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The month of November brought in festivities, exuberance and increase in retail sales.It was a special month for QwikCilver as well.

Last Diwali, QwikCilver launched its B2C portal www.woohoo.in -India’s first online gift card megamall! This Diwali Woohoo rolled out SoLoMaP-Woohoo Friends’ Club, an innovative way to gift to friends on Facebook!!!

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A QWIK preview of some of the consumer promotions on www.Woohoo.in during Diwali!


Continuous engagement with consumers increases TOM Recall of the brand and creates more bonded consumers.

Most successful Gift card programs are the ones where Gift cards are considered as another product in the Brand’s product line. Gift card programs need to be sustained through well-planned activities.

They are more successful if the calendar of consumer promotions is worked out during the brand ‘s planning process before the start of next financial year!

One of the key challenges for brands today is to convert their online following into footfalls. To address this issue, Woohoo has launched ‘Friends Club’, a Social to Local Marketing Platform (SoLoMaP), a first of its kind social marketing platform in Asia Pacific!

The Concept:

Friends’ Club enables gifting amongst Facebook Friends and leverages the power of social media to reach out to a wide customer base. Through this platform, Woohoo aims to provide brands with an effective marketing platform driven by viral, word-of-mouth marketing as well as giving consumers another mode of easy gifting. The key differentiator is the capability to engage consumers, trigger and track Facebook posts on to the sales purchases at the brand stores/online portals in real time.

Social Local Gifting

How it works?

The gifting process is as simple as using any other social app on Facebook. On the Woohoo Friends’ Club page, the user has to sign in using his/her Facebook login. Once logged in, the friends list of the user is extracted and details regarding their birthdays are displayed.

The user can choose from free cards or top-up on the free value for the desired amount to be sent to any of his/her friends. The friend in turn receives a post, which asks for his/her e-mail /shipping address for the delivery of the E-Gift card/physical Gift card as the case maybe. The recipient can then go to the brand’s outlet/online portal to redeem the Gift Card.

Friends Club

Advantages to Brands:

The key differentiator of the platform is that it is not advertising-led communication. The user ‘gifts’ a Gift Card to his/her friends and posts it on his/her timeline. The brand logo is also a part of the timeline post. The whole process aims to ensure a greater brand engagement and recall and since the Gift Card is posted on the wall of the recipient it is viewed by more people.

Multiple Consumer Engagements



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