Make Money by Selling Unused Gift Cards

Sid receives a gift card from his office in recognition of his work. But it’s from a brand that neither he nor his wife like. His dilemma – pick something for the sake of it or let the gift card go to waste.

Been in a similar situation before?

Well, you’ve got a reason to rejoice now! Woohoo has launched a platform where you can sell any unused gift card that you may have (of course you need to do it before it expires!)

The process is pretty simple. The listings are instant and you get your money directly in your account once the gift card is sold.

Here’s how to go about it:

On the web

  • Hop on to Woohoo’s “sell gift card section” –
  • You’ll see this pop-up sell gift cards, woohoo, unused gift cards
  • Click on “Get Started”
  • You will be prompted to log in with your mobile number

sell gift cards, woohoo, unused gift cards

  • If you had already registered with us, you could just key in your password and log in to your account.
  • If your number is not been registered, you will be prompted to do so (this won’t take more than a minute).

sell gift cards, woohoo, unused gift cards

sell gift cards, woohoo, unused gift cards

  • Once you’ve successfully registered, you can start listing your gift cards for sale.

sell gift cards, woohoo, unused gift cards

On the app

  • If you do not have the app installed already, Click on . OR search for Woohoo Gift Cards App on PlayStore
  • If you have the App already – click on the URL . OR proceed to the “Sell Gift Cards” section of the Woohoo App.
  • You will also see the following welcome screens
  • sell gift cards, woohoo, unused gift cardssell gift cards, woohoo, unused gift cardsOnce you click on “Skip”, you will land on the “Sell gift cards” screen
  • sell gift cards, woohoo, unused gift cards
  • Click on the + (plus) sign to list your gift cards for sale.
  • The listing is instant. You can also list a physical gift card, which will be converted to an e-gift card.
  • Once the gift card is sold, the amount will directly be deposited into your bank account.



Qwikcilver launches gift card exchange platform

As appeared in The Times of India on 26 August 2016 by Shalina Pillai.


BENGALURU: Qwikcilver solutions, gift card technology and prepaid solutions company, has launched a consumer to consumer gift card trading exchange marketplace for consumers. This allows users to convert their unused or partially used gift cards to cash. Buyers, on the other hand, will be able to purchase gift cards at special prices.

We had been developing this for the past eight months and are launching this in time for the festive season. We got a number of feedback from our customers. We are bullish that it has the potential to drastically increase the number of gift card users in India. With the Indian Gift Card Industry growing at 300% annually, this would help to further scale the category across a new segment of Gift Card users,” said Pratap TP, co-founder and CMO, Qwikcilver.

The company, which recently raised funds from Sistema Asia Fund, the proprietary fund of Russian conglomerate Sistema, has partnered with over brands enabling access to 5000+ stores and portals’ including retail chains, entertainment platforms, travel partners and leading currency providers.

Qwikcilver’s consumer-focussed gifting app, Woohoo, would digitize the listed cards, Pratap added. “Once the seller lists their physical gift card on the platform, the card gets disabled and a new electronic version of the same is created and gets listed on the Woohoo Marketplace,” he said. It will also allow the users to convert loyalty points from banks and NBFCs to digital gift cards and cash.

It had recently appointed former Reserve Bank executive director, G Padmanabhan as a strategic advisor.


Qwikcilver has launched a platform that allows people to sell their partially used or unused gift cards

As appeared in The Hindu on 26 August 2016.


Are you one of those saddled with too many gift cards and looking at ways to get rid of them. Don’t let them go to waste: there is now a place where you can trade them for cash.

Qwikcilver Solutions, a leading gift card technology provider, has come up with a platform that enables consumers to turn their partially used or unused gift cards into cash by listing them on the Woohoo gifting app.

sell gift cards, trade gift cards, discounted gift cards

They will also be able to convert loyalty points, generated from loyalty programs of multiple banks and NBFC channels, to digital gift cards, which can subsequently be sold on the newly launched Woohoo Secondary Marketplace. Once the card is sold, the money is credited directly to the seller’s bank account.

In order to obviate possibilities of misuse, all the listed gift cards are verified and authenticated in real time in the backend, said Pratap TP, Co-Founder & CMO, Qwikcilver.

Customers, who have physical gift cards, need not have to ship them to the buyer. Once customers list their physical cards on the platform, they get disabled and a new electronic version of the same (with the value and validity intact) gets created and listed, which can then be purchased by someone who is looking for a gift card.

The platform also allows sellers to change the price of the card, or even pull it off before it’s sold.

Stating that it’s India’s first fully integrated consumer-to-consumer marketplace for selling and buying gift cards, Mr Pratap said the launch of the platform ahead of the festival season is expected to give a further impetus to the Indian gift card industry that is growing at 300% annually.

There are over 150 brands and more than 5,000 stores and portals on board Woohoo, which is available on Android and also on the web. It allows customers to redeem the gift cards either at online or offline stores. Woohoo comes from Qwikcilver, the company whose technology works in the background powering the gift card schemes of a large number of online and physical outlets.


Woohoo Launches India’s First-Ever Platform For Trading Gift Cards

Woohoo is proud to announce the launch of India’s first peer to peer gift card trade solution that enables you to convert your unused gift cards to cash and offers buyers gift cards from some of the best brands at low prices, offered directly by the seller.

Buy Sell Gift Cards, trade gift cards

Buy Sell Gift Cards, trade gift cards


Yes, Woohoo makes it possible for you to convert your unused gift cards into cash by giving you a platform to put it up for sale. All you need to do is to list your card on the “Buy / Sell Gift Cards” section in your Woohoo app. The listings are instant so you do not have to wait. Once your card is sold, you get the money directly in your bank account. Moreover, with the robust security system provided by Woohoo you can rest assured that the buyers are verified. Another feature that makes selling physical gift cards on the platform as hassle-free as selling e-gift cards is that you do not have to take the trouble of shipping your physical gift card to the buyer. Once you list your physical gift card on the Woohoo Buy / Sell platform, your physical gift card gets disabled and a new electronic version of the same (with the value and validity intact) is created, which can then be purchased by the buyers. At any point in time you could choose to de-list your gift card (if it has not been sold) and use it yourself.

Buy Sell Gift Cards, trade gift cards

If you’re looking for gift cards at discounted prices, Woohoo would be your go-to destination. This innovative platform offers gift cards from brands like Woohoo, Lakme, Lifestyle, Arvind and Hidesign (many more are making their way as you read this) directly listed by the sellers at competitive prices. Of course, you’d have to be an early bird to catch the best deals before they’re gone!

Woohoo does the checks for you in the background to ensure you get what you see. In other words, the card value and validity are verified by Woohoo. Besides, once you purchase a gift card, the seller will no longer be able to use it. As for the delivery of the E-gift Card, it’s as instant as the click of your button. Once you’ve successfully made the payment for the gift card, it is electronically delivered to you that very instant. So you can go ahead and make your purchase without a moment’s hesitation.