Gift great movies including Man Of Steel & After Earth this June!

june postersIt’s movie time again and as ever, we bring you a selection of not-to-miss upcoming English movie releases. Check them out! And you can also delight someone who is crazy about movies by gifting them PVR Cinemas gift cards from

After Earth (June 7): If you’ve seen the movies ‘Invincible’, ‘The Village’ and ‘The Sixth Sense’, then you know who Manoj Night Shyamalan is. Get ready for another magnum opus by this acclaimed director this June, starring Will Smith and his son, Jaden.

Man Of Steel (June 14): Another cool movie about the hero of all times, Superman, a child from another planet adopted and raised by humans! He grows up struggling to come to terms with his super powers and has to protect his adopted planet Earth, when it is invaded by villains from his home planet.

World War Z (June 21): The world is ending – zombies are rioting everywhere. One United Nations employee thinks the world can still be saved – so he races against time to stop the Zombie pandemic.

Monsters University (June 21): An animation movie delving into the relationship between two little monsters during their days at Monsters University. No, they weren’t buddies – so what happens when one monster hates the other monster while they’re at university? Monster war!

White House Down (June 28): In this one, the hero is desperate for a job as a Secret Service Agent but doesn’t make it. But he gets the chance to prove how good he is, when a para-military group takes over the White House.

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Hey action & comedy lovers! Khiladi 786 is on the way soon, bringing loads of screen entertainment your way! Get ready to loosen up and laugh continuously at the riotous antics of our favorite comedy-action hero Akshay Kumar! Alongside with him is the beautiful Asin and who doesn’t like her pranks and mischievous smile?  We think the pairing is just perfect – Akshay’s natural comic sense and great action along with Asin’s glamour will be perfect. If you’ve seen the other Khiladi movies of Akshay, you know this  one is going to a different kind of an experience. Though there are loads of jaw-dropping action scenes, it promises to be a comic entertainer as well.

Khiladi 786’s new teaser trailer that was unveiled on YouTube two weeks ago, has garnered over 2.5  million views already! The industry wallahs say this movie is going to be the biggest Akshay grosser ever! If you know someone who’s a major Akshay fan, then send him/ her a PVR Cinemas gift card from The movie is expected to release on 7 December 2012, so do it before then!! Don’t wait till the movie is out! It will be a fun gift to a friend or family member, who can have a relaxing and entertaining experience at PVR Cinemas. Besides the movies there are the Tea & Samosa or Popcorn & soft drink combos which will make the viewing an even more enjoyable experience. Also, you too can join with you friend and have a blast watching Khiladi 786!!