Celebrating Occasions and Cherishing Friendships at Woohoo.in

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
― Elbert Hubbard

How many of you agree with this quote? Wouldn’t you count on your pals to stand by you through the roller-coaster of life? True friends are your treasured companions who have unconditional affection for you. Shouldn’t you make an effort to make them feel wanted and important in your life.

The Wonders of Internet to Help Cherish Your Friendship

Thanks to modern technology  you can connect easily with your friends and make new friends too. Many of your friends who were with you  in school and college are reconnecting through various social media platforms such as  Facebook and others. Woohoo.in gives you the opportunity to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and festival in a grand and fun filled manner. There are a variety of gift cards and vouchers to suit the tastes and preferences of your friends. You can choose either physical gift/voucher cards or  e-cards from the Woohoo gift cards bouquet to send it to your friend.

Cherishing Your Loved Ones

Life is a long journey and you need true friends who light it up. Sending thoughtful and personalized gift to your friends spreads a lot of good cheer and fun.  They will always remember you as someone who stands by them through thick and thin. Is your friend’s birthday around the corner? You have not found the time to shop for a gift. Fortunately there is woohoo.in from where you can dispatch gift cards in a jiffy. It is a very user friendly, and  you can send personalized gift cards to them. These cards are sure to be well received. Create a stir and strike the right chord by choosing gift cards from Woohoo.in.

Gifting Pointers

An invaluable tip – tailor your gift to suit your precious friends unique persona and stage of life. How about a deluxe and ritzy Titan watch for the busy bee? A package tour from Makemytrip would make the day for the adventurous and outdoor kind.  An elegant diamond pendant from Tanishq  is sure to entrance the bride to be.  A cooking rookie will be more than happy to get a high-end hand blender from Prestige Smart Kitchen. If your pal is planning to renovate his home spring a surprise on him with a generous Home Stop voucher. Clinch your friendship with a memorable gift from our vast and versatile repository at www.woohoo.in


Corporate Gifting: On Time, On Budget Solutions with Gift Cards

Corporate gifting has truly come of age today.  Many firms give thoughtful gifts to their valued employees. After all they constitute the internal customers of the company. It is a great way to show appreciation for their loyalty and hard work. Employees definitely feel recognized and needed by their employers. This practice is rapidly spreading across the corporate landscape.

Many employees would appreciate a small gesture of thank card to a larger prepaid gift card around Holidays and occasions. It makes them feel elated. As a HR you know that cash bonuses or raises are not feasible when an employee have put in a stellar performance. But gift vouchers fit any budget. HR who understands the tastes and interests of the employees can purchase an appropriate card as a token of appreciation from Woohoo.in.

Corporate Gift Cards: Small Gestures Go a Long Way

How do they make employees happy?

The small gestures such as a gift card on the birthdays or anniversaries do wonder to his pride.  An employee feels touched and would want to improve his productivity on the work front.  If the HR is not sure about the preferences of the employees she/he can send out emails of commendation to the employees and give them option to choose from several gift cards. This is the great way to reward them. Here the employees will enjoy choosing their own reward from the given list.  At Woohoo.in, there is a plethora of gift cards ranging from apparel, jewelry, restaurants, food chains to home decor.

Not Just Special Occasions

What other occasions does a gift card serve?

It’s just not for festivals and anniversaries when the companies show token of appreciation. These days, after a long and stressful month, if a team has completed their task on time, the HR either hands out a group gift card for lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant or individual gift cards. For such memorable events, it is always better to keep a stockpile of gift cards for dining or an outing with family. These small gestures that come in short burst are more powerful incentive for the employees than a bonus or a hike in salary at the end of a year.

Woohoo.in is the one stop shop and solution for all your gifting needs and ideas.  It’s mission is simple – make gifting easy.