Why Prestige gift cards are a great gifting idea this Christmas & New Year?

Prestige gift card Top Up offerTTK Prestige is the final word when it comes to high-grade, quality kitchen equipments, utensils and so on. No home can function properly without good-quality kitchen products; that’s why kitchen equipments make such wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Whether it is annual events like Christmas & New Year, or housewarming or weddings; a gift card from TTK Prestige makes for an absolutely perfect gift.

TTK Prestige prides itself on constant innovation. That’s why you’ll find the lightest, strongest Teflon-coated grills and pans at TTK Prestige. This company also creates modern kitchen utensils, incorporating streamlined designs using highly heat-conducive materials. TTK Prestige saves you time and money by doubling functionality; these utensils are perfect both for cooking and serving. No homemaker could say no to a fabulous set of TTK Prestige pans, with their trademark brass bottoms, solid black heat-resistant PVC handles and bright stainless steel fittings. To own the complete range of TTK Prestige cookware is literally a matter of prestige for most homemakers.

If you buy a gift card from TTK Prestige as your Christmas 2012 present, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise too. TTK Prestige will top up your purchase value by 10%. Assume you’re buying your beloved wife or sister a gift card for Rs. 10,000 from TTK Prestige. TTK Prestige will add Rs. 1000 to your gift card’s value, which means your wife or sister will be able to spend Rs. 11,000 on her kitchen! Isn’t that fantastic? Don’t wait – every home can use new cookware and kitchen equipment. Go ahead and take advantage of this fabulous offer and make someone’s dreams come true this Christmas. Offer’s valid from 20th December to 16th January, on purchases of Rs. 1000 or more.