Time to Spread the Christmas Cheer Again with Awesome Gifts

Christmas gifts

Can you hear the jingle bells just around the corner? Santa’s getting his reindeer ready, rubbing their noses with fresh snow from the North Pole. His cart is loaded and he’s on his way to your home to spread some Christmas cheer all around! Just in case he doesn’t make it to the homes of your families and friends, maybe you just might need to put on Santa’s cap this year. And we have cool Christmas gift ideas to make it really easy for you to wear that lovely red hat.

About Christmas and Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ as everyone knows. The concept of gift giving during Christmas arises from the precious gift of myrrh and frankincense that baby Jesus received from the three wise men. Now, we get to deliver Christmas gifts to our loved ones, but without having to travel miles on foot to deliver – via gift cards and e-gift cards.

Why Gift Cards Make The Best Christmas Gifts

As far as gifts from the North Pole go, gift cards are right up there on top. That’s because they are easy to shop for, easy to send to your loved ones and best of all, christmas gift cardsthe choice of gift is left entirely to them! It’s your gift, but their choice. It’s simply impossible to have it this way unless you went around handing out money. We all know the risks involved with cash, so why not choose gift cards from great brands and make someone super happy this year?

Best E-Gift Cards for Christmas

An e-gift card makes an ideal last-minute Christmas gift. Your e-gift card is delivered to the recipient within seconds; they can start shopping the second they receive it. How much easier could it get? We have e-gift cards for everyone this Christmas. For the foodie – try e-gift cards from Barbeque NationEbony Restaurant, DominosDineout, and Freshmenu. Get Croma, Flipkart, Big Bazaar or Amazon.in e-gift cards for the tech-lover. For the shopaholic, get Lifestyle e-gift cards, Shoppers Stop e-gift cards and Westside e-gift cards. Get Gaana, PVR Cinemas and BookMyShow for the music and movie lovers. There’s an e-gift card for everyone. Just browse the collection on www.woohoo.in and make your pick.

Woohoo Special Christmas Gift Cards

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Do not fret over what to gift to the long list of people you hold close to your heart. We have Woohoo Gift Cards for you. A Woohoo gift card can be converted to a brand gift card, picked from a whole lot of brands we list at woohoo.in.  If you are not sure what sort of gifts your loved ones would prefer, pick a special Woohoo Christmas gift card. Woohoo gift cards are the most sorted gifts around, and be assured your special one will be spoilt for choice.

woohoo christmas gift card

merry xmas gift card

merry xmas gift card


Christmas templates by our fans

Two lucky winners from the #WoohooSeasonsClickings have something to celebrate this Christmas! Besides winning gift cards worth Rs.500 each, they also had the images, that were shared by them, featured as templates on our Woohoo website and app.

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This means that the beautiful images, conveying the festive spirit, that were captured and shared by them (Poonam Jadhav and Priyanka Lodha Patwariare) are now available for all our users to share with their loved ones and spread the joy and love of this festive spirit.

So go ahead, check out the beautiful templates and send your Christmas gift cards to your loved ones today.




Christmas gifts for your near and dear ones

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Festivals are integral part of our lives. Each year, they bring happiness and harmony to the lives of people. Those few days or hours we spend together with our family and friends help keep our bonds intact and also help nurture the relations and unity between the people. Giving away Christmas gifts as a token of love and gratitude has been a practice for generations across the world, and each culture has its own unique way of celebration. The basic idea behind all is simple – to show how much you love and care about someone.

Family Get-away

This Christmas season, you can make use of the best opportunity to gift friends and family. Ideally, one is supposed to spend quality time with the near and dear ones during such holiday seasons. If that is a possibility, planning small trips with immediate family members is a good option, so that each and everyone will get enough time to relax and have conversations with each other. You can either go for a resort or more cost-effective options like homestays as you plan a getaway with the family. Travel gift cards would be perfect for the family.

Gifts for Parents

While gifting parents, one has to be careful about the options, or else one will end up spending money on the wrong items. Preferably, it has to be something with high utility value, more than any fancy item. You can either buy smart kitchen appliances like cappuccino maker or roti maker which are ideal for daily use, and also will reduce the time and effort in kitchen.

An LCD TV or home theatre is another good option. If there are budget issues, you can settle for less expensive gadgets like kindle, electronic shaving kit, etc. Gift cards from Croma and Amazon would be ideal if you would like your parents to take their pick with the product.

Gifts for Spouse

Even though you are not supposed to wait for a special occasion to gift your partner, she would be thrilled if you gift her something this Christmas, however clichéd the concept of gifting on festivities is. For your wife, you can either gift jewellery or a experience at  the relaxing spa. Smart kitchen appliances will also do the trick. If she hates the concept of presents in fancy wrappers, buy something for the home which will help ease her labour and effort. You can also give your house a new look by changing the rugs, curtains and furniture covers.

For your husband, it’s comparatively easier to pick a good gift. If he is a game addict, gift him a gaming console. If he is a person who takes a lot of care in his looks and dressing, buy him classy gifts like leather bags, wallets, tie or cuff links. Branded perfumes, smart-phones, iPads or digital diaries will also serve as ideal gifts for your husband. Even a simple bottle of his favourite brand of liquor will be enough to bring a smile on his face.

But a gift card, that says you love them so much as to gift them the choice of selecting whatever they want, would be even better!

Gifts for Kids

When it comes to kids, go for something that is not too expensive, but convenient for them. Buy them clothes of their choice or give them food coupons so that they can enjoy a meal with their friends. Gifting good books is always the best present you can give your children.

But what if you are unable to be physically present with your family during the special occasion? You can always send them personalised cards to show how much you care and how much you think about them even in their absence. If time permits, make them a handmade card. You can also send along customised Christmas e-gift cards with personal messages along with the greeting cards so that your loved ones can buy something that they really want. After all, holidays and special occasions are meant to show our loved ones how much we care about them.

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Best Christmas gift for girls!

gift, gifts, gift cards, e gift card. gift voucher, e gift voucher, gift ideas, chriistmas giftsDo you have a little daughter, a niece or a granddaughter? It’s so wonderful having little children around during Christmas time. Their enthusiasm and delight is so infectious, you can forget all the troubles of life just watching them. Of course you want to make this Christmas the best Christmas for your little girl. How do you go about that? Simple! By getting them the perfect Christmas gift!

Every little girl has a secret fantasy. Some little girls want to be princesses while some dream of being doctors. Find out what your little girl’s secret desire is. How do you find that out? Christmas is still a few weeks off, so start talking to your little girl about what she wants from Santa this year.

You cannot go wrong with beautiful dolls as a Christmas gift, especially if it’s her favourite princess Barbie. How about a doctor toy set? What about cute fashion jewelry, the crystal variety? No little girl could say no to that. There’s a plethora of things you could get for her – puzzle books, toys, doll-houses, stuffed toys, board games and much more, depending on her age and likes.

How about getting your little girl a gift card from Crossword, a great destination for books, toys, and games for little girls? Or Gini & Jony for selecting her favourite set of clothes. You could also gift her gift cards, e-gift cards, or gift vouchers from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or Jabong and let her enjoy picking up her favourites online. Or, hand her a gift-wrapped gift card from Shoppers Stop, Central or Lifestyle. Let her walk the aisles and choose for herself from the variety of playthings and kids stuff that are available. Sometimes allowing them to choose their own Christmas gift can be too much fun.

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Best Christmas gift for boys!

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It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner, with New Year’s Day following immediately after! It’s gifting time and the little boys in your life will be expecting something wonderful from you this year! So what Christmas gift are you planning to get your son, your nephew, your grandson?

Before starting it’s best to think about his current interests. Does he dream of being superhero and adore his batman or superman toys. Or is he more into books and comics, spending hours at a stretch reading and acting out the stories. In that case a gift card from Crossword available at Woohoo.in can be a fantastic Christmas gift. Crossword stores always have a great collection of toys and books for children.

For the older boys, Woohoo.in offers gift cards from sports brands and departmental stores.  If he is into sports maybe he wants a new sports shoe.  Or maybe he wants a cricket bat, and as usual you are not sure which one to pick. Sometimes even the best guess cannot be the perfect guess. Spare yourself the stress this year. Just get him a gift card from Nike or Puma as a Christmas gift. Let him choose his own cricket bat or any of the sports shoes as per his desire!

Gift cards, e-gift cards or gift vouchers from Woohoo.in can make gifting so easy and stress-free. On this gift cards superstore you can also grab a gift card for any of the top retail stores (Shoppers Stop, Central or Lifestyle) or online stores (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or Jabong).  You can give it to him, all shiny and gift-wrapped, a few days before Christmas. Then accompany him and experience the world of toys, games, sport equipment, electronics, board games and the whole lot. It’ll be a most special Christmas for the entire family!

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(Post updated on 10 Dec 2015)


5 Great Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Its gifting timeSo we’re back at the end of what seems like a brand new year that’s barely begun. No, dismiss that thought, folks. 2014 is well and truly over. Review your achievements over this year and make your resolutions for the next. Before you start thinking about your plans for 2015, let’s focus on the grand upcoming event, shall we? Which one is that? Christmas, of course! It’s Santa time again, and time to wrap and unwrap gifts. It’s time to bid a tinsel-bedecked, holly-wreathed goodbye to 2014.

What To Gift?

Making the right gift choice for loved ones can be a daunting task. Let us help you a little in this area. Consider each person’s tastes, likes, dislikes and fancies while buying gifts. You don’t want any disappointed faces around the Christmas tree this year, do you? We have a few gift ideas for you – check them out!

1. Handmade Gifts

If you’re good with your hands, you can consider making your own gifts as well. Handmade gifts say you truly care, and the time you invest on making them makes your handmade gifts truly special. Be sure to package them by hand too. Your friends will love them!

2. Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers


When you want to gift the best, but you’re not sure of your choice of item, a gift card is the best option. Make your gift card generous, and let your recipient enjoy multiple shopping trips to the brand store. You can purchase gift cards from great brands for everything from jewelry to fashion to electronics and much more. If you don’t want to stick to a specific product brand, opt for a department store gift card, such as Lifestyle or Shoppers Stop gift card.

3. Whole Family Gifts
Instead of gifting something that only individuals can enjoy, why not gift something that the whole family can enjoy? An exercise bike or treadmill would fit neatly into this category. As would a set of luxurious living room furniture, a beautiful picture or wall hanging and so on. How about an attractive area rug? The list is endless.

4. Customized Gifts

Buy a t-shirt and get it screen printed with an image and text of your choice that means something to your recipient. Another idea is to get a coffee mug designed with the recipient’s name and picture. What memorable gifts these will make!

5. Thoughtful Gifts

Take it a step further and consider the future needs of your recipient. Is your recipient expecting a baby? In that case, gifts for the baby will be greatly appreciated. Is your recipient planning to move into a new home? In that case, a thoughtful gift that can be used in the new home would be greatly appreciated. Apply a bit of thought and consideration before buying a gift, and you can be sure your Christmas gifts this year will be vastly appreciated.