3 Best Occasions to Gift a Travel Gift Card

travel gift card

A gift is something that you give to someone you care about, right? There are no rules as to what that gift can comprise. Your gift could be a watch, some jewellery, clothing, and gadgets – anything from an array of gifting options. What about an experience? A travel experience is certainly one of the most memorable gifts and it’s easy to gift a fabulous travel experience through a travel gift card.

So, why not check out the possible occasions that can be captured into tiny special moments in the form of gifts. Below are a few of them:

Anniversary (Parents)

Our parents are more than a hug giver, advice offerer, finest cooks, best of the best friends, in short an “Angel in disguise”. It is a fact that time or reasons are not required to express our love and respect for them. But, when we have an opportunity like Anniversary when we can really give them something, they would relish the most, why not plan something absolutely delightful.

Now that we have decided on gifting something, the difficult part begins as to choose what to give as there’s nothing in the world that can match our parents love yet, something not so close is some quality time for each other. Why not a holiday? Just the two, near or far where ever, but Just the two! Quite awesome, isn’t it?

Retirement Gift

People run in their hectic work schedules and save holidays to plan their long vacation yet, somehow self-ditch their own plans as work would be their first priority. That’s right, and time flies and yet their dreams are still dreams. There are very less chances that they would plan post retirement as they would already have plans for their grandchildren.

Why not differentiate ourselves from the lot and plan some awesome holiday?

“New Entry” in your family

All tend to get really excited whenever there is a new beginning in our life. Either we get into a new relation or a new relation gets into our family. Both gives immense joy and happiness. What do you think could be a best form of expressing this feeling?

Really tough to put it across, right? Yea, true because the gift should give them ever lasting memories. Something like a holiday with the “New Entry” of the family who can be your sister, brother, sister-in-law, cousin, brother in law and so on. Whoever it is, the beauty of any relation can be expressed by giving quality time with them by planning a Holiday just for them with them.

Now that we have listed out few of the multiple possible reasons to celebrate in discount on cleartrip gift cardlife, it’s time to think on how could we make it a perfect personalized gift. Travel is one thing people think twice because they don’t want to mess up with bookings and planning. So, gift a best holiday gift to your dear ones with a Cleartrip by availing 15% discount on Cleartrip e-gift card. You can get this awesome offer using the promo code CL15 in the checkout page.




Gift a Wonderful Trip through Gift Cards

Can you imagine getting a gift card through courier one fine day for an actual trip? People plan their vacation breaks for ages and save up for trips they want to take with their families. The very idea of getting a trip experience as a gift that still allows you to choose and configure trip details is a luxury beyond comparison.

Why a Trip Experience is so Special?

Everyone dreams of taking a trip with someone they love. We all want a bit of escape from our daily routines. A trip signifies something new, something exciting, and something apart from the usual and therefore special and much anticipated. Take advantage of this feeling and use a trip experience to reward your employees and surprise your spouse, parents or children.

Ideal situations for a Trip Gift Experience

  1. Assume your parents are retiring from their jobs and wondering what to do with their time. Isn’t that the perfect opportunity to gift them a trip, so that they can enjoy their newly found freedom from the daily dirge of work? You could buy them a new music system but it won’t have the same significance.
  2. Then, consider a newly married couple as potential gift recipients. A newly married couple is always looking for opportunities to be alone to celebrate their togetherness. Let a trip experience be your gift to them.
  3. A trip experience is a great idea for customers and clients too. It’s a generic enough gift and a nice gesture, when you consider that even your customers and clients need their vacation breaks. A trip experience certainly beats product discounts or a leather planner set as gifts!

How a Trip Experience works?

As the giver, all you have to do is purchase a Make My Trip gift card from Woohoo.in. Your recipient gets your gift card along with the terms of validity and your special message. Your gift recipient can book the entire trip through the travel site, including accommodation, tour packages, hotel to airport transfers, car rentals and so on. Your gift voucher covers the entire gamut of the travel experience, so there’s no need to separately arrange for any details.

Why a Trip Experience gift will be remembered ever after?

The beauty of this gift card is that your recipients can use it anytime within the validity period. There’s no rush. In the case of the wedded couple, they can complete their marriage formalities, get settled in and then cash in your trip experience gift card when they’re ready for honeymoon trip.  Isn’t that fabulous? Your gift recipients will remember your gift long after they have forgotten who gave them the crystal vase or the steel container set.

Image from isucceedbook.com