Here Are Some Great Ideas For Corporate Diwali Gifts This Year!

Clients, employees, partners, vendors, customers – your gift list gives you the shivers, doesn’t it? How to find suitable gifts for all the people on your list in time for Diwali? Who’ll manage the shopping, the gift-handling and the overall logistics of it all? What protocol do you follow for handing over the gifts? Who decides which gifts will be appropriate?

Yes, We Do Understand

And then again, what if you choose a gift that an important client doesn’t like at all? How do you plan on handing over each person’s gift? Courier them to residences or hand them over in person? The questions never end, do they? Nor does the logistics nightmare, especially if you are handling sensitive people.
We definitely do understand why you get more stressed-out the closer we get to the biggest festival of the year. Everyone in your list will be expecting some tokens from you. You don’t want to offend anyone, and you definitely don’t want to make anyone feel un-appreciated, or worse, under-appreciated. If this burden is on your shoulders this year, you really need to hear what we have to say!

Reduce Your Gift-buying Logistics Burden

The logistics aspect of corporate gift buying and gift giving can become nightmarish if you allow them to. Allow us to help you.

  • Make a list of the people you want to gift this year and assign a budget to each person.
  • For important clients and partners, add a column that indicates their interests – for example, electronics
  • Indicate your recipient’s location in another column.

Make your life easier – just opt for gift cards, e-gift cards, gift vouchers or e-gift vouchers from top brands. Get them delivered to your address and you can then hand-deliver the gifts to your recipients. Purchase e-gift cards for long-distance recipients.

Eliminate The Dilemma Of Choice As Well!

If you are not sure of which brand to choose for a recipient, just opt for the Woohoo gift card or the Woohoo e-gift card. Using these cards, your recipient can purchase gift cards, gift vouchers or e-gift cards from any brand on That makes your gift their choice!

Some Fabulous Brands To Consider For Diwali

Here are some great brands you can look at, for perfectly appropriate gift options for your corporate gift recipients:

1. Electronics: Flipkart, Croma, E-zone

2. Books: Landmark, Flipkart, Amazon, Sapna

3. Health & Fitness: Four Fountains Spa,

4. Travel: MakeMyTrip

5. Eye-wear: Titan Eye+, Fastrack, Shoppers Stop, Jabong

6. Restaurants: Spaghetti Kitchen, Bombay Blue, Noodle Bar, Copper Chimney

And many, many more! Don’t forget to check out the special Woohoo Diwali gift cards as well. A whole bunch of surprises in store for you there!



In the Indian calendar, the Diwali festival is of paramount importance, similar to Christmas in the west. Businesses, both large and small, like to show their appreciation for their employees by handing out Diwali gifts. This is a long-standing tradition in many companies. Apart from showing appreciation, Diwali and New Years’ gifts help boost employee morale and generate greater loyalty.  That’s the reason why large corporates dedicate people to come up with unique and perfect corporate gifts strategies. This year, make sure that your Diwali gift ideas resonate with the spirit and joy of Diwali. Allow your employees to choose what they want, instead of picking up random gifts which they may or may not like or even consider tasteful.

This year, instead of spending Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000 on a tray of sweets, diya and dry fruits, buy your employees gift cards and vouchers. Keep in mind that gifts for employees must be generic. Therefore, look for brands that offer a wide range of general lifestyle and entertainment options. Here are some lifestyle options – Maya Lifestyle, Central, Shoppers’ Stop, Landmark, Flipkart, Westside and Big Bazaar. Here are some food and entertainment options – PVR Cinemas, Dominos, Pizza Corner, Sigree Restaurant, 13th Floor, Kyra Restaurant and Oh! Calcutta Restaurant. Books and music make great, impersonal gifts as well – think of Sapna Book House, Oxford Book Store and As you can see, the options are endless. It only depends on the kind of gift you want to give your employees this year. What’s more, through gift vouchers and cards, you can even set the trend for years to come!

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QwikCilver featured in Outlook Magazine

The Outlook Business Magazine published an article in September 2012, highlighting QwikCilver as one of the main players in the $403.8 million prepaid gift cards and vouchers market in India. While the article talks about ‘Sodexo passes’ and its wide acceptability, the focus is now shifting to plastic gift cards.

On A Growth Trajectory

QwikCilver, as a leading stored-value-card solutions company, serves millions of corporate employees in India; and is also the parent company of, the online megastore for gift cards and gift vouchers. QwikCilver has tied up with more than 60 retail brands in over 250 locations across India, which makes it the leading provider of gift cards in India.

Prepaid Gift Cards Versus Sodexo Passes

The article takes a look at how ‘Sodexo passes’ were used as currency at retail stores for meals and much more. However retailers don’t welcome ‘Sodexo passes’ anymore due to high handling costs. On the other hand, plastic gift cards are reusable and rechargeable. They come with magnetic strips which means they can be swiped on any credit card swipe machine.

As the article explains, this reusable aspect is why prepaid gift cards are a popular employee reward in corporate circles. Previously, companies used to hand out gift vouchers as birthday or anniversary gifts. These companies now see the value of preloaded, reloadable plastic cards that can be used for multiple brands at department stores. Such gift cards reduce costs for the company and also lessen fraud and misuse.  Transcending the corporate world, plastic gift cards are also becoming popular with consumers, as they provide the much needed freedom and convenience while shopping for gifts.

Link to the original article in Outlook Business here