Gift a chill-out experience with CCD Cafe Moments gift card

Cafe Coffee Day Cafe Moments gift cardHow often do you visit your local Café Coffee Day outlet? Once a day? Twice a week? How often do you join your friends at Café Coffee Day for a lovely frothy cappuccino and a chocolate cake? We won’t be surprised if you’re a regular Café Coffee Day patron! Café Coffee Day outlets are colorful, chilled out and offer the right ambience for a cup of coffee with friends. Whether you head there at the end of a long, stressful day, or whether it’s your weekend haunt – your local Café Coffee Day is definitely your place to chill out.

Café Coffee Day recently launched a Café Moments gift card, to help you share some wonderful café moments with your friends. With Christmas and a brand New Year around the corner, we cannot think of a better or more chilled out gift to your friends than a Café Moments gift card. With this gift card, you’ll be telling your friends or loved ones that special moments last forever. You’ll also be telling them to take a break, relax and enjoy the sweeter parts of life, over a lovely cup of frothy coffee.

Café Coffee Day has also just made your message to your friends sweeter. Gift your loved one a Café Moments gift card for the New Year, and he or she will get a nice large slab of Café Coffee Day Dark Magic chocolate along with your gift card. How perfect is that? A brand new year, coffee, chocolate, all your love and a date at Café Coffee Day! Could there be a more perfect gift during this holiday season?