Top 10 Best Gifts for Your Clients

Your clients – you know how much you need them to be happy with you. That’s why you go out of your way to please them with prompt order execution and timely updates. Now it’s time to decide on what you’ll gift your clients as a token of appreciation. How about we help you out with a few ideas?

Try Something Different

A gift says something. A wall clock or coffee mug says you lack imagination. Or that you don’t care enough. Opt for some thoughtful gifts that foster a stronger relationship with your client.

1. A Fine Bespoke Suit

A stylish and elegant client will love a gift card from P N Rao, the master of superbly tailored bespoke suits. Your choice of brand will impress your client, as there are very few who can meet P N Rao’s standards in bespoke suits.

2. A Fabulous Trip

A client who loves to travel will appreciate a trip to an exotic location. If your client is married, make the trip for two and you’ll win even greater points. gift cards are your best bet in this regard.

3. A Fine Watch

For a client who loves fine watches, the best gift would be a gift card from World of Titan or Helios. The many hours of blissful shopping for fine watches are a kind of gift too!

titan gift cards


4. A Day Of Pampering

Send your stressed-looking client for a day of pampering and primping at Lakme Saloon, O2 Spa or Four Fountains De-stress Spa. They’ll return feeling relaxed and refreshed and grateful for your thoughtfulness.

5. A Fine Meal

For the client that loves food, consider a gift card from a fine restaurant, such as Spaghetti Kitchen, 13th Floor, Copper Chimney, Ebony, OnTheEdge and so on. Make your gift card generous enough so your client can take his or her family out for a fine dinner.
copper chimney gift cardsblue foods gift cardsmainland gift voucher

6. Electronics

No one walks around without a smartphone in hand these days. Or a tablet. We’re sure your client is no different. A gift card from Croma, Reliance Digital or Flipkart will delight your client no end.

7. Books

If your client likes to read books, then a gift card from Flipkart, Landmark, Sapna Book Store or will truly make the mark.

8. Eye-wear

If you’ve noticed your client throwing on a pair of Ray-Bans before getting into a car, you know what to gift. A gift card from Fastrack or Titan Eye+ is just the ticket in this case.

9. Home Needs

Have you observed your client browsing furniture catalogs or talking about home improvements in general? Just get them a gift card from Prestige, Home Stop, @Home or Fabindia.

homestop gift cardsprestige gift cardsat home gift voucher

10. All-in-one

Then there are those clients whose desires are hard to fathom. Just get them gift cards from huge department store brands like Lifestyle, Megamart, Shoppers’ Stop, Westside or Central. Problem solved.