Winning posts from our #WoohooWomen contest

What makes #WoohooWomen? We asked our fans and the responses we received have been awe-inspiring. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Vani AK

I really want to salute these 8 women scientists who helped India reach Mars in the very first attempt.

Rajiv Anand

Just saying “Happy Women’s day” is not enough. I am actually very happy and grateful for having the 3 most important women in my life. I am a better human being after having them in my life. First of all I am thankful to my mother for bringing me into this world. She always taught me to be strong, honest and to respect everyone. Then I am lucky to have my wife who helped me in my bad times and stood as my support throughout my life. She understands me the most. Lastly my daughter. I am proud of her and she is the best. I am thankful to these three women and I love them the most.

Vineet Sonkar

My mother is my #WoohooWomen :) She inspired me a lot. She motivated me to gain knowledge, attitude and to be a positive thinker. She taught me the art of living and tackling even the most difficult problems in my life and made me smile every moment. She has always supported me in all my decisions and always encouraged me to learn new things. She taught me the right path to do any work. She is the light of my life as she is my guideline and whenever I need her help she is always ready to help me. I love her so much :)

Kalpana Dwivedi

My #WoohooWomen is my next door Kamlesh aunty. She lost her husband when she was 40 yrs with 4 daughters and a son. Her financial condition was very bad. She worked hard and helped all her children get settled. She then lost her son when he was 30 years old. Her two daughters became widows at the age oy 45 and 30. She still stood tall and supported them. She is now 90 and still cooks, cleans the house and goes out to pay electricity and phone bills herself.

Anand Suratekar

The most inspiring woman for me is my mom, Riddhi Rao. She has dedicated her life to the cause of the girl child and works for women empowerment. She worked hard to build a school for girl children in our village and also built many toilets with the support of the local authorities for women in the area. She overcame social odds in our family and worked towards the upliftment of women. She was the only child in a family which was dominated by men. She overcame the resentments from her family and completed her education, challenging all odds. She has been a inspiration to me and others for tackling many issues. I hope we have many women like her who fight for women’s rights.

Here’s a shout-out from us to all the #WoohooWomen out there who make our lives amazing!


Oorja 2017

Oorja, Qwikcilver’s annual sports event, witnessed a brilliant display of talent, dedication and unparalleled enthusiasm.

Though the main event was a day long there were a series of matches held a few days prior, all of it building-up to the finale.

The desire to not just bring home the trophy but to also put in one’s best was so great that practice sessions were held in full vigour pre / post work and on weekends.

The QCians (yes, that’s what the Qwikcilver / QC folks are called) from across functions were divided into four teams – Red Hawks, Blue Panthers, Flaming Tigers and Green Tornadoes.

Each of the teams participated in various sporting events ranging from football, cricket, badminton, throw-ball, volleyball, chess, table tennis, carom to relay and other medley events.

The day drew to a close with the Red Hawks emerging as the winning team.

But even though the QCians were divided by their teams they were united in spirit. As Shankar Balan, President at Qwikcilver, rightly puts it, “The tempo, the buzz, the sportsmanship, the competitive spirit, the celebration and camaraderie in success and the magnanimity in defeat, came through so very clearly indeed.”




Business Schools Go Woohoo !

It was a wholesome Woohoo experience for the alumni of two Business Schools of India – IIM Calcutta and XLRI.

On February 12th, the alumni of these two leading Business Schools organised a Sports Competition in Bangalore as an extension of the same Annual Sports Event that takes place at the campus.

Alumni of the two Business Schools participated in games that were evenly contested.

Gruelling contests were seen in Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball and Throwball.  In addition, a Corporate Quiz was held between the two competing Schools. As was to be expected, when teams from these two B-Schools competed, the games were played in a highly charged atmosphere. The teams played to their best – with the players coming together on a Sunday weekend to put their skills to test.

Over a hundred alumni and their families from these Business schools descended on the venue throughout the day. With a blend of high competition, with the joy and vibrancy of Sports.

Woohoo Experience!

Brand Woohoo engaged as Gift Card Partner with this audience of IIMC & XLRI Alumni.

To add to their competitive spirit, all the attending players were pleasantly surprised to receive a specially crafted Woohoo Gift Card Package, right at the time of their entry at the Venue.

The Experience package included a Woohoo Gift Card that could be used by the recipient for Gift Cards of over 150 leading brands of their choice from or the Woohoo Mobile App.

In addition, the players also received a Gifting Experience created specially by Qwikcilver. For this experience, the Qwikcilver team ideated on various options and exclusively partnered with India’s leading and popular book lending Library Chain – JUST BOOKS.

This unique Just Books Gift Card experience enables the recipients to avail a smooth and seamless service at any Just Books Library of their choice across India.

The winners of the various trophies for each game were also presented with Woohoo powered Gift Card Experiences.

This included Shopping Experiences across a mix of India’s leading aspirational and lifestyle brands via Gift Cards from Peter England, Marks & Spencer, Lifestyle, Croma and Louis Philippe.

The attendees at these games included CEOs, CXOs, and Business Managers from leading brands, organisations and start-ups across India, including Accenture, Microland, Wipro, Tata group, Birla Group, Infosys, IBM, Deloitte, Amazon among others.

All-in-all it was a fun-filled day for the attendees and their families who got to experience the delight of receiving Woohoo Experiences along with the exciting games.



Get Rewarded for Getting Creative with #WoohooMyArt

How it works

We at Woohoo want your gifts to express not just your love but your uniqueness and creativity as well. And what better way to showcase your skill and talent than to let it spill over on the gifts you send your near and dear ones. Create and upload your designs on our Facebook or Instagram pages. The 5 best designs every month will be selected and showcased on and the Woohoo App. These designs can be used as templates by the whole Woohoo community for sending E-Gift Cards. What’s more?? The creators of the selected templates will receive special gifts from Woohoo every time their template is used. Create, innovate and spread joy the Woohoo way with #WoohooMyArt.


  • A new occasion or gifting theme will be announced by Woohoo periodically.
  • Create and share designs for these themes on our Facebook or Instagram.
  • Remember, share only designs that you have created yourself. Do not share free or paid designs from the web or any other source.


  • Share your designs with us on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Winners will be informed about their designs being available for usage as templates on and Woohoo App.
  • Selected designs are displayed on for the running theme, along with the popularity.


  • When your design is used 20 times, you receive Rs.100 worth Woohoo loyalty points.
  • When your design is used 50 times, you receive Rs.300 worth Woohoo loyalty points.
  • The most popular design at the end of the period, as displayed on the leaderboard will receive a bumper prize.

Changing the Way the World Gifts

It is that time of the year. Again. To make resolutions. And to ensure that the resolutions taken earlier are close to execution.

We collectively look forward to a New Year with renewed hope and excitement.

There would surely be freshly baked jokes on social media that nothing is going to change – as it is the same Job, the same Boss, the same colleague, the same market, the same challenges, the same complexities..…

But it is still a New Year!

Time does not have a holiday break. Our dreams don’t have an expiry date. Our dreams continue to be cherished and nurtured. Circumstances shall conspire to help in their accomplishment.

Life, as it happens, has no pause button.

This year has had its share of crests and troughs. Having said that, we shall save only the memories that brought a twinkle to our eyes and mind; not those that added wrinkles to our faces!

At times, we get asked as to what we do. We do lots of exciting and pioneering work. All towards one common agenda.

In a nutshell, we do EVERYTHING GIFT CARDS.

We enable large enterprises, transnational brands & startups to launch and manage unique & innovative consumer outreach programs. Via our robust, multi-tenanted Technology Product Suite for Stored Value Prepaid & Gift Cards.

In 2016, we drove Gift Card category innovations across 700+ enterprises in 500+cities in 6 different countries. This translates to 2+ Gift Cards being transacted every second through the Year on our Qwikcilver SaaS Platform.

As we see it, this in only the beginning.

We now take fresh guard at the wicket; padded up to head onto new frontiers. With new initiatives lined up.  

During our long voyage in the market, we have had the joy to have interactions and advice from many of our customers and doyens of Industry. One specific anecdotal tale did resonate soundly and also helped in reminding us and steering our own course : After failing to scale Mount Everest twice, Edmund Hillary amazingly stated : I will come again and conquer you because as a mountain, you cannot grow, but as a human, I can!

And what Edmund Hillary did go on to achieve with this positive attitude is now part of human fortitude and folklore.

In 2016, the Gift Card Industry scaled up across India significantly with strong growth reported across consumption segments. This recent article in the Economic Times did reflect it : Gift Card Industry Growth.

This rapid adoption of Gift Cards has been achieved by the sincere efforts of the brand owners in scaling their Gift Card programs during the key seasons among their customers in innovative modes of merchandising at points of sale.

Increased consumer adoption of Gift Cards is being witnessed – as the smartest way to Gift to friends and family for various festival gifting occasions

In 2016, we scaled up Woohoo – as it got adopted as the Most Powerful Gifting Platform for Corporates, Enterprises, marketplaces and consumers.

Woohoo launched India’s First Secondary Gift Card marketplace – that was also reportedly the World’s First Fully Integrated Secondary Gift Card Marketplace. This helped to drive a new base of consumers onto the growing category of Gift Card users in India.  

The times ahead will certainly not be the same again. For us as a company and also for each of us as individuals in our official and personal lives.

In the distant past of my old childhood, the New Year meant a quiet evening with my close family. When we used to make all that we needed. The food was cooked at home. My Late Mother used to cook our Malayali staple food of Appam, Stew, Fish curry, Ulli Sambar, Theeyal, Unniappam, Payasam among other things. She would even bake a special cake for us on New Years Eve.

And we children would relish it, even if my younger sibling would crib about the boringness of it. In those days in the 80s, we did not have the options to place New Year orders via Homedelivery from the neighbourhood restaurants. I still relish those yummy delights cooked at my home.

And today, as a parent myself, I have no say in the choice of clothes by my two little children. In fact, my children even go on to choose the brand and model of automobile that I am allowed to purchase and drive!

For the New Year, I will even get a piece of chocolate from my 6 year old daughter. If I behave well today. As going to be judged & decided by her.

Best Wishes for a Warm and digitally Gifted Prosperous New Year 2017!

(One resolution of mine was that I would Post atleast once on LinkedIn. So hope this qualifies as one and I tick off my list for the Year !)

Author: Pratap TP (CMO, Qwikcilver Solutions Pvt Ltd)


Gifting cash? How to gift Rs. 501 or Rs. 1001 in these cash-crunch times.

It is not every day that you feel miserable with a wad of notes in your hand. There is nothing which keeps you ready for a situation where cash cannot be splashed. You could be planning for a wedding, you could be thinking of the perfect birthday gift for your loved one. Heck I was thinking of gifting my wife a dress! However, right now, the thought of gifting cash of Rs. 501 and Rs. 1001 for next event feels like a night mare.

However there was light at the end of the tunnel, or rather there was a melody which sounded like Woohoo!! I was bit sceptical of Woohoo at first. But once I started using it, the options were mind blowing. With a Woohoo gift card the recipient could choose anything – be it jewellery, clothes or if they preferred a nice dinner or the latest gadget, they could pick anything from the best of brands (online or in-store). The gift card opens up a world of endless opportunities and it does not run on cash.

gifting cash, woohoo

What are you waiting for? Do not be that person who waits hours to get the right gift (or in the current scenario – waits in queues for hours at the ATM for gifting cash) when you have the power to gift denominations of your choice in seconds. Experience the convenience of going digital and see the happiness in your loved ones’ eyes when you can give them the gift of “their” choice.



Why is Woohoo the One Stop Solution for all Your Gifting Problems?

How many times have you forcefully tried to smile whenever presented with the wrong gift? I bet we all know how that feels like. Often, we dismiss our displeasure and acknowledge the gift out of  respect to the good intention and love behind the gesture, still, there would have been instances in our lives where we had complained in secret about the colour, texture or size of the gift. Most of those gifts are likely to end up as ‘white elephants’ gathering dust in some corner of the house. An ill-matched furniture or ill-fitting clothes will take the joy off gifting-  from both the giver and receiver. How should we avoid embarrassing situations like that? The answer lies in gift cards!

woohoo, gifting, gift cards

When Is a Gift Card a Right Gift Solution?

Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, house warming, festivals, you name it, gift cards are the best solutions during any such occasions. Nowadays with a gift card, one can buy a range of products like clothing, electronic goods, home appliances, mothercare and babycare among many others. One can even use gift cards to pay for services at spas and salons, hotels and restaurants or book flight and train tickets. Almost all leading brands and retailing franchisees have gifts cards issued to their customers.

Now that we have agreed on the convenience factor of gift cards, a problem still persists in finding the right ones. It’s equally cumbersome to go and check across websites of leading brands to find out who offers what kind of gift cards. To help you deal with such difficulties, has put all the cards under one roof. On Woohoo, one can find a variety of cards across different categories which can be redeemed at India’s leading brands. It is that one place which meets all your demands when it comes to choosing gift vouchers!

Can I Personalize a Gift Card?

An added attraction is the fact that you can personalise your gift cards with custom messages and designs to make your loved ones feel unique and special. Personalised cards can be also kept as souvenirs.

Apart from gift cards, also features gift vouchers which can be used at top restaurants, spas, salons and several other retail outlets. It also has a section on e-gift cards of leading brands. ‘Insta gifts’ is another amazing speciality of Woohoo, with  which  e-gift cards could be delivered instantly via SMS, Whatsapp or emails to anyone. Apart from all these, they even have gift cards to go with different  festivals or varying occasions of personal interest.

Keep up the Tradition of Gifting with Gift Cards Online

Gifts cards are in vogue, and they are here to stay. With the advancement of technology, the idea of gifting smart has become the latest trend these days. Keep up with time by adapting with the changing fashion, but not losing the traditional appeal the same time. Visit and find gift cards for all the memorable occasions that deserve a great gift!

Note: Image is from .Copyright vests with respective copyright holders.

(Post updated on 17 Nov 2016)



Winners of the #DearDiwali contest

The #DearDiwali contest ran on our social media pages, with our Woohoo fans tagging their family and friends to the Diwali gifts they expected to receive from them on Diwali. We’ve shared the winning posts below:

Facebook Winners

Anil Vishwakarma

#DearDiwali Manoj Kumar how about going for a movie this Diwali, and then having dinner at Bawarchi Rtc X Roads with all our classmates together.

And make this Diwali a happiest, memorable and a echo friendly Diwali ?

Woohoo, DearDiwali, gifting, Diwali gifts, gift cards, gift vouchers

Dr Vinay Ishnava

#DearDiwali #GiftCard i want to get one handy i-pad of apple from my wife Hetal Ishnava. As i am doctor, i am working in government health department.

With help of the i-pad i can make my presentation. I love music so in my free time i can enjoy melodious songs. I can also refer to many e-books at any time and store my memorable job related and family photos. This i-pad may be become my e-diary and last but not the least thanks to #woohoogifting for conveying this message to my wife in unique digital way.

Woohoo, DearDiwali, gifting, Diwali gifts, gift cards, gift vouchers

Twitter Winners

kiran ‏@icebucket7

@woohoogifting #DearDiwali @baludks I would love a PVR gift card as a gift for Diwali.

Woohoo, DearDiwali, gifting, Diwali gifts, gift cards, gift vouchers

Anita Sahu ‏@anublue30

@woohoogifting I would love to get a beautiful pair of anklets from my hubby #DearDiwali @nita1407 @priyalpoddar join in guys.

Woohoo, DearDiwali, gifting, Diwali gifts, gift cards, gift vouchers





By Rujuta Jadhav

Teachers are one of the greatest people you come across in your life. They are not only the selfless givers but also the mentors in your life. I would like to thank Arpeeta ma’m for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing and room for making mistakes along the way. I am grateful to have her as my teacher. She has treated her job not like a profession but her passion. She has been a teacher who never showed me the way, instead taught me how to search for it myself. She has been not just a teacher but a parent to me. No amount of thanks will be enough for all that she has done for me. I found guidance, friendship, discipline and love, everything, in one person. Without her, I would have been lost. She has inspired me to do better in life and guided me throughout. Thanks for being a true mentor.
gifting, woohoodiaries, inspiration, thanks, thank you

By Gurjeet Chhabra

There are people who come into our lives and leave a burning sensation that lights up inside each of us. In my life there is a Ravi Lekhwani Sir, who I met twelve years ago. He has had the biggest impact in my life and has kept this feeling of hope inside me.

I am able to look into the mirror and, for one of the first times ever, be proud of the person that I am. You believed in me, and that’s all that I really needed. You took the time to care, and not only that, but you made sure that I knew you cared. That has made the difference.

I remember one incident. I went for an interview and because of low confidence I was not able to complete the task they had given me. I felt disheartened and felt like a loser. In place of going home, I went to my computer teacher at the institute. He ask me to do the same project which tha interviewer had given me and I failed. He tried to boost me and remarked that “being disheartened can’t make you a winner. If you want to be a winner, then keep rolling.” His words had done a motivational magic and pumped a lot of confidence in myself, resulting in me getting my dream job at the leading university as a computer lecturer.

We will probably never forget that person because we owe a little part of our identity, who we truly are, to them. Without them we might never have become the person we are today.

gifting, woohoodiaries, inspiration, thanks, thank you

These stories, shared by our dear Woohoo fans, are part of the #WoohooDiaries series. If these stories inspire you (as much as they inspired us to launch this series) or if they remind you of someone you’d like thank, say hello or just send a note to, we at Woohoo would be more than happy to be the medium for your message. To send personalized little e-gift cards / e-notes to them via an SMS, Whatsapp or email, click here. If you’d prefer to have a physical gift card delivered to them, visit us at


Festive #WoohooCelebration Winners Featured

The #WoohooCelebration contest ran for about a week on Woohoo’s social media channels. It had people from all over the country send in pictures of their festive celebrations. The winners bagged gift  cards worth Rs. 500 each and also got a chance to have their festive pictures featured on the Woohoo website and app as templates for the festive season.

Rameshwari Bansod

festive greeting, gift cards, gift vouchers, woohoo

<3 “My Auspicious and Aesthetic Folk Art” <3
Meaning of my caption :-
An ancient Indian art form, Rangoli is drawn at the entrance to usher in peace and prosperity. These are intricate patterns drawn in the courtyard or just outside the threshold of the entrance door to ward off evil spirits. Rangolis are believed to make the surroundings aesthetic and auspicious.

Apurva Balai

festive greetings, woohoo, gift cards, gift vouchers

This Diwali, don’t worry about what to gift. Go ahead and gift your loved ones the freedom to choose what they want with Diwali e-gift cards, customised with your personal messages and these beautiful festive templates.