Gifting a Timeless Watch To Your Beloved This Valentine’s Day!

Titan watch Valentines DayWere you planning to gift an elegant watch to your beloved this Valentine’s Day? And how about getting a wonderful, beautifully-packaged box of chocolates along with your gift? A box of luscious chocolates that speaks of your love and affection! That makes it a chocoluvcious Valentine’s Day gift.

Titan Watches has launched a CholoLuvCious offer to celebrate love this year. So when you order a Titan Watches gift card as your Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, guess what he or she gets along with it? Yes! A classy & delicious box of chocolates, wrapped in glamorous red, so reminiscent of love’s gilded promises!  The way we see it, a Titan watch is a timeless gift – especially when given on this special day. It’s your way of saying your love will last forever and ever. Getting it along with a box of chocolates is double treat indeed!

The Titan Raga range of bracelet watches has been created with your special lady in mind – each piece is poetically perfect, to grace the wrist of a princess. As for your man, the Titan Edge collection with its ultra-slim watches would be a great choice. Titan also has even wider range of traditional and ultra-modern collections like Nebula, Purple, HTSE, Tycoon, Octane and Orion. The important thing is that you don’t need to select the watch – all you do is buy the Titan Watches gift card, and then sit back. Wait for that excited phone call from your sweetheart, when he or she receives your gift and the box of chocolates from Woohoo. What a lovely way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!


Season’s Greetings gift card offers from Titan

Titan gift cardIts season’s greetings time of the year for many people Titan is their favorite gifting brand. Everyone knows that Titan makes India’s finest watches; indeed, the World of Titan is India’s pride and joy, a true innovator when it comes to fine watches, classy designs and jewelry time pieces. For the ongoing festive season, Titan has launched a special Season’s Greetings offer to its fans worldwide. Purchase any Titan gift card for Rs. 1500 or more from and you get to take home an exciting gift hamper.

A fine watch from the World of Titan is in itself a wonderful gift, something to be cherished for a lifetime. When you get an additional season’s greeting hamper, your gift sometimes gets doubled. All you have to do is buy your gift recipient a World of Titan titan gift card or e-gift card for Rs. 1500 or more. You can keep the gift hamper for yourself, or better as we said earlier, you can gift that too your loved one. This is called extra joy and extra fun.

Your gift card will be delivered to your recipient in celebratory seasonal gift packaging. It will arrive just in time for the Christmas and New Year, if you buy it now. For all design conscious men and women, it’s always a dream to own a stylish Titan watch. Why not take advantage of this season’s greetings offer to help make that dream come true? After all, it’s not every day that you get to gift a cherished World of Titan creation to your near and dear.


The Gift Of Ganesha

Great news for those of you that love classy Titan watches! Order a World of Titan gift card and you’ll not only get a fabulous gift card, but also a special, attractive Ganesha art deco, absolutely free! The World of Titan and bring you this offer together to make your Ganesh Chaturthi truly special. The promotion is on till the end of Sunday, 23rd of September! Hurry Up And Grab Titan’s “Gift A Ganesha” Gift Card!

Why We Welcome Lord Ganesha To Our Homes

Ganesh Chaturthi is a truly blessed day for Indians; on this day, Indians pray to Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles from their path and help them reach unhindered success. It’s an auspicious day, when negative forces are driven away and positive light enters people’s homes. Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the destroyer of evil, and the provider of success.

It’s a special day for gifting as well – whether it’s a gift of books for young children or jewelry or classy watches for men and women. People enjoy and revel in the prosperity that Lord Ganesha brings to their homes by gifting each other. Consider buying Titan gift cards for your loved ones this Ganesh Chaturthi. After all, isn’t Lord Ganesha the god of positive change and good times? What better gift than gift cards from Titan this Ganesh Chaturthi?

Celebrate This  Ganesh Chaturthi In Style

Who could say no to Lord Ganesha? The divine form of Lord Ganesha is welcomed in all homes throughout India, whether it’s in the form of a statue, a painting or an art deco piece. Increase the blessings on your home tenfold; bring Lord Ganesha home along with your Titan gift card!