Woohoo! Aaj Sab Ko Happy Karein

The Ethnic Day celebrations at Woohoo not just displayed the excellent team work and great camaraderie, but it was also a showcase of the creative excellence and vibrant spirit possessed by each of us here at Woohoo. This poem by one of our team members, Ratnakar Baggi (Director – Program Management and Solutioning), aptly conveys the Woohoo spirit of yesterday, today and always.

Immersed in the festivities of the day
As a team we indulged in a colourful launch today
Reds, yellows, purples, whites strewn on the floor
Neatly folded into designs and patterns
Along we brought sweets and smiles galore.
Our faces resplendent, souls playful and gay,
Aaj sab ko Happy Karein!

The creation has just started,
While the friendships are cementing,
All of us need our share of love,
Which is the reason we believe in gifting,
Is the giver generous by heart?
Or the recipient greater, for accepting.
Find your hidden gift today!
Aaj sab ko Happy Karein!

There are more goals to achieve
Milestones to cross, targets to surpass,
Let us sharpen our actions to shoot arrows from the quiver,
Stay sure footed and yet so nimble as quick silver,
We have collective dreams to achieve
Stretch beyond the horizon to find our way
Aaj sab ko Happy Karein!