Gift a chill-out experience with CCD Cafe Moments gift card

Cafe Coffee Day Cafe Moments gift cardHow often do you visit your local Café Coffee Day outlet? Once a day? Twice a week? How often do you join your friends at Café Coffee Day for a lovely frothy cappuccino and a chocolate cake? We won’t be surprised if you’re a regular Café Coffee Day patron! Café Coffee Day outlets are colorful, chilled out and offer the right ambience for a cup of coffee with friends. Whether you head there at the end of a long, stressful day, or whether it’s your weekend haunt – your local Café Coffee Day is definitely your place to chill out.

Café Coffee Day recently launched a Café Moments gift card, to help you share some wonderful café moments with your friends. With Christmas and a brand New Year around the corner, we cannot think of a better or more chilled out gift to your friends than a Café Moments gift card. With this gift card, you’ll be telling your friends or loved ones that special moments last forever. You’ll also be telling them to take a break, relax and enjoy the sweeter parts of life, over a lovely cup of frothy coffee.

Café Coffee Day has also just made your message to your friends sweeter. Gift your loved one a Café Moments gift card for the New Year, and he or she will get a nice large slab of Café Coffee Day Dark Magic chocolate along with your gift card. How perfect is that? A brand new year, coffee, chocolate, all your love and a date at Café Coffee Day! Could there be a more perfect gift during this holiday season?


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This month QwikCilver powered E-Gift card programs for leading brick and mortar as well as online retailers! E-Gift Cards are not an alternative to physical Gift cards but give consumers an added gifting option!

Café Coffee Day team along with ‘Café Moments’ fans had a lot of mouth watering ‘Barfi’ Moments!
Read on to know more…
GiftBig New Gift Card Launches
Peter England is the first brick and mortar retailer in India to have launched E-Gift Cards. These can be purchased from and and redeemed at any of the Peter England stores in India.
India’s largest youth fashion brand, Fastrack also launched Fastrack E-Gift cards powered by QwikCilver to provide an instant gifting option to their consumer base.These E-Gift cards are redeemable across all Fastrack stores in India. which is India’s first online fashion brand for apparels, footwear & accessories launched its E-Gift cards.QwikCilver powered its E-Gift card program to enable its discerning consumers to gift E-Gift cards to their loved ones that can be redeemed on their e-com portal.

Benefits of E-Gift Cards:

  • An instant gifting option wherein the customer can send the electronic gift card to his friends, family members and associates anytime, anyplace!
  • A very good gifting option for last minute shoppers, couch potatoes and also NRIs who want to gift to family and friends in India.
  • Extremely useful for Bulk /Corporate orders; no physical inventory of Gift cards required and the E-Gift card numbers can be generated in no time.
  • Drives new customers to the stores/e-com portal.
  • Customers can be offered the choice of choosing their own E-Gift card design.
  • Useful for promotions- saves on cost of physical Gift Card as well as time of implementation
Ramakrishnan, President Marketing, Cafe Coffee Day along with the stars and Director of ‘Barfi’!

The ‘Cafe Moments’ Prepaid Card program for Cafe Coffee Day launched in association with QwikCilver has been successfully accepted in more than 1200 Cafe outlets across India!

This success has been driven by unique programs for consumers such as association of Cafe Moments program with the popular movie ‘Barfi’. The fans got an opportunity to meet and greet the stars in different cities of India!

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  3. Thinking of what clothes to buy for your new-born nephew whose one almirah is already full of over-sized clothes, present a Gift Card.
  4. Your wife’s overworked and you want to help her rewind and rejuvenate; she would be pleased to receive a salon Gift Card from you.
  5. Your brother-in-law is a sports enthusiast; what better way to please him than gifting a sports lifestyle brand Gift Card that would help him to nurture his passion.
  6. Want to give your sister and her husband a break from the monotony of life, a movie Gift Card would be a great escape.
  7. It takes a lot of effort from the host to pull off a great get-together. Show your appreciation for the fun time by presenting a Gift Card to the host.
  8. You have been assigned the task of planning gifts for the monthly kitty party- look no further! Just go ahead and present a Gift Card.
  9. Tired of giving sweets to your friends and relatives on festivals; start giving Gift Cards to enhance the euphoria of festivities.
  10. Here’s the secret to Happy Married life…present a jewellery Gift Card to your wife. Need we say more!
  11. Your next door neighbour was instrumental in making your kid’s birthday bash a phenomenal success and now you want to give her a small token of appreciation. Look no further, simple present a Gift Card to delight her.
  12. Your father is feeling low a few months post his retirement; it would be a great idea to present a Gift Card to buy things that will help him to further his hobbies. He would definitely feel younger and excited.
  13. A friend with artistic pursuits has invited you for dinner; it might be a great idea to present a Gift Card to laud her efforts.
  14. Almost at wit’s end on what gift to purchase for baby shower, a Gift Card would definitely please the parents-to-be.
  15. Missing your niece/nephew on Children’s Day; send them Gift Cards so that they can buy gifts of their own choice.They will be more than delighted to have a caring aunt/uncle like you!
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  17. Thinking of ways to delight your parents on their anniversary of which you cannot be a part, present a Gift Card with your personalized message to light up their day!
  18. Every Teacher’s Day, you are filled with fond memories of your favorite school teachers; Go ahead and send them Gift Cards to show them that they are always valued.
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  22. You have to attend a function of a distant relative possibly meeting for the first time and feeling awkward at giving cash; why not give a Gift Card which is like cash, yet a more elegant gifting option.
  23. Your brother got a promotion, what better way to congratulate him and appreciate his hard work than sending a Gift Card to him!
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  25. Wondering what kitchen appliance to give to your friend who is an enthusiastic cook, present a Gift card and let her choose her gift!
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  29. A Gift card is an ideal present for a family who is moving out of town and in the process of downsizing goods; it takes up virtually no space and they can easily buy stuff with it once they arrive in their new city.
  30. What better way to convey your heartfelt thanks to your team members, for meeting a difficult deadline, than giving a Gift card with your personalized message!
  31. If you are struggling hard to find a suitable gift to be given for your neighbor’s son’s wedding; then buy a Gift Card and sit back and enjoy the wedding!
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  35. It’s your niece’ first Birthday and you are miles apart- send a Gift Card online and let your family know how much you care for them!
  36. Gift Big with a Gift Card on Valentine’s Day! What happens next is better left to one’s imagination!!!
  37. This year surprise all your school friends & college friends by sending them Gift Cards during ‘Friendship week’-All to say ‘It’s good to be together’!
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  41. Not in town for your anniversary and totally perplexed on how to send a Gift to your spouse. An E-Gift card would be the best Gifting option!
  42. Can’t make it to your best buddy’s birthday bash-please him/her with a Gift Card to show him/her that you care!
  43. Your sister who is a sports enthusiast is feeling low. What better way to cheer her up than giving a Gift card of leading sports lifestyle brand!
  44. Your father is very special to you and you want to give him the best Gift on ‘Father’s Day’. Is there a better gift than the gift of choice-the Gift Card!
  45. Pleased with your teams’ efforts of creating an outstanding product- Why don’t you delight them with a Gift card along with your personalized message? This team is sure to stick by your side!
  46. Even after asking a number of times, your father is delaying his yearly vision test- what better way to drive him to the optical store than giving a Gift Card from leading Eye wear brand. He will be overwhelmed to have a caring son/daughter like you!
  47. Your colleague is brimming with joy on the birth of his baby. Time for you to add to his joy by instantaneously sending him an E-Gift card of retailers offering baby products.
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  49. Wondering on what gift to give to a person who has almost everything – Gift card will be the best choice!
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  51. Wondering on what gifts to send to your parents during festivals? Send them a Gift card Hamper having Gift cards of leading national and International brands and let them splurge on themselves!
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