Celebrate Women’s Day with Café Coffee Day Gift Cards

Cafe Coffee Day - Cafe Moments -Womens Day OfferYou probably know everything there is to know about Café Coffee Day. CCD is probably your favorite haunt too! Still, there are some things you may not know. Did you know that the font used to spell out Café Coffee Day in the signs, ads and banners is called ‘Slurry’? It’s called that because the font looks as though it is made of congealed liquid – just like the exotic concoctions of rich coffee and hot chocolate brewed at CCD.

After that bit of interesting trivia let’s come to the main news. Women of India! Celebrate the International Women’s Day (8 March) this year with special offers from Café Coffee Day. With purchase of Café Moments Card loaded with Rs. 1000 or more, get a specially packed Golden Moments Assorted Cookies Box worth Rs. 250, absolutely free! A box of sweet cookies, to let you know that you’re considered sweet, you’re important, you’re valued and that this world needs more of you.

If you and your office colleagues are planning to have a little party on Women’s Day, treat yourselves to a relaxing treat at Café Coffee Day. Apart from the fabulous Coffee, there are mouth watering sundaes, chocolate cakes and sandwiches too! For the generous men out there, this is also a great opportunity to invite your special one for a date. Don’t forget to take your gift box of assorted chocolates with you! Coffee and cookies make for the best moments in love. Don’t you think so?

There are more reasons to opt for a Café Moments gift card from Café Coffee Day. As a registered member you will me periodically fantastic freebies and offers from the Coffee Chain, which can be availed at any of the dozens of Café Coffee Day outlets dotting your city. This offer is valid between 5th to 9th March. So what are you waiting for! Treat yourself or surprise your loved one, the choice is yours!


Gift a chill-out experience with CCD Cafe Moments gift card

Cafe Coffee Day Cafe Moments gift cardHow often do you visit your local Café Coffee Day outlet? Once a day? Twice a week? How often do you join your friends at Café Coffee Day for a lovely frothy cappuccino and a chocolate cake? We won’t be surprised if you’re a regular Café Coffee Day patron! Café Coffee Day outlets are colorful, chilled out and offer the right ambience for a cup of coffee with friends. Whether you head there at the end of a long, stressful day, or whether it’s your weekend haunt – your local Café Coffee Day is definitely your place to chill out.

Café Coffee Day recently launched a Café Moments gift card, to help you share some wonderful café moments with your friends. With Christmas and a brand New Year around the corner, we cannot think of a better or more chilled out gift to your friends than a Café Moments gift card. With this gift card, you’ll be telling your friends or loved ones that special moments last forever. You’ll also be telling them to take a break, relax and enjoy the sweeter parts of life, over a lovely cup of frothy coffee.

Café Coffee Day has also just made your message to your friends sweeter. Gift your loved one a Café Moments gift card for the New Year, and he or she will get a nice large slab of Café Coffee Day Dark Magic chocolate along with your gift card. How perfect is that? A brand new year, coffee, chocolate, all your love and a date at Café Coffee Day! Could there be a more perfect gift during this holiday season?