Gift cards for Youth & Winter Fashion from

The brand is youth personified; the entire range of Yepme’s jeans, t-shirts, cool jackets, smart shoes, ties, belts and wallets are designed with the youth in mind. It’s hard to find such a range of global-appeal youthful apparel as you find on Yepme has now come out with its vibrant, comfortable and stylish winter fashion wear for 2012. There are loads of new arrivals to check out in the men’s and women’s sections. And there are tons of offers too.

You get fabulous deals such as high style sleeveless jacket and sunglasses at Rs.999. Also there are smart combo offers on casual shoes plus classy belt for Rs. 1299! Another great combo for ladies is the trendy tops and jeans combo, coming at a delightful price of Rs. 999. In fact, has a separate Super Savers page dedicated to list the discounts and offers it runs from time to time.

The e-gift card from is the best gift for any fashion-savvy young person. If you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew or teenaged grandkid, gift him/ her a e-gift card for Christmas and New Year. You’ll become the most popular dad, mom, uncle, aunt or grandparent for this season! Watch your popularity go up with the young brigade as they impress you and everybody around in’s cool youth fashion. Any gifting occasion can be a e-gift card occasion – it’s a brand that screams cool, youthful and stylish fashion.


Gift ‘The Hobbit’ movie experience through PVR Cinemas gift cards!

How many times have you watched the Lord Of The Rings? We’ve heard people say they’ve watched the trilogy at least 5-6 times. If any trilogy has really blasted the charts for superb cinematography, direction, acting and special effects, it’s Lord Of The Rings. The trilogy is based on books written by J R R Tolkien, who has been touted as one of the most-read fantasy writer ever, next only to J K Rowling.

Tolkien also wrote ‘The Hobbit’, which has now been made into a fabulous movie by the same people who made Lord Of The Rings. Yes, Peter Jackson has directed this movie! The Hobbit deals with the adventures of young Bilbo Baggins, which should be a delight to watch for children of all ages and adults too! Bilbo has many strange adventures in this movie, involving dangerous trolls, dragons and the like. Plus, many of your favorite characters are back. There’s dear old Gandalf, that cute Frodo, scheming Saruman (not-so-scheming in this movie), and Gollum too!

The movie will be out on December 14th. Be sure to make a date with your special one on this day, but don’t tell him or her about the movie! Buy the special PVR Cinemas gift card and send to him or her with a surprise invite to the movie on December 14th. Also, if it is someone’s birthday, or if you know someone who is a die-hard fan of the Lord Of The Rings, it will be fantastic to gift them a PVR Cinemas gift card. PVR Cinemas gift card makes it easy to enjoy favorite movies. Plus the entire PVR experience of plush comfortable seats, superb on-screen viewing, in-movie snacks etc makes it a truly gift worthy experience.



Gift cards for Home Gifts during Christmas & New Year!

@Home is part of Nilkamal Ltd, and if you’re looking for an international-standard home decor store, this is it! Here you’ll find classy, one-of-a-kind products – from furnishings, accessories, furniture, kitchen fittings, lights, decorative wall finishes, flooring and more. Also, at @Home, you can check out how the furniture will look in your home through 3D interior designing software. There are also several helpful experts to give you décor planning advice as well.  @Home is the best place where you can work out your home furnishing fantasies, and then see them coming alive in full colors.

It’s end of the year and its celebration time at @Home. The store is offering up to 40% Cash Back on its entire festive collection of home furnishings. Now it surely is the best time of the year to splurge and save. Are you looking to update your old furniture? Is it time to get your home a new look to welcome the New Year. Take advantage of this fabulous sale at @Home and your home will be spanking new in no time.

Many people refurnish their homes during Christmas and New Year, and a gift voucher from @Home can be the best gift to them. Also, if someone in your family or friends circle is celebrating their house-warming  or are moving into a new home, don’t look elsewhere for gift options. A gift voucher from @Home would the perfect gift for either occasion. Your gift recipient will be extremely impressed with your thoughtfulness too. @Home is a classy home décor place; so when you gift a @Home gift voucher, you’re being classy too! And with the 40% cash back offer, you can’t possibly go wrong with this gift idea.


It’s a great time to gift Titan Gift Cards!

Titan showrooms have always  been a favourite place for me to buy gifts, for friends and family during special occasions.  Now with Titan gift cards it has become all the more easy to gift Titan stuff to people you love. Titan Watches have always broken the ground in terms of style, quality, beauty and global appeal, and the latest releases are again extra-ordinary! In one of our earlier blogs we talked about Titan Edge, the slimmest watch in the world; and also Titan Raga watches inspired by magnificent cities. Then there is the brilliantly ethnic Rajputana Collection, which literally takes one’s breath away with its precious stones and flamboyant dials.

Today we will talk about the ‘Tagged’ collection – a range of watches that literally redefines style. As Titan puts it, Style literally has a new name, and it’s called ‘Tagged’. Grab one of these sporty watches with their colorful dials and sporty watches the next time you’re off to a major golf game or even your director’s meeting. The Tagged watches literally ‘tag’ you with a presence, with its rich colors, vivid designs and attractive straps. You cannot escape attention, not with a Tagged watch on. Heads will definitely turn!

Let’s not forget the HTSE collection, shall we? When you own a watch from the HTSE collection, you don’t ever need to worry about your watch’s battery giving out. These high-tech watches will work on any bit of power –the dull glow from a cell phone, or the soft, not very strong ray of sunshine. This watch is sure to up your eco-fashion ante by several points, no matter where you wear it. So what are you waiting for? Grab Titan gift cards for your loved ones for Christmas and New Year coming up. Can you hear their glee in advance? That’s the appeal of Titan Watches.


Gift ideas for Food Lovers!

Foods Beverages gift cardsIf you have been thinking that only watches, books, music, apparel and electronics make the best gifts, it’s not so these days. Great experiences make excellent gifts too! Consider gifting your parents a wonderful dining experience at a top-class restaurant on their most special day – their wedding anniversary. So many other great occasions too come up in life. For example, let’s say your brother is meeting his to-be wife for the first time. How about gifting him a Café Coffee Day gift card so he can treat his wife-to-be for a lovely coffee and chocolate cake? So many special moments have been forged at Café Coffee Day. Its casual but intimate ambience appeals to everyone, and certainly the coffees are heavenly too!

So if you have started thinking of gifting a dining experience, think also in terms of Mainland China, BJN Group, Pizza Corner, Dominos and other famous food and beverage chains. The BJN Group alone has several top restaurant brands; ranging from the orient, to the colonial to the Punjabi dhaba style. BJN group operates more than 40 restaurants all over India, each with its own signature offerings. For the fast food enthusiasts, Dominos and Pizza Corner are two outlets popular among the young and the not-so-young. Who could say no to a slice of mouthwatering, cheesy pizza? A gift card from either brand will be a resounding success, and your recipient will start looking forward to more gifts from you. So, the next time you starting wondering what to gift someone, think about a wonderful food and beverage experience. You can’t possibly go wrong with it!


Gift cards for the latest Khiladi 786 movie from PVR Cinemas

Hey action & comedy lovers! Khiladi 786 is on the way soon, bringing loads of screen entertainment your way! Get ready to loosen up and laugh continuously at the riotous antics of our favorite comedy-action hero Akshay Kumar! Alongside with him is the beautiful Asin and who doesn’t like her pranks and mischievous smile?  We think the pairing is just perfect – Akshay’s natural comic sense and great action along with Asin’s glamour will be perfect. If you’ve seen the other Khiladi movies of Akshay, you know this  one is going to a different kind of an experience. Though there are loads of jaw-dropping action scenes, it promises to be a comic entertainer as well.

Khiladi 786’s new teaser trailer that was unveiled on YouTube two weeks ago, has garnered over 2.5  million views already! The industry wallahs say this movie is going to be the biggest Akshay grosser ever! If you know someone who’s a major Akshay fan, then send him/ her a PVR Cinemas gift card from The movie is expected to release on 7 December 2012, so do it before then!! Don’t wait till the movie is out! It will be a fun gift to a friend or family member, who can have a relaxing and entertaining experience at PVR Cinemas. Besides the movies there are the Tea & Samosa or Popcorn & soft drink combos which will make the viewing an even more enjoyable experience. Also, you too can join with you friend and have a blast watching Khiladi 786!!


Send e-gift cards from the New and Improved

Is someone in your family or friends circle a new parent? Or is it birthday time for one of your favorite nephew or niece? A gift card is the perfect gift that any mom, baby or toddler can get. With over 350 brands hosting more than 20,000 products, is the ultimate maternity and kids shopping destination. Now more than ever – when has come up with an improved version of its site! Want to know more?

Check out the latest products and offers from! How about this – boys and girls wear from Benetton at 30% off. And what about this one – buy travel and room safety products such as car seats, strollers and you get 15% off. Then if you are looking for footwear or toys or sports equipments for toddlers or older kids; there are discounts ranging from 15% to cool 30%. Can’t possibly get better than this?

That’s not all. has few new launches this season as well. The first is a new range of attractive winter wear for children, from sweaters to hoodies to leg warmers, in a range of styles and colors from Gini and Jony, Ivy League and other excellent brands.  Also, there is the Brainum collection, a range of books and toys meant to boost your baby’s natural intelligence!  Why wait? Send that e-gift card to your loved ones while these great offers last.


Woohoo Newsletter


The month of November brought in festivities, exuberance and increase in retail sales.It was a special month for QwikCilver as well.

Last Diwali, QwikCilver launched its B2C portal -India’s first online gift card megamall! This Diwali Woohoo rolled out SoLoMaP-Woohoo Friends’ Club, an innovative way to gift to friends on Facebook!!!

Read on to know more…


A QWIK preview of some of the consumer promotions on during Diwali!


Continuous engagement with consumers increases TOM Recall of the brand and creates more bonded consumers.

Most successful Gift card programs are the ones where Gift cards are considered as another product in the Brand’s product line. Gift card programs need to be sustained through well-planned activities.

They are more successful if the calendar of consumer promotions is worked out during the brand ‘s planning process before the start of next financial year!

One of the key challenges for brands today is to convert their online following into footfalls. To address this issue, Woohoo has launched ‘Friends Club’, a Social to Local Marketing Platform (SoLoMaP), a first of its kind social marketing platform in Asia Pacific!

The Concept:

Friends’ Club enables gifting amongst Facebook Friends and leverages the power of social media to reach out to a wide customer base. Through this platform, Woohoo aims to provide brands with an effective marketing platform driven by viral, word-of-mouth marketing as well as giving consumers another mode of easy gifting. The key differentiator is the capability to engage consumers, trigger and track Facebook posts on to the sales purchases at the brand stores/online portals in real time.

Social Local Gifting

How it works?

The gifting process is as simple as using any other social app on Facebook. On the Woohoo Friends’ Club page, the user has to sign in using his/her Facebook login. Once logged in, the friends list of the user is extracted and details regarding their birthdays are displayed.

The user can choose from free cards or top-up on the free value for the desired amount to be sent to any of his/her friends. The friend in turn receives a post, which asks for his/her e-mail /shipping address for the delivery of the E-Gift card/physical Gift card as the case maybe. The recipient can then go to the brand’s outlet/online portal to redeem the Gift Card.

Friends Club

Advantages to Brands:

The key differentiator of the platform is that it is not advertising-led communication. The user ‘gifts’ a Gift Card to his/her friends and posts it on his/her timeline. The brand logo is also a part of the timeline post. The whole process aims to ensure a greater brand engagement and recall and since the Gift Card is posted on the wall of the recipient it is viewed by more people.

Multiple Consumer Engagements



Suits & Jackets Fest At Lifestyle & Shoppers Stop!

Do you know about the latest shopping deals on Suits from Lifestyle and Shoppers’ Stop? Both department stores have launched a new Suit & Jackets Fiesta, a festival of suits that comes to you from Louis Philippe in association with Van Heusen. A range of exciting offers awaits the shopper, with discount coupons, gifts on purchase and much more.

Who hasn’t heard about Louis Philippe or Van Heusen? Both brands are well known for their excellent quality suits, shirts, jackets and ties in various dressy materials. Whether you’re looking for a grand silk suit for your wedding, or a snappy business suit, you can head to either of these two brands. So when such top brands are offering their international-quality offerings at bargain prices at a special Suits & Jackets Fest, who can say no?

Let’s see what’s on offer – if you buy men’s suits at Shoppers Stop, you get a tie & cufflinks sets from Tie Rack London. Plus, you get discount coupons when you buy a men’s suit or jacket from Arrow, Park Avenue, Black berry, Louis Philippe & Theme. What’s more, you get major discounts on other products when you buy suits and jackets – like 15% off on Calvin Klein man perfumes, 15% off on L’Oreal men cosmetics and so on. You can redeem these discount coupons only at Shoppers Stop stores.

Similar offers are on at Lifestyle as well. Now you know what to gift your brother on his job promotion, or your brother-in-law on the occasion of starting his new business venture. Get them both Lifestyle gift cards and Shoppers Stop gift cards. No matter which store you choose, your recipients are sure to enjoy a range of wonderful and profitable offers!