Suits & Jackets Fest At Lifestyle & Shoppers Stop!

Do you know about the latest shopping deals on Suits from Lifestyle and Shoppers’ Stop? Both department stores have launched a new Suit & Jackets Fiesta, a festival of suits that comes to you from Louis Philippe in association with Van Heusen. A range of exciting offers awaits the shopper, with discount coupons, gifts on purchase and much more.

Who hasn’t heard about Louis Philippe or Van Heusen? Both brands are well known for their excellent quality suits, shirts, jackets and ties in various dressy materials. Whether you’re looking for a grand silk suit for your wedding, or a snappy business suit, you can head to either of these two brands. So when such top brands are offering their international-quality offerings at bargain prices at a special Suits & Jackets Fest, who can say no?

Let’s see what’s on offer – if you buy men’s suits at Shoppers Stop, you get a tie & cufflinks sets from Tie Rack London. Plus, you get discount coupons when you buy a men’s suit or jacket from Arrow, Park Avenue, Black berry, Louis Philippe & Theme. What’s more, you get major discounts on other products when you buy suits and jackets – like 15% off on Calvin Klein man perfumes, 15% off on L’Oreal men cosmetics and so on. You can redeem these discount coupons only at Shoppers Stop stores.

Similar offers are on at Lifestyle as well. Now you know what to gift your brother on his job promotion, or your brother-in-law on the occasion of starting his new business venture. Get them both Lifestyle gift cards and Shoppers Stop gift cards. No matter which store you choose, your recipients are sure to enjoy a range of wonderful and profitable offers!