Sending gifts to India from Abroad

Earlier sending gifts to India was difficult because it sometimes required lot of follow-up. Many a time, the gift would be undelivered, or delivered to the wrong address. Because of this often, instead of gifts, people would contend themselves with just a phone call to wish during special occasions like Christmas & New Year.

But today it’s possible to send any gifts to India, for any occasion. NRIs only need to log on to their favorite gifting website, log in, select their gifts, provide the address, make payment and checkout! The gifts are delivered within days of the order, with no worries or tension on either side.

Send Emotions Too: Most of these online gift shopping portals (including are operated from India, which is how all of this is made possible. Now you can send your caring gift along with an equally caring message. Most online shopping portals gift wrap your gift, and attach your personal message in the form of a card. So go ahead, let your family and friends know how much you miss them from abroad. Send your caring thoughts to them via a personalized gift message.

Don’t Miss A Single Occasion: Whether it’s a loved one’s birthday, wedding anniversary or a festive occasion, you can be right there on time through the perfect gift. Your loved ones will enjoy your presence in their lives much more now, owing to this ease of convenience. All you’ll have to do is remember everyone’s special occasion. So go ahead and celebrate every celebration and festive occasion you can think of – Christmas, New Year, Raksha Bandhan, Eid, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so on.

Wide Variety Of Gifts: Look at what all you can send to your loved ones in India! Cakes, flowers, chocolates, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, cameras, fashion apparel, fashion accessories, toys, home décor, and perfumes – the list is endless! Even home appliances such as Plasma TVs, LCDs, DVD players, refrigerators, music players and washing machines can be added to this list! And if you thinking of entertainments as gifts, a plethora of music, movies, books, games etc can also send to your loved ones.

Gift Smarter: Here’s another great option to send gifts through gift cards, probably the best so far. Now if you want to gift your dad back home a large LCD television, you don’t have to decide for him. Nor do you have to spend hours on the phone with him, trying to get his specifications exactly right. Let him go select his own television – all you have to do is send him a gift card or gift voucher from the brand he likes! These are simple to order, easy to deliver to any address in India, and you can get them gift wrapped and attach your own special message! With these, the gift will still be yours – your dad’s new LCD TV will still be ‘your’ gift, but he’ll choose it! This way, you can offer total freedom of choice to your gift recipient, even while claiming credit for the gift.

Gifting the power of Choice: Most often when you purchase a gift, there is a nagging worry of not getting it perfect for the recipient. With gift cards and gift vouchers that worry need not be there anymore. This is because, now you will be giving the recipient the power of choice. You can choose to gift a brand of your choice or a gift card that enables the recipient to buy multiple brands of gift cards. So if it’s a jewelry gift card, the recipient can choose to buy a ring or bangle. And in case of an apparent gift card, she can choose to buy a skirt or t-shirt; all as per her desires.

Send High Value Gifts Confidently: Many NRI’s often want to send valuable gifts to their loved ones during special occasions. Like jewelry, expensive watches and so on. But by sitting in USA or UK or Australia, how do you send a great looking necklace or bracelet to India. The higher the price, the more worried you will be of sending it through a third party courier. This is where gift cards and e-gift cards come in handy. You can purchase a high value gift card from the recipient’s favorite brand, and the same will be delivered to your sister, wife or mother in a matter of days.

Other Advantages Too: When you opt for a gift card or gift voucher, there’s another advantage you’ll be gaining. You won’t have to suffer the embarrassment of buying something ‘too cheap’ or enjoy the dubious distinction of being the person who, ‘spends indiscriminately on gifts’. You decide on your gift card’s value. If your gift recipient wants to buy something that’s a little more expensive, he or she can pay extra on top of your gift card’s value.