Gift ‘The Hobbit’ movie experience through PVR Cinemas gift cards!

How many times have you watched the Lord Of The Rings? We’ve heard people say they’ve watched the trilogy at least 5-6 times. If any trilogy has really blasted the charts for superb cinematography, direction, acting and special effects, it’s Lord Of The Rings. The trilogy is based on books written by J R R Tolkien, who has been touted as one of the most-read fantasy writer ever, next only to J K Rowling.

Tolkien also wrote ‘The Hobbit’, which has now been made into a fabulous movie by the same people who made Lord Of The Rings. Yes, Peter Jackson has directed this movie! The Hobbit deals with the adventures of young Bilbo Baggins, which should be a delight to watch for children of all ages and adults too! Bilbo has many strange adventures in this movie, involving dangerous trolls, dragons and the like. Plus, many of your favorite characters are back. There’s dear old Gandalf, that cute Frodo, scheming Saruman (not-so-scheming in this movie), and Gollum too!

The movie will be out on December 14th. Be sure to make a date with your special one on this day, but don’t tell him or her about the movie! Buy the special PVR Cinemas gift card and send to him or her with a surprise invite to the movie on December 14th. Also, if it is someone’s birthday, or if you know someone who is a die-hard fan of the Lord Of The Rings, it will be fantastic to gift them a PVR Cinemas gift card. PVR Cinemas gift card makes it easy to enjoy favorite movies. Plus the entire PVR experience of plush comfortable seats, superb on-screen viewing, in-movie snacks etc makes it a truly gift worthy experience.



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