Gifts that Go Beyond Money

When we think of birthday gifts, a framed picture, a vase or something generic comes to our mind. But when famous celebrities gift each other, they sometimes think in terms of huge high end cars costing tens of thousands of dollars.

A Customized Dodge Ram Truck

Jennifer Lopez (42-year-old divorced Hollywood celebrity, pop music sensation and movie star) gifted a customized white Dodge Ram truck to her 25-year-old boyfriend, backup dancer Casper Smart, on his birthday. A regular Dodge Ram truck costs about 30,000 USD, but with customizations and the works, Jennifer Lopez seems to have blown a cool 50,000 USD on her boyfriend’s birthday. It did not end there; the present was followed by an intimate dinner party at a famous Italian restaurant in Hollywood, where she piled more gifts on her man. Jennifer Lopez demonstrates her love in the only way she knows – by heaping gifts and spending time with her loved one!

But Gifting is Not Always about Money Spent

It’s not about the money you spend, but the quality of the brands you gift that makes a difference. can make your loved one’s birthday special with a variety of gifting options that you had not thought of before. When your loved one’s birthday rolls by this year, get her a gift card from Satya Paul for a customized, grand designer outfit that she can wear to any major occasion. To make her day perfect, give her a gift card from Mainland China for a romantic birthday dinner. A giftcard from PVRCinemas for a romantic late night movie will be just the right touch to the best night of her life. The right kind and combinations of gifts, with lots of feeling, can sometimes outshine even the most expensive gifts that money can buy.