Gift cool Fashion Bags, Sunglasses and Scarves with Fastrack Gift Cards

FastrackHave you checked out the Seasons’ Frenzy collection at Fastrack yet? If you’re getting ready for your next college term, or planning to revamp your wardrobe, Fastrack should be your default destination. Fastrack really knows how to wow the fashion-savvy audience; you’ll be blown away by the amazing collection of scarves, sunglasses and cool fashion bags at Fastrack. Now you can also gift these cutting edge personal accessories using a Fastrack gift card from

Sunglasses and Cases

Looking for a pair of sunglasses to gift your girl friend or boy friend this summer? Go ahead – check out the fabulous range of sunglasses and cases in their fabulous colors, camouflage military styles, all of which you can dangle from your belt or bag. Cool, huh?

Fashion Bags

The new collection of bags at Fastrack is really cool. Cool fluorescent-colored jute bags for girls, leather backpacks, fashion backpacks, neutral-toned conductor bags, round duffel bags, hip bags, belt bags – the list goes on. You’ll never be able to hide in the background again!


These are not your run-of-the-mill boring silk scarves. These scarves are for the fashion genius in you.  How cool will it be to attend the summer night party of the year wearing a multi-colored chiffon scarf? During the day, you can wrap them around your sun-hat, or tie them to your handbag’s handle. Throw them casually over one shoulder or wear them as bandannas.

Spread the Joy!

Fastrack’s offerings are so cool! Spread the joy by gifting your friends and loved ones Fastrack gift cards. And be it birthdays or special occasions your friends will be delighted to receive a gift card and e-gift cards from Fastrack, which can be redeemed either online or at the stores.

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Gift cards for Fastrack Army & Mean Machine Collections!

We’re already several days into the New Year! But if you have missed out on gifting any hip youngsters in your family, there is some ultra cool stuff for them. Yes we are talking about Fastrack gift cards. Fastrack always makes a mark, with it’s best-ever collection of cool, snazzy and upbeat watches, sunglasses, wallets, belts and bags. The youth brand, and also the top style haunt for the young and young-at-heart have come out with two magnificent new collections – the Army Collection and the Mean Machine Collection.

The Army Collection features a range of products with a distinct ‘army’ spell on them. Think rugged looks, camouflage effects, products that are structured yet stylish. This collection is for the coolest of the cool guys and gals out there. These are statement pieces that cannot be ignored, whether you’re wearing a sturdy statement watch or carrying a superbly styled Fastrack Army Collection bag. Bags start at Rs. 350, while sunglasses and belts start at Rs. 500. Rather affordable too, considering the major visual impact of this collection.

The Mean Machine Collection products are exactly what the title sounds like – lean, mean, deadly, cutting-edge and oh-so desirable. The watches have multiple dials and sometimes compasses on them. The straps are made of cords, fine leather and a variety of other materials. The sunglasses are meant to stand out – bright reds, oranges, blues and greens. There’s not a single item in this collection that’s shy. So go all out! Celebrate the new year and the upcoming events by gifting your cool friends gift cards from Fastrack! Fastrack gift cards are also just perfect for youngsters in the family always looking forward to don the ultra-cool style.


Gifting Your Loved Ones The Gift of Time

What do Elvis Presley and President Obama have in common? A love for grand clocks! Be it the current President of the United States, or the deceased King of Rock Music, both have a great liking for Chelsea clocks as gifts.

Clocks And Watches Are The Ultimate Gifts

A Chelsea clock is the finest clock that’s made in America by elite master clock makers since 1897. They are famous worldwide for their relentless precision and classic beauty. Elvis Presley, the undying King of Rock, once bought 100 Chelsea clocks as Christmas presents. President Obama has also purchased Chelsea clocks as gifts for foreign dignitaries.

Time Is The Greatest Gift That We All Have

Why do our leaders gift clocks and watches? To remind themselves and others that time is the greatest gift. We waste a lot of this precious commodity, and when time has flown by, we often repent for not having used it constructively. Time stands by us, patiently clicking away, watching all our mistakes with true forbearance. Time can make great difference in the lives of you and your loved ones, and a symbol of time always makes for a nice gift.

You Can Never Go Wrong With The Gift Of Time

When your son is ready to enter the world as a man, when your daughter is ready to take her elegant steps into the career of her choice, when your father or mother retires; all these occasions can be made special with a one-of-a-kind gift that spells the significance of time. Buy Helios, Watches & More, Titan or Fastrack gift cards from Gift your loved ones beautifully crafted classic watches that stand the test of time and that serve as stylish accessories that every young boy or girl will cherish.