New year gifting ideas: A new beginning to your new year!

Gift, gifting, e gift voucher, Woohoo app, gift cards, gift vouchers, e gift cards, new year gifts, new year gift ideasGet ready for possibilities of new beginnings with this New Year! There can’t be a better time than a new year for a fresh new start – forget and forgive all the bad memories and incidents. Let us all welcome New Year 2016 with a new hope and right spirit. To add extra colors to your loved one’s New Year celebration what else could be better than presenting them with some unique gifts.

Buy a New Year gift card from

Gift cards are great last minute choice for gifting opportunity. This season, gift people what they really love: freedom and flexibility. These days’ gift cards are most-purchased gifts and a thoughtful way to show someone that you care about them, especially when they themselves can choose whatever and whenever they want.  Woohoo offers gift cards with various categories and denomination and they are easy on your pocket too! You don’t have to worry about finding the right gift card for your loved ones because we have it all.

Which card to choose?

No doubt at Woohoo the choice for gifts is very vast, so it might be difficult for you to decide on which gift to buy for whom, right? We suggest you consider their tastes and personality while buying gift cards for them. Make all special women in your life feel more special by gifting them an all-in-one gift card from a departmental store like Marks & Spencer, Shopper Stop, Lifestyle; for a gadget freak you can grab a gift card from an electronic store like Croma. For a movie buff it is very easy to get a PVR cinemas gift card. For women who love to pamper themselves, gift cards from a salon or spa like Lakme or Four Fountains would be ideal. To please your in-laws, send them on a trip with a travel gift card. For new home-owners, gift cards related to home décor is the right choice. And of course, for friends the list is endless – restaurant gift cards, book store gift cards, health and fitness gift cards –  you name it, Woohoo has it!

If you want to gift all of these benefits with a more personalised touch, you can check out the Woohoo app which allows you to not just send an e-gift voucher instantly from your mobile to your loved ones’ mobiles but also enables to to spruce it up with selfies, photographs of old and new memories, personal voice notes or text messages.

So go ahead, send your gifts today!

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(Post updated on 29 Dec 2015)


Best Christmas gift for girls!

gift, gifts, gift cards, e gift card. gift voucher, e gift voucher, gift ideas, chriistmas giftsDo you have a little daughter, a niece or a granddaughter? It’s so wonderful having little children around during Christmas time. Their enthusiasm and delight is so infectious, you can forget all the troubles of life just watching them. Of course you want to make this Christmas the best Christmas for your little girl. How do you go about that? Simple! By getting them the perfect Christmas gift!

Every little girl has a secret fantasy. Some little girls want to be princesses while some dream of being doctors. Find out what your little girl’s secret desire is. How do you find that out? Christmas is still a few weeks off, so start talking to your little girl about what she wants from Santa this year.

You cannot go wrong with beautiful dolls as a Christmas gift, especially if it’s her favourite princess Barbie. How about a doctor toy set? What about cute fashion jewelry, the crystal variety? No little girl could say no to that. There’s a plethora of things you could get for her – puzzle books, toys, doll-houses, stuffed toys, board games and much more, depending on her age and likes.

How about getting your little girl a gift card from Crossword, a great destination for books, toys, and games for little girls? Or Gini & Jony for selecting her favourite set of clothes. You could also gift her gift cards, e-gift cards, or gift vouchers from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or Jabong and let her enjoy picking up her favourites online. Or, hand her a gift-wrapped gift card from Shoppers Stop, Central or Lifestyle. Let her walk the aisles and choose for herself from the variety of playthings and kids stuff that are available. Sometimes allowing them to choose their own Christmas gift can be too much fun.

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(Post updated on 10 Dec 2015)


Best Christmas gift for boys!

gift, gifts, gift cards, e gift card. gift voucher, e gift voucher, gift ideas, chriistmas gifts
It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner, with New Year’s Day following immediately after! It’s gifting time and the little boys in your life will be expecting something wonderful from you this year! So what Christmas gift are you planning to get your son, your nephew, your grandson?

Before starting it’s best to think about his current interests. Does he dream of being superhero and adore his batman or superman toys. Or is he more into books and comics, spending hours at a stretch reading and acting out the stories. In that case a gift card from Crossword available at can be a fantastic Christmas gift. Crossword stores always have a great collection of toys and books for children.

For the older boys, offers gift cards from sports brands and departmental stores.  If he is into sports maybe he wants a new sports shoe.  Or maybe he wants a cricket bat, and as usual you are not sure which one to pick. Sometimes even the best guess cannot be the perfect guess. Spare yourself the stress this year. Just get him a gift card from Nike or Puma as a Christmas gift. Let him choose his own cricket bat or any of the sports shoes as per his desire!

Gift cards, e-gift cards or gift vouchers from can make gifting so easy and stress-free. On this gift cards superstore you can also grab a gift card for any of the top retail stores (Shoppers Stop, Central or Lifestyle) or online stores (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or Jabong).  You can give it to him, all shiny and gift-wrapped, a few days before Christmas. Then accompany him and experience the world of toys, games, sport equipment, electronics, board games and the whole lot. It’ll be a most special Christmas for the entire family!

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(Post updated on 10 Dec 2015)