and Holii bags. You can do this anytime, and not just in response to her gift! Experience the true pleasure of gift giving via Woohoo.in.


A sapphire ring hidden within a Grand Piano

Jude Law, the famous and charismatic British actor apparently wanted to give his ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller a grand ring. What he did was to buy a restored baby grand piano and hid the large diamond and sapphire ring inside it. How about that for a pleasant and unexpected surprise! Wonder what Sienna thought about it – which one did she like more, the piano or the diamond and sapphire ring? Just on the offside, the ring cost a cool $200,000!

Of Course It’s The Ring She Liked!

Which woman can say no to a multiple-carat diamond and sapphire ring made out of white gold? The sparkle of the large white diamond amidst the white gold, offset by the deep mysterious blue of the rich sapphire – who can resist that? So what if it was hidden in the restored grand piano? It’s a ring she can wear and cherish for a lifetime!

Bring Out The Jude Law In You!

This is a cool way to surprise your girlfriend or wife if she is a trifle upset with you. Log on to Woohoo.in and order a sizeable gift card from D’dmas. Visit a D’dmas outlet and check out how much a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring in white gold costs. That will help you buy a gift card of the correct value.

Hide Your Gift And Surprise Her!

Hide your gift card inside of another gift and surprise her with it. To give her a hint to your intentions, we suggest that you place a picture of a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring from one of these brands along with your card! What better way to say “you are the love of my life”!


A limited edition Art Book for a gift

That young, dashing actor from The 70’s Show, Ashton Kutcher and his ex-wife actress Demi Moore have exchanged some spectacular gifts over time. The most imaginative and evocative gift of them all was the Peter Beard Limited Edition Art Book that Ashton gifted Demi.

What’s This Book All About?

This limited edition art book is a compilation of photographs that depict the African travels of the famous traveler Peter Beard. Peter Beard is also a famous photographer and artist, apart from being an avid traveler. His exclusive pictures of the exquisite sights of Africa were compiled into a 500-page book, of which only 2,250 copies were ever printed. Well, that accounts for the hefty price tag attached to this book, a whopping $2500.

Granted, Ashton Kutcher is a man of taste. He certainly gave his wife a gift to treasure and remember. A book, as the wise ones say, is worth a hundred bars in gold. A book contains knowledge, which is the most precious gift you can bestow on anyone.

It’s A Grand Idea, Why Not Act On It?

When your wife’s or girlfriend’s birthday rolls around this year, here’s what we suggest. Check out great books from Landmark in fiction & non-fiction categories. Buy a Landmark gift card from Woohoo.in, and include suggested titles for her in your gift message. If she’s into photography and art or interested in anything under the sun, Landmark is sure to have volumes of books to enjoy in her area of interest. Maybe this will turn into a nice little hobby that the two of you can enjoy – browsing and collecting fine books from around the world.


To Drip Diamonds and Rubies

Apparently David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham (former singer in the Spice Girls band) are at it again. Victoria gifted David a £265,000 ($428,000) worth Rolls-Royce Phantom, the world’s most luxurious car over Christmas 2011. David, not to be left behind, returned the favor in equal measure. What was his gift to her? Well, this time it was a diamond necklace worth £1.2 million.

A Gift Worthy Of A Queen

This fancy necklace by jeweler Boucheron is made of white gold, with a pendant formed of two huge rubies and a diamond. This one necklace has more than a 100 glorious blood-red rubies sitting amongst the diamonds. After all, the Beckhams are modern-day pop royalty, and it’s perfectly all right for them to splurge like this.

What Did You Get For Your Queen?

It’s a great idea, to gift fabulous jewelry to your wife. Seeing a finely designed necklace or bangle is a sure way to make her swoon. Make a special effort for her birthday this year. Or, surprise her over Diwali with your own version of David’s gift. Buy her a gift card from Tanishq, and let her select an exquisite piece of white gold and diamond jewelry. Tanishq’s stringent quality standards ensure that the diamonds you buy are of the first class, completely non-conflict, and perfect in cut, clarity and carat weight. Yes, do suggest that your wife pick up an exquisitely crafted necklace. It will be a great treat to see your wife enjoying the envious glances showered on her by friends and relatives.


Special Anniversaries with Woohoo!

Our 10th wedding anniversary was coming up and we wanted to share this day with our near and dear ones. As we got down to inviting them, our parents surprised us with a visit and blessing us, lavished us with gifts.  As we unwrapped our gifts, we were spellbound to receive gift vouchers for both of us from Gitanjali Jewels, with beautiful and thought provoking personal messages. We thanked them from the bottom of our hearts. They left us to our jobs soon after, but not before we promised to redeem our gifts before the D-day.

Jazz up you Day with Gitanjali Jewels

Most of the preparations for the big day were over; the venue was set up and delicious cuisines arranged. It definitely felt very special to be receiving a Gitanjali Gift voucher, more so from our parents. We were excited as kids and were raring to go and select it. What a range of products Gitanjali gifts had to offer! Jewellery in every possible way, with gold, embedded with diamonds, platinum and silver jewelry, gold coins, and fashion jewelry. Not to forget beautiful wrist watches, solitaires, and spiritual artifacts. We were spoilt for choice!

The party started and as predicted, our parents walked in first with the most exquisite flowers. My husband showed off his platinum band with much joy. My gift was a pair of gorgeous diamond danglers which sparkled in the moonlight! We also managed to get the idol of Trilokpati Ganeshji for our home.  Our parents were much delighted at our choice of gifts. What a novel way to be gifted on your wedding day! – Shilpa Aggarwal


Make Father’s Day Memorable with Gift Cards

The third Sunday of June is round the corner and it’s that special day to celebrate and honour the role of fathers in families and society. It’s a day to commemorate the special nature of paternal bonds. While in many countries, the day is declared as a public holiday; in India it’s catching up as an occasion to rejoice about fatherhood with cute and lovable gifts for fathers. You can make the Father’s Day this year on 17th June a great gifting occasion on your calendar, for showing your love and affection to your Dad. You can plan for a timeless gift that he can cherish for a long time or a simple gift that he can use in his everyday life.

Though you would know exactly what your Dad has been wanting for a gift; why not change the scenario this year by gifting a gift card. It’s convenient, hassle free and gives your father the freedom to shop from multiple outlets at his convenience. A gift card is also unique in the sense that, by giving your father the freedom of choice; it makes the gifting and redeeming the gift, both a truly enjoyable process. Gift cards are also a great option for sons and daughters who are miles away from their Dads and want to send a token of appreciation for the vital role he played in your life.

What to gift on Father’s Day

Electronics: All men young or old are always fascinated by technology and gadgets. In India, gifting electronics through gift cards is emerging as a popular option. You don’t have to go to the showroom to see the products and its features or even lug it around to your father’s home. A gift cart from Flipkart.com or Letsbuy.com, which are popular destinations for online electronic shopping, can take the strain out of buying for electronic gifts. Just purchase the gift card and let your father enjoy the comfort of shopping for the latest gadgets in the comfort of home, without sweating it out on the streets.

Garments: Clothes have always been a perfect and lovable gift for all occasions. Because your father will be wearing it proudly, you don’t want anything to go wrong with the selection. Modern men are very conscious about their personal fashion, and if the cut or sleeves or color of the garment is not to his liking; it will end up in the closet without ever being used. That is why gifting garments through gift cards are always the best option.

Watches: Men always have a fascination for great watches. But this is also a gift, where the selection is best left to your father. A gift card can help your father go and buy a classic or modern watch, suiting his taste and requirements. Gift cards for watches are also perfect to be sent over long distances. Just log on to the website of the gift card company (eg: Woohoo.in) and select the gift card of your choice. After making the payment, the gift card company will package the card beautifully and deliver it to your father promptly; keeping you away from all the hassles of couriering and tracking the delivery. Now isn’t that a wonderful way to gift?


The Power of Gifting!

Teaching is my passion and I adore children. So I couldn’t ask for more when I landed a job as an English tutor for Korean children. My days were filled with surprises and I got beautiful insights of their country, culture, language, lifestyle, habits and much more. The initial days were challenging; but sign language saved the day. The kids were quite a handful and the days just flew!

Happy Birthday with Woohoo

One sunny day, one of my students invited me for his birthday. I was so happy for him and wanted to give him something he would treasure for years to come. Then started my quest for his birthday gift. I thought of many ideas, but none of them appealed to me and I was at cross roads. Accidently, I chanced upon Gift Big and I zeroed on the World of Titan Gift Card. The boy was stepping into his teens and a zappy watch was what he would love. The power of gifting is so thrilling!

The Time is Right for Titan

His birthday arrived and I waited with bated breath to see his reaction when I gave him his birthday gift.  He hugged me tight and thanked me profusely for such a thoughtful gesture.  In the next class, he proudly showed me the digital watch he had picked up from Titan. It had different time zones, alarm setup facility, great design and color, stylish dial, days of the week, seconds and timer display, a light and a sturdy strap.  It was evident from his cheerful face that he enjoyed the freedom of being able to choose his gift. Three cheers to Woohoo!  It made gifting an enriching experience for me!  – Suhasini Harish


A Wonderful Eating Experience with Woohoo!

I had just moved to Bangalore and out of the blue, a familiar voice called me up one fine day. While I was still guessing who the caller was, my classmate invited me over to catch up for old time’s sake! And there was much more. She had taken the pains to arrange for our whole gang (6 of us) to meet up after so many years. My joy knew no bounds; though we had been in touch over Facebook and Skype, the thought of meeting in person was indeed delightful.

For Old Time’s Sake

I got all excited and went into thinking how to make this reunion memorable. I wanted to gift each of my friends something unique to mark the occasion. Racking my brains for the right gift was too much! Then I remembered that all of us were foodies and enjoyed a good meal.  My neighbor had introduced me to Woohoo.in just that week, she was happy with the gifting ideas.

Memorable Gifts From Woohoo

A quick browse and my gifts were set. The reunion was fabulous. Each of us gushing and squealing like little girls slowly settled down to beautiful memories and achievements, disappointments; we were indeed happy to share our memories amongst ourselves. Time flew and soon it was time for goodbyes. On a parting note, I gifted each of my friends gift vouchers from different eating joints like 13thFloor Lounge, On the Edge Restaurant, Café Coffee Day, Mainland China, Machan Restaurant and Ebony Restaurant. Each gift had personalized notes written on them. I never imagined that gifting was so easy and memorable! A huge thank you to Woohoo! – Mridula Jayavelu