A fun day out as a Mother’s Day gift!

CCD_Mother'sDay5How much time do you spend with your mom? A few hours a month, or perhaps just a couple of hours a week on phone! Think back on the whole of last year and compute exactly how much time you’ve spent with the most important woman in the world. Yes, you know that somehow there’s never enough time. But don’t waste your time in regret now. Mother’s Day is coming up, on the 12th of May. Make that day truly special for your mom. Take the day off, and take her for a lovely cup of steaming coffee and chocolate cake at Café Coffee Day. Use your Café Moments card proudly – there are some exciting surprises in store for your mom at CCD on Mother’s Day!

An Unbelievable Offer!

For on this Mothers Day, Titan & Café Coffee Day along with Woohoo.in has come together to arrange a special gift for Moms in India.  To avail this offer, first register your Café Moments Card on the CCD website. Then swipe your Café Moments Card at any CCD outlet for Rs. 250 (or more) between 6th and 8th May and you get the chance to enter for a beautiful Titan watch. Only registered Café Moment Card holders can win a Titan watch. If you’ve not registered your Café Moments card yet, do so without delay. While you’re at CCD, you can also take advantage of the amazing products and varieties of coffee on display. You can also buy her a few enchanting coffee mugs and some other keepsakes to remember your lovely Mother’s Day outing at Café Coffee Day.


A Date at Café Coffee Day To Say “I Love You”?

Cafe Coffee day valentines day gift cardCafé Coffee Day has been the favorite destination for lovers for years now. There’s something about the soothing walls, the cheerful ambience and the amazing smells of exotic coffees generating plentiful romantic vibes. Take full advantage of your favorite hang-out place this Valentine’s Day. Make it a special date to express your deepest feelings for your loved one. For won’t it be magical to sit across from your loved one and gaze into their eyes?

Experience the exciting aromas of exotic, romantic warm chocolate and imported coffees as they swirl around you. Nibble on a chocolate cake or a brownie together. Hold your loved one’s hand and tell him/ her how you truly feel. Let all romantic talk flow. Can you imagine it? It’ll be the absolute perfect date, no mistake about that.

And it’s very simple how you can put this wonderful date plan into operation. Buy a Café Moments gift card, and have it sent to your love. Guess what? As a Valentine’s Day special, Woohoo.in in partnership with Café Coffee Day ships out a beautifully packaged Golden Moments Assorted Cookie Box along with your Café Moments gift card. What a wonderful additional surprise it will be for your sweetheart!

Imagine your loved one’s face when he or she opens the package to find a box of delicious cookies along with the gift card and your loving message. It’s a good idea to order your Café Moments gift card well in advance so it gets delivered to your love before Valentine’s Day. For the romantic couple’s old and new; coffee and conversations at Café Coffee Day is the best way to start the festivities for Valentine’s Day!


Gift a chill-out experience with CCD Cafe Moments gift card

Cafe Coffee Day Cafe Moments gift cardHow often do you visit your local Café Coffee Day outlet? Once a day? Twice a week? How often do you join your friends at Café Coffee Day for a lovely frothy cappuccino and a chocolate cake? We won’t be surprised if you’re a regular Café Coffee Day patron! Café Coffee Day outlets are colorful, chilled out and offer the right ambience for a cup of coffee with friends. Whether you head there at the end of a long, stressful day, or whether it’s your weekend haunt – your local Café Coffee Day is definitely your place to chill out.

Café Coffee Day recently launched a Café Moments gift card, to help you share some wonderful café moments with your friends. With Christmas and a brand New Year around the corner, we cannot think of a better or more chilled out gift to your friends than a Café Moments gift card. With this gift card, you’ll be telling your friends or loved ones that special moments last forever. You’ll also be telling them to take a break, relax and enjoy the sweeter parts of life, over a lovely cup of frothy coffee.

Café Coffee Day has also just made your message to your friends sweeter. Gift your loved one a Café Moments gift card for the New Year, and he or she will get a nice large slab of Café Coffee Day Dark Magic chocolate along with your gift card. How perfect is that? A brand new year, coffee, chocolate, all your love and a date at Café Coffee Day! Could there be a more perfect gift during this holiday season?


Gift ideas for Food Lovers!

Foods Beverages gift cardsIf you have been thinking that only watches, books, music, apparel and electronics make the best gifts, it’s not so these days. Great experiences make excellent gifts too! Consider gifting your parents a wonderful dining experience at a top-class restaurant on their most special day – their wedding anniversary. So many other great occasions too come up in life. For example, let’s say your brother is meeting his to-be wife for the first time. How about gifting him a Café Coffee Day gift card so he can treat his wife-to-be for a lovely coffee and chocolate cake? So many special moments have been forged at Café Coffee Day. Its casual but intimate ambience appeals to everyone, and certainly the coffees are heavenly too!

So if you have started thinking of gifting a dining experience, think also in terms of Mainland China, BJN Group, Pizza Corner, Dominos and other famous food and beverage chains. The BJN Group alone has several top restaurant brands; ranging from the orient, to the colonial to the Punjabi dhaba style. BJN group operates more than 40 restaurants all over India, each with its own signature offerings. For the fast food enthusiasts, Dominos and Pizza Corner are two outlets popular among the young and the not-so-young. Who could say no to a slice of mouthwatering, cheesy pizza? A gift card from either brand will be a resounding success, and your recipient will start looking forward to more gifts from you. So, the next time you starting wondering what to gift someone, think about a wonderful food and beverage experience. You can’t possibly go wrong with it!