The greatest treasure any child can get

Oprah Winfrey, the world-famous US talk host who gifted a trunkful of her favorite children’s books to Beyonce’s new baby, Blue Ivy. In this trunk are books that Oprah has loved all her life, and has encouraged her own children to read and pass on. She didn’t send the baby a gold necklace; she didn’t send her a set of expensive toys. She sent the baby what she knows is the very best treasure of all: stories!

A treasure beyond compare

Books are gifts that entertain and enlighten. They also guide our children to do the right thing when we’re no longer around to guide them. Most people love books; and those who don’t read books, love to hear stories from the ones who do. Even those people, who never learnt to read, eagerly watch theatrical depictions of their favorite stories. Knowledge finds a way to become known, one way or the other.

Gift your child the pleasure of reading

When your son’s or daughter’s birthday comes around this year, get a gift voucher from, Oxford Book Store, Sapna Book Store or Landmark from Each one of these top stores has a wide collection of books covering a wide range of subjects. It’ll be the best gift for your growing or grown-up child. If your children are small yet, accompany them to the store and help them select the kind of books that will keep them busy for hours. Plus the shopping, will be surely be, a fun day-out for the parent and the child!!


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